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17 best Eskimo brand ice fishing gear

Which Eskimo brand ice fishing gear is best?

Ice fishing is a pastime unlike any other, so there's a range of gear specially made to make your fishing trip more fun, comfortable and successful. The Eskimo brand makes almost everything you need, from the augers used for drilling through the ice to the shelters you put up around your fishing spot.

It doesn't make everything, though, with a key omission being the underwater fishing cameras many ice fishers use to make the activity easier and more successful.

What to know before you buy Eskimo brand ice fishing gear

Eskimo brand ice fishing gear types

Eskimo makes a wide range of gear to keep your body warm and your lines full.

  • Shelter: Eskimo shelters come in a few forms and sizes, though they all share the same traits such as being relatively easy to set up. The best are insulated.
  • Auger: Eskimo makes augers powered by gas, battery or elbow grease, as well as a range of accessories and replacement bits.
  • Clothing: Eskimo makes a wide range of clothing, including hats, hoodies, shirts, gloves and mitts, jackets and bibs.
  • Chisels: Chisels have a few uses for ice fishing, such as scouting for fishing spots, that make them good to have in addition to an auger.
  • Accessories: Eskimo offers a huge range of accessories such as camp chairs, trailer hitches, travel bags, caddies, and replacement pieces and parts.

What's the best Eskimo brand ice fishing gear to buy?

Top Eskimo brand shelters

Eskimo QuickFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

Eskimo says this shelter can be set up in 60 seconds, plus it has in-skirt grommets to make securing it to the ice easier. It comes in sizes to fit two, three or six people.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo FF949 FatFish Pop-Up Portable Hub-Style Ice Shelter

This shelter has removable windows to let some fresh air in, with mesh storage pockets inside for some of your other gear. It fits three to four people in its 61-square-foot space.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Outbreak 450 Pop-Up Hub-Style Ice Fishing Shelter

This shelter uses an oversized and trip-proof door that zips down to the ice. It and everything it comes with fits inside an included duffel bag. Up to four people fit comfortably in its 75-square-foot space.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Sierra Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

This fully insulated shelter is 35% warmer than a non-insulated shelter. The interior has two steel-framed seats. It can attach to any tow hitch, but a pull-rope is also included for easy traveling.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo FatFish 9416i Insulated Portable Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelter

This shelter uses an all-metal ball-and-socket design with fiberglass poles for durability and to maintain a reasonable weight. It has removable window panels and mesh pockets. It fits seven to nine people.

Sold by Amazon

Top Eskimo brand augers

Eskimo Hand Auger

This hand auger uses a cross-bolt takedown system to prevent overtightening. The hand and pommel knobs are comfortable. It comes with blades in 6-, 7- and 8-inch lengths and includes a blade protector.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Pistol Bit

This auger can be powered by any electric hand drill with at least a half-inch drill chuck, 18-volt/4-amp battery, brushless motor and a minimum of 725 pounds of torque. It has a protective plate to prevent your drill from falling down the hole.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Quantum Auger Series

This auger series comes with engines that run on either gasoline or propane and with either 8- or 10-inch blades. They all use a fingertip-throttle trigger to precisely control the power.

Sold by Amazon

Top Eskimo brand clothing

Eskimo Men’s Flag Chaser Jacket

This jacket is stuffed with pockets including a left-side chest pocket and two waist-level zipper pockets you can also use to keep your hands warm. Stretch cuffs help keep your body heat in and cold winds out.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Youth Keeper Bib

This bib is perfect for bringing your child along to learn the ice fishing ropes. It’s insulated, windproof and waterproof to keep them comfortable, plus it has reflective accents for safety at night.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Unisex Adult Performance Hoodie

This hoodie has a lined hood to keep your head warm plus a traditional kangaroo pocket in the front with zippers if you want to use it for storage rather than as a hand warmer.

Sold by Amazon

Top Eskimo brand chisels

Eskimo CH9 Multi-Faceted Dual-Action Ice Chisel

This 19-inch-long chisel is made of fully welded steel for maximum durability. It has hammer-style and traditional chisel-style ends, plus the ends come with protective covers. A wrist tether rope to prevent drops is included.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo CH11 Multi-Faceted Triple-Action Ice Chisel

This 59.5-inch-long chisel has a foam grip handle that’s anti-vibration to make your tasks as comfortable as possible. A wrist strap is attached to the handle end and a protective cover for the chisel end is included.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo CH12 Multi-Faceted Triple-Action Ice Chisel

This chisel is identical to the CH11 chisel except for being longer at 64 inches, perfect for taller people who don’t want to bend down to get their work done.

Sold by Amazon

Top Eskimo brand accessories

Eskimo Bucket Caddy

This is the ultimate gear-hauling device, thanks to its laundry list of pockets and loops, such as the two large zippered pockets and the two D-rings for clipping anything you want to it.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Folding Ice Chair

This folding chair is small and light, making it good if you're fishing on ice that can’t hold heavy shelters and equipment. The backrest helps you maintain a better posture to limit backaches.

Sold by Amazon

Eskimo Ice Shelter Ice Anchors

This pair of ice anchors is perfect for replacing your lost or damaged shelter anchors. The handles are wide enough for comfortable use.

Sold by Amazon

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