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Which fishing line is best for catching fish?

Best fishing lines

Nobody likes to spend the day on the water and come home empty-handed. To increase your chances of hooking that catch, you need to make sure you have the right equipment, which includes choosing the best type of fishing line for your skill level, needs and water conditions. There are four types of line: mono, fluoro, braid and copolymer.

Types of fishing line


Monofilament, often referred to as mono by anglers, is crafted from a single fiber of plastic, usually nylon. It is a smart choice for beginners because it is one of the cheapest options, offers good abrasion resistance and is easy to tie into knots. Mono has a bit of stretch to allow it to absorb shocks from hard hits, but this also means it is less sensitive to light bites. Other downsides of mono include its high weight and memory, as well as its water-absorbent properties.  


Fluoro is made from polyvinylidene fluoride. Compared to mono, fluoro is stronger and has better abrasion resistance, but it is also more expensive. It also has less stretch than mono and doesn’t absorb water, nor is it prone to degradation from UV exposure. One of its biggest advantages is the low refraction index that makes it much harder to see than other line types. The negatives of fluoro are its large diameter and relative stiffness. It is more prone to wind knots when casting, too.


A copolymer is made from two materials instead of one, which allows manufacturers to tailor it for certain properties. This means there can be a lot of difference in how one copolymer line performs compared to another. Generally speaking though, it combines the beneficial features of mono and fluoro, with less of their individual downsides. 


A braided line is made from multiple strands of synthetic fibers that are woven together. It has a much smaller diameter for its test than any of the other three types and, due to it having virtually no stretch, offers the highest level of sensitivity. Braid isn’t susceptible to degradation and has essentially no memory. Despite all of its benefits, braid is best reserved for experienced anglers as it can be difficult to work with. It is hard to tie secure knots in,  frustrating to untangle and is rough on the hands. It also has poor abrasion resistance, so it must be checked regularly to ensure it is in good condition.

Best monofilament fishing lines

KastKing Monofilament

A highly abrasion-resistant choice, KastKing mono can often be used for a long time before you need to re-spool your reel. Most will find it casts smoothly and isn’t prone to wind knots, making it easy to use for beginners.

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Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate

Engineered specifically to have less stretch than competing lines, Ultracast offers good sensitivity for a mono and lets you effectively set hooks. It has high shock strength too, so it shouldn’t snap when aggressive fish hit it.

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Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond

What Hi-Catch Diamond lacks in suppleness it makes up for in abrasion resistance and knot strength. It’s a smart choice for trolling because it can handle the shock of hard hits, but it is a bit thick, so you may not be able to get as much of it on your reel as other options.

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Berkley Trilene Big Game

When it comes to quality for the cost, it’s hard to beat Berkley’s Big Game. It’s an economical choice that performs reliably and is available in a wide range of tests.

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Best fluorocarbon fishing lines

KastKing Kovert

With a finish that makes it nearly invisible underwater, Kovert can help you catch those timid species that require a lot of finesse. Conveniently, the package acts as a dispenser to help with spooling and ensure the line doesn’t completely unravel in your tackle box.

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Seaguar Red Label

Intended specifically for freshwater applications, Red Label is a good line for lake and river anglers who want something lauded for its knot-holding strength. It casts smoothly too, but some find it has too much memory.

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Berkley Vanish

Offering a high level of sensitivity, Vanish will help ensure you always feel those nibbles. The material doesn't absorb water, so you’ll get consistent casting and lure performance all day long.

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Best copolymer fishing lines

Yo-Zuri Hybrid 

While many American anglers might not be familiar with this hybrid line, those who use it swear by it. It handles nicely and glides through the guides with minimal friction and noise.

Sold by Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

KastKing Copolymer

Thanks to its low memory, most will find KastKing Copolymer very manageable and easy to cast a far distance. The small diameter allows you to get a lot on the reel, but despite that, it still has a high break strength.

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Hi-Seas Black Widow

Black Widow is a popular choice among salt and freshwater anglers thanks to its thin diameter and low absorption. This three-color camo option is designed for very low visibility to minimize the chances of a fish seeing it and being scared away.

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Berkley FluoroShield

This line has an almost neutral buoyancy, similar to mono, but has the low refraction index of fluoro, giving you the best of both worlds. This makes it well suited to lure fishing and jigging.

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Best braided fishing lines

Daiwa J-Braid x8

Whether or not you use a Daiwa reel, x8 is a great line to keep on your rod. You can expect even wrapping during retrieval and a soft and smooth profile that causes minimal friction in the guides.

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SeaKnight Monster W8

As with most braids, Monster W8 can be difficult to tie, but once you have a secure knot, there is little chance of it coming undone. It comes in high- and low-visibility options and is reasonably priced.

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Power Pro Spectra Fiber

This line combines a thin diameter with a high tensile strength, so you’ll be able to load up your reel for tackling those big, deepwater species. Plus, with almost no stretch, you can feel every little nibble or bite, no matter how small.

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SpiderWire UltraCast Invisi-Braid

Made from eight tightly woven strands that are crafted using a cold fusion process, Invisi-Braid is highly resistant to breaking under normal circumstances. Though difficult for fish to see, it is designed to be visible above the water so anglers can easily spot it.

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KastKing Superpower Silky 8

Aptly named, Silky 8 has a smooth exterior that runs freely and almost noiselessly through the guides when casting. It is available in four colors and tests ranging from 6 to 80 pounds.

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