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The best beach volleyball set

Beach volleyball sets

Volleyball is a great activity for people of all ages to have fun and get some exercise, and it’s the perfect way to enjoy friendly competition at the beach.

You have a lot of options when purchasing a volleyball set, and the first consideration is skill level. Prices can vary between beginner, recreational and professional-level sets. Most sets come with all of the features you need to easily install the set and get started.

Beach volleyball set features


The poles provide the structure and foundation of the set. They are usually collapsible or contain multiple sections that need to be assembled. Most high-level permanent volleyball sets designed for competitive play only include the regulation poles and regulation net.


The poles in a volleyball set intended for outdoor use are secured to the ground using ropes and stakes, similar to those used to secure a tent.


The net attaches securely to the poles. The poles are positioned so the net is taut and will not sag.


Outdoor portable volleyball sets usually include a ball, but probably not one that is a professional high-quality ball. You don't want to get stuck halfway through the day with a deflated ball, so make sure to bring a volleyball air pump.

The different types of beach volleyball sets

Portable sets

A portable volleyball set is mainly used for recreational outdoor play. The poles have telescoping or sectioned poles, which are not as sturdy and durable as permanent sets. Most portable volleyball sets can be used on the grass or sand, but you should confirm product details before purchasing because some may be geared for certain types of ground. Portable volleyball sets are usually light and easy to set up, allowing for hours of fun for all ages and skill levels. 

Permanent sets

Permanent volleyball sets are a must-have for more competitive play or training. They have a regulation size net and durable, sturdy poles to ensure the safety of all players. They usually include padding on the poles to prevent injury.

Combination sets

Combination volleyball sets can include equipment and sizing for badminton and tennis as well. These sets are great for families and group gatherings because they let you play more than one game with the same set. Most of these sets are portable, which makes them great to bring to the beach or a BBQ.

Best beach volleyball sets

The best basic volleyball sets

Park and Sun Sports 

Our Take:  This serious action set can easily be assembled in under 10 minutes.

What we like:  The set is light and portable.

What we dislike: The net can sag over time if not stored correctly. Not 100 percent waterproof.

Where to buy: Amazon

Dunlop Regulation Outdoor Volleyball Set

Our take: This professional volleyball set is easy to set up and adjust throughout the day.

What we like: It comes with a premium volleyball.

What we dislike: Some consumers have complained about the sturdiness.

Where to buy: Wayfair and Amazon

Park and Suns Sports Spectrum 179

Our take: A tournament-level volleyball set that is easy to transport, store and set up.

What we like: The three-piece telescopic aircraft aluminum poles with push-button locking make for easy height adjustments.

What we dislike: Does not come with a ball.

Where to buy: Overstock and Amazon

Vermont Portable Volleyball Sets and Training Equipment

Our take: Regulation size net and premium equipment that’s great for the beach or backyard.

What we like: The carry bag makes it easy to transport.

What we dislike: It might require extra weight to keep sturdy.

Where to buy: Amazon

Patiassy Portable Outdoor Volleyball Set with Adjustable Height

Our take: The easily adjustable net and winched system make this a perfect option for all ages and skill levels.

What we like: It comes with all equipment and a storage bag.

What we dislike: The product needs to be stored indoors, as some consumers reported damage to the item after rainfall.

Where to buy: Amazon

The most affordable volleyball sets

Skywalker Sports Volleyball Kits

Our take: A premium volleyball kit for under $100.

What we like: This is a great beginner set.

What we dislike:  There are no upgrades – just a basic net and ball.

Where to buy: Wayfair and Kohl’s

Costway Portable Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis Training

Our take:  A great option that works for volleyball, badminton and tennis.

What we like: Works well for the beach, park or at home.

What we dislike: The inexpensive set has durability issues.

Where to buy: Overstock

The best combination volleyball sets

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

Our Take: Great option for a two-sport set that includes all equipment for both games.

What we like: It’s easy to transition the net when changing sports.

What we dislike: The net is 10” longer than normal regulation size badminton nets.

Where to buy: Amazon

CROSSNET Volleyball Game Set 

Our take: A one-of-a-kind four-square design that makes for unique competition. 

What we like: It’s easy to adjust to multiple heights.

What we dislike: Some consumers had issues with the sturdiness and durability of the poles and ropes.

Where to buy: Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

Franklin Sports Bluetooth Volleyball/Badminton Combo Set

Our take: A volleyball-badminton combo set that comes with a portable and powerful speaker.

What we like: The set includes everything you need for all summer activities-- ball, pump and badminton racquets.

What we dislike: The features are great for a starter set, but some consumers have questioned the quality.

Where to buy: Dick's Sporting Goods

Amazon Basics Outdoor Volleyball and Badminton Combo Set with Net 

Our take: Simple, affordable, easy to transport and can be assembled quickly. It has the makings of a good casual starter set.

What we like: All necessary badminton and volleyball accessories are included.

What we dislike: Might be less sturdy because of the ability to adjust it for various sports.

Where to buy: Amazon

Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set 

Our take: Simple and affordable. The adjustable levels make this a good option for kids who want to play multiple sports.

What we like: Transport is easy with the carrying case. Set up takes 10 minutes.

What we dislike: Not ideal for more serious adult volleyball games.

Where to buy: Amazon


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