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Best portable ice buckets

Which portable ice bucket is best? 

The key to cooling off on a hot summer’s day is to have a chilled drink next to you. But if you are on a family trip or at the beach, there probably won’t be a freezer nearby. Even if there was, it’s no guarantee that the ice would be ready.

That's when a portable ice bucket can come in handy. You can prep the cubes with an ice maker before you leave the house, and the ice bucket ensures your ice stays cold for the day. It can be a lifesaver, as it can chill a variety of other things, as well.

Top portable ice buckets

Alladinbox Ice Cube Mold And Ice Bucket

This ice bucket is a two-in-one solution because you don’t have to transfer the ice into the holder. Simply pour the water slowly into the side of the bucket, stick it in the freezer and let it do its magic. Once ready, you remove it from the freezer and squeeze the sides. The ice will instantly pop out of the holders and fall into the center of the bucket. 

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Ultimate Mini Ice Cube Maker And Bucket 

Available in four bright colors, this portable ice bucket is an easy way to make a lot of ice and keep it frozen. The inside of the maker has ice-forming indentations, when you pour water in and leave it in the freezer, ice cubes will form. There is no need to stick your hand in, as you simply squeeze the outside and the cubes pop out. It can also serve as a wine or bottle cooler. To ensure that the cubes don’t melt too fast, it comes with a lid to keep any air out. 

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Friendly Swede Collapsible Bucket With Lid

What’s better than a one-use ice bucket? An ice bucket that can be used for multiple purposes, such as this gadget from Friendly Swede. Made from durable PVC tarpaulin, this bucket is perfect for keeping your pre-made ice frozen. It comes with a zippered lid to stop the ice from melting, but it can also hold 2.6 gallons of liquid. When not in use, it can fold completely flat for easy storage. 

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OXO Good Grips Double-Wall Ice Bucket

For a classy ice bucket when you are at the beach or on a trip, this device is an excellent choice. It comes with a removable garnish tray (for slices of lemon or lime) that rests inside the bucket. There is a hinged, see-through lid on the top to stop premature melting, which is also helped by the double-walled sides. It comes with nylon tongs that sturdily grip the ice cubes, and the internal reservoir ensures that meltwater is kept away from the ice cubes. 

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Coca Cola Retro Ice Chest And Ice Bucket

For a throwback to the olden days of enjoying an ice cream or cola on the beach, this retro Coca Cola ice cooler will do the trick. Featuring the official vintage branding, the red metal chest has a sturdy, self-locking carry handle on the top and reinforced corners. It can hold 3.4 gallons of ice or liquid, or if you prefer, can hold about 18 soda cans. The insulated ice bucket interior never comes in contact with the outer metal shell, providing efficient cooling and prolonging the ice’s shelf life to around 2 days.

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Wakeman Outdoors Collapsible Ice Bucket

Perfect for trips away from home or at the pool, this ice bucket has a 2.6-gallon capacity. It is made from safe silicone and has a hard plastic rim on the outer edge. When not in use, it can collapse and fold down to about 2 inches in height. Available in five colors, the best thing about this portable ice bucket is that it can be used to practically store anything, not just ice cubes. Just remember to wash it out thoroughly before you pour liquid or ice cubes into it. 

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AKOAK Portable Collapsible Transparent PVC Ice Bag

For a quick solution in transporting ice, this transparent ice bag will do the trick. Once your ice has been made, simply pour it into this ice bag and off you go. While it won’t prevent the ice from melting, it is an excellent solution if you need to keep a few soda cans or a wine bottle chilled before you get to your destination. 

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Icebreaker Pop Ice Cube Maker And Storage

If you have limited space and are looking for a gadget that can make your ice and store it as well, then the Icebreaker Pop is the device for you. Fill the Pop with water and leave it in the freezer to form ice cubes. Then, you push down on it and pull the sturdy straps on the side. When you hear the cubes detaching from the inside, you give it a good shake to loosen them all. You can then either leave them in the Pop until you need them or open the cap to pour out the cubes. You never have to touch the cubes with your hands and the dishwasher-safe material will keep the ice from melting. 

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Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler And Ice Bucket

It is grossly inaccurate to describe the Yeti Roadie as an ice bucket, as it holds more than a bucket's worth of ice. Available in several colors, it is made from durable and incredibly strong plastic. It features pressure-injected polyurethane foam for permafrost insulation of 2 inches. It can hold up to 24 pounds of ice, or 18 soda cans and some cubes to cool them. The airtight lid is held down with two rubber latches, and it has a sturdy shoulder strap for carrying. 

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