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Best portable generators for days at the beach

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Powering your party on the beach

Everyone loves the beach, but it’s not necessarily technology-friendly, especially if you need a little extra power. While this is fine if you are just going there to swim, commune with nature or get a suntan, it can be problematic if you plan a party with a sound system or simply want to run a few devices to keep yourself entertained. 

We’ve found the best portable generators to take to the beach, including traditional gas generators and completely silent solar models. Our current favorite is the Jackery Explorer 500 because it is easy to carry, has enough watt-hours to power several devices for a reasonable length of time and boasts a durable build.

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What to consider when buying a generator for the beach?

Solar or gas

First, you have to decide whether you want a gas model or a solar one to bring with you to the beach. Each offers benefits and drawbacks.

Jackery SolarSaga 100W

Solar generators are essentially batteries that recharge via solar panels. They are larger and more powerful than the average power bank you use to recharge a smartphone but smaller and less powerful than gas-powered generators. They are also completely silent, which is a plus when trying to relax on the beach, and don’t require you to transport smelly gasoline. On that note, you will have to buy a solar panel, such as Jackery SolarSaga 100W or the Goal Zero Nomad 100W, to recharge them.

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If you are trying to run appliances, like a blender for whipping up some frozen cocktails or string lights for a nighttime event, you’ll need the power that only a gas generator can provide. These will be significantly larger, heavier, and noisier than solar generators but offer much more wattage for more extended periods.

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Quiet operation

As mentioned, if you choose a solar generator, noise won’t be an issue, but it definitely can be with gas generators. Our recommendations are some of the quietest gas generators you can find, but if you’re considering buying a different model you had your eye on, look for a decibel rating to get an indicator of how loud it is.


Beach cart

When it comes to portability, you should take both size and weight into account. The smaller a generator is, the easier it will be to fit in a vehicle with the rest of your beach gear. Once you get to the parking lot, you’ll need to carry your generator to your beach spot, so weight should play a significant role in your decision-making process. The lightest gas generators typically weigh at least 27 pounds, though the Sportsman GEN1000I-PL, which comes in at just 19 pounds, is an exception. If you don’t relish the idea of carrying an additional 20 to 30 pounds, you might want to pick up a beach cart for an assist.

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Solar generators often top out at providing 80 to 100 watts of power, with many notably less. And even then, they can’t give this much power for very long without running out of juice. This means they are best for small devices like phones, tablets, cameras, drones and laptops

If you want to power larger devices than that, you’ll have to choose a gas generator. It is always a good idea to check the specs of any devices or appliances you hope to power with your generator, ensuring the model you are considering fits your needs. You should note that the prominent wattage ratings are for peak power, and the constant operating capacity will be 100 or more watts less.

The best portable generator for beach days

Best solar generators

Jackery Explorer 500

With three USB slots, a 110-volt AC outlet and two DC ports, the Explorer 500 can power several devices simultaneously. It is barely larger than a basketball, yet stores up 518 Wh of energy.

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Jackery Explorer 240

At a mere 6.5 pounds, pretty much anyone can carry the Explorer 240 to their favorite spot on the beach. It is best suited for small devices like tablets and phones, though it still features an AC outlet for those times you need to power slightly larger devices like drones and laptops.

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 Power Station 300

This compact solar generator from Tacklife is easy to transport and has a vivid LCD screen that keeps you abreast of the remaining battery life and how much power it is supplying. Its handles flip up when you need them, and fold away when not in use for compact storage.

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Best traditional portable generators

Yamaha EF2200iS

Capable of supplying up to 900 watts of constant power, yet weighing just 28 pounds and producing an average of 52 dBA of noise at a ¼ load, the EF2200iS offers the perfect balance of portability and performance for many users.

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Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another 2,000-watt rated generator that weighs as little as the Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000. It can run at half load for roughly six hours on a tank of gas and, while it isn’t the quietest, it is surprisingly affordable.

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Honda EU1000i

Often used by liveaboard sailors for its quiet operation and how well it withstands exposure to the harsh marine environment, this Honda generator should last you through plenty of beach trips. If needed, you can daisy-chain two units together for powering high-draw appliances.

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Champion Power Equipment 2500-Watt Dual Fuel

Though heavy and best transported on a beach cart, this dual-fuel model offers the versatility to run gasoline or propane. It also boasts enough wattage to power a serious sound system for those large parties.

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