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Best sleeping bag suit

Which sleeping bag suits are best?

Whether you’re someone who likes trying new things or just feels constrained by mummy bags, a sleeping bag suit may be something you want to try out. With no worries of drafts or having a bag too long or short, a sleeping bag suit is an innovative option for staying comfortable while camping. If you’re in the market for an alternative to the traditional sleeping bag, check out the Selk’bag Original 6G Sleeping Bag Suit.

What to know before you buy a sleeping bag suit

Good for moving around

If you feel constrained by mummy bags and just aren’t sold on quilts, a suit is great for the active sleeper. Even if you just want something for moving around at night while you sit at camp or have dinner, this moves with you and is much more convenient than trying to wear your quilt or bag at camp.

No draft worries

For people who don’t like sleeping bags, the usual next step is a backpacking quilt. While backpacking quilts are great, they can sometimes be drafty and hard to use. If you want a user-friendly way to ensure you have no drafts at night, a sleeping bag suit solves your problems before they happen.

Multiple sizes

All sleeping bags come in a regular size, with some available long options. Occasionally there’s a short option if you’re lucky. However, if you’re someone who needs a short sleeping bag but doesn’t have many options or if you find yourself constantly in between sizes, sleeping bag suits have more specific choices. Sized the same way you would buy clothes, you can get a more specific fit in a suit than a traditional bag or quilt.

What to look for in a quality sleeping bag suit


While not all suits are machine washable, you can find options that offer that. You like the convenience of a sleeping bag suit. Why not the convenience of machine washable camping gear?


No, a sleeping bag suit will not fit like your favorite skinny jeans. That said, it can give you the same trim fit of a mummy bag in a more comfortable package. In colder weather, any excess room in your sleeping bag can get cold air and cause your sleeping bag to not work at its maximum capacity. With a fitted sleeping bag suit in the proper size, you don’t have to have those same worries.


A good suit is rainproof. For some offerings, these suits are even snowproof. If you want to enjoy the weather but still be warm and protected, a weatherproof sleeping bag suit gives you everything you want.

How much you can expect to spend on a sleeping bag suit

Generally, sleeping bag suits go from $50-$250. If you’re serious about using your suit often, it may make sense for you to spend at least $150 to get a high-quality one.

Sleeping bag suit FAQ

Can I wear a sleeping bag suit around the campfire?

A. Yes, but take the same precautions you would if you had a sleeping bag or quilt draped around you while fireside. The last thing you need is an ember burning a hole through your new suit.

Are wearable sleeping bags the same as sleeping bag suits?

A. No, sleeping bag suits are distinct from wearable bags. While a suit is effectively an adult onesie with insulation, a wearable sleeping bag is just a sleeping bag that has zippered armholes. Some wearable bags may also have openings in the foot box so you can walk with them on.

What are the best sleeping bag suits to buy?

Top sleeping bag suit

Selk’bag Original 6G Sleeping Bag Suit

What you need to know: Selk’bag is the name brand of suits, and for a good reason.

What you’ll love: This is light enough to take anywhere but warm enough to keep you comfortable. Removable booties are included, and the leg vents help you regulate the temperature throughout the night. Four different sizes of this machine-washable suit allow you to find your best fit.

What you should consider: The size chart can be a bit misleading at first glance. If you plan to use the booties in conjunction with the bag, make sure you pick the correct size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top sleeping bag suit for the money

Sportneer Sleeping Bag Suit

What you need to know: This is great if you want to try out a sleeping bag suit or just have it for occasional use.

What you’ll love: At around $50, this is a fantastic way to see if you enjoy the look and feel of sleeping bag suits. Sportneer claims this suit will keep you warm even in 20 degrees.

What you should consider: Users have reported these suits run a bit small, so you may want to size up. Users with larger legs may find this suit a bit tight in their normal size.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Selk’bag Lite 6G Sleeping Bag Suit

What you need to know: If you want the original Selk’bag at a lower price, this “lite” version is better in warmer temperatures.

What you’ll love: This is an ultralight option for warmer weather camping that still has the same machine washable qualities that make Selk’bags convenient. The shell, while polyester, is still comfortable against your skin.

What you should consider: These do run a bit small. They won’t do well in colder conditions if that’s what you’re looking for.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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