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Bluetooth speakers, TVs and other electronics you'll need while tailgating

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Which electronics are tailgating essentials?

As the leaves begin to change color and autumn crispness returns to the air, many people’s thoughts turn to pumpkin carving, Halloween costumes and preparation for winter. For football fans, however, this change of weather signals the official start of tailgating season

As technology has become portable and advanced, today’s tailgating parties are a far cry from the barebones outings of years past. With travel-sized TVs, powerful batteries and other electronics at your disposal, you can turn what used to be a little more than a parking lot picnic into a food-fueled multimedia experience.

In this article: JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth Speaker, Tyler 10-Inch Portable LCD TV and Explorer 1000 Battery Power Station.

Bluetooth speaker

Whether you’re looking to play music or increase the volume of your favorite radio announcer, a quality Bluetooth tailgate speaker is essential. Look for one with long battery life and high volume output. This will ensure that your party has a soundtrack from start to finish and that your audio will be heard over the crowd.

Some Bluetooth speakers let you charge your phone or tablet via USB as well. Selecting a speaker with this capability lets it also function as a spare power source.

Portable TV

Small, portable TVs are so affordable now that you may find yourself buying more than one. Multiple TVs can provide your guests with an experience akin to being in a sports bar. Showing multiple games or commentary on different sets might even keep guests with the audacity to root for the opposing team satisfied.

Look for a TV with an audio output that lets you connect it to an external speaker for enhanced sound. High-Definition Multimedia Interface inputs also let you connect a game console to the TV for some pre-game PlayStation.

Fans and heaters

No matter where you live, your tailgate party will be up against the elements. You and your friends can beat the heat with battery- or USB-powered personal fans. Northern tailgaters will want to invest in heated gloves and socks to keep their extremities warm.

Battery-powered cooler

Put the Styrofoam coolers full of melted, sloshing ice in the rearview. For those who want to splurge, battery-powered coolers that essentially operate as portable refrigerators are now available. Keep the burgers and hot dogs cool until you’re ready to grill, and maintain a steady supply of chilled beverages without having to make trips to the store for ice or deal with draining your cooler once the party is over.

Heated travel mugs

USB- or battery-powered travel mugs can keep your coffee, hot cocoa or even soup piping hot all day long. No more pouring out drinks that cool off faster than you can enjoy them.

Power considerations

From backup power sources to inverters and car jump starters, you need to make sure that you will be able to safely support your party with adequate energy without leaving yourself stranded in the parking lot with a dead battery.

Best electronics for a tailgate party

JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth Speaker

This industry-leading JBL Bluetooth speaker continues to dominate the market, thanks to its great sound quality and waterproof construction. Small enough to fit into a backpack and able to function as a power bank, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a party mainstay.

Tyler 10-Inch Portable LCD TV

Despite its small size, this LCD TV features a full HD display, an HDMI input and an audio output that lets you connect it to an external speaker or headphones. It even includes a built-in battery that can run the set for four hours on a charge.

Best electronics for tailgating comfort

WiHoo Handheld Personal Fan

This handheld fan’s flexible tripod lets you set it up on a table, hold it easily in your hands or wrap its legs around a tent pole to keep the air flowing. It charges over USB and can last up to 16 hours.

Sun Will Heated Gloves

These gloves will keep your hands warm while you tend to the grill or just catch up with friends before the game. Thin enough to slip under mittens in extremely cold weather, they include an internal battery that can provide warmth for up to six hours on its lowest setting.

Best tailgating electronics for food and drink


Tech Tools Heated Travel Mug

This mug plugs into your vehicle’s power adapter to keep your beverage hot and ready all day long. It features a temperature gauge and retro styling as well as a nonslip rubber base and padded grip.

Inkbird Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

This best grill thermometer pick connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. You can set an alarm on the app to let you know when your food has reached your desired temperature, so you don’t have to continually pull yourself away from your guests to read the wireless grill thermometer

Best tailgating electronics for power and safety

Jackery Explorer 1000 Battery Power Station

This tailgate generator's three outlets and four USB ports let you charge or power your electronics no matter where you are. The portable generator features an LCD display, rugged construction and enough power to run a TV for almost eight hours.


Noco Boost 12-Volt Car Battery Jump Starter

This car jump jumper is budget-friendly and small enough to fit in your glove box. It features spark-proof technology to prevent accidental injury, charges over USB and can even function as a portable power bank or flashlight.

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