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Samsung Music Frame vs. Sonos Era 300: A quick first look

Jordan Hutchinson

We tested two powerful speakers with vastly different designs

As music streaming continues to be on the rise, so does the demand for high-quality audio in consumers’ homes. And to meet that demand, every year there seems to be a new design or technology to make home audio even more impressive. 

This year, Samsung released its Music Frame, which is a high-quality speaker that doubles as a picture frame. With the clean lines and nice aesthetic that the Music Frame provides, the BestReviews Testing Lab wanted to compare it to another high-end, design-first speaker, the Sonos Era 300. We found that deciding between these two impressive and similarly priced options mainly comes down to how much you want your speaker to blend in with your decor and whether you’re a Samsung or Apple user. 

Samsung Music Frame vs. Sonos Era 300 

While these products look vastly different, they’re both high-quality speakers that deliver rich home audio and add a touch of design to your home. Here’s how they stack up. 

Samsung Music Frame specs

Samsung Music Frame
The Music Frame is compatible with all devices but works best with other Samsung products.

Product Specifications

Smart Home Compatibility: Bixby (Samsung Assistant), Alexa, Google | Audio Features: Dolby Atmos |  Connection Type: Bluetooth, Samsung Q-Symphony, USB (Type-A), Wi-Fi | Dimensions: 13.8” W x 2.1” D x 13.8” H | Weight: 9.3 lb

We were able to get a first look at the Music Frame last month at a Samsung facility and were really impressed by this unique product. It’s essentially a speaker inside a picture frame that can hold an 8-by-8-inch photograph or piece of art. Swapping out the photo is super easy as you just pull the mat that holds the picture out of the frame and insert any image you’d like.

The Music Frame was compatible with all devices, but really shined when connected to a Samsung phone or 2024 sound bar. It utilizes its Q-Symphony functionality to pair with other speakers to create a more robust, booming sound. 

An excellent combination of function and design, it adds a unique twist for any audiophile who wants their setup to look and sound great.

Sonos Era 300 specs 

Front view of Sonos Era 300
The Sonos Era 300 provided crystal-clear audio during testing.

Product Specifications

Smart Home Compatibility: Sonos Voice Control, Alexa | Audio Features: Dolby Atmos |  Connection Type: Bluetooth, USB-C, Wi-Fi | Dimensions: 10.24” W x 7.28” D x 6.3” H | Weight: 9.85 lb

Sonos’ Era 300 speaker is another design-forward product that is new to the market. While it doesn’t have a photo display, it’s a beautifully designed speaker that looks good on any shelf or in any room. During testing, the first words that came to mind were simplicity and luxury. It doesn’t have a ton of buttons or features but rather has a few touch controls and a clean look overall.

While the look is great, the sound is even better. When positioned in the center of a 1,400-square-foot living space, it was more than enough in terms of volume and sound quality. It filled up the room with clear, high-quality audio that sounded great with any genre or artist, from Aretha Franklin to Zach Bryan.

A big pro for me was the Era 300’s compatibility with Apple and its ability to pair with other speakers. As an iPhone owner, I found the Sonos to be incredibly easy to use via AirPlay, and it paired in seconds with my HomePod and other Sonos speakers. It also lets you customize which speakers you want to cast to, allowing you to even choose the volume on different speakers — so as you walk from your living room to your bedroom, you can have your music play seamlessly.


The Samsung Music Frame is an impressive product that is a must-have for anyone who loves the crossroads of art and music, and it retails for $399.99. 
Sold by Best Buy and Samsung

Sonos’ new Era 300 has incredibly rich sound and fills up a room with absolute ease. Its compatibility with Apple products and ease of use make it a very appealing choice for many, and it costs $449.99.
Sold by Best Buy and Sonos

Bottom line: Should you get the Frame or the Sonos Era 300? 

Both of these speakers offer dynamic, high-powered audio and add a touch of design to your living space. A big factor in determining which is right for you may be the tech ecosystem that you’re already a part of. If you have a Samsung phone, tablet or sound bar, the Music Frame might be a great choice, whereas if you’ve got an iPhone or Apple home products, the Sonos may be more apt.

We love the idea of gifting the Music Frame, as it can be a high-powered speaker but also something to remember an event by, whether it was a concert, a graduation or a special day. You’re able to insert any photo to commemorate what matters to you while listening to booming audio.

If you’re solely in it for the audio, the Era 300 may be the better choice. Its drivers were super powerful, which made the spatial audio sound very impressive. Anytime you play a song, the voices are clear and the bass booms, creating a rich listening experience that any audiophile would be happy with.

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