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Best audiobooks for summer road trips

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Check these must-read books off your to-do list while you drive

Road trips are a little different from regular vacations. The journey is just as important as the destination. Whether it's self-help or true crime, you can spend those hours on the road listening to your favorite audiobooks. To get the best bang for your buck, however, you need unlimited access to a vast library of diverse content. 

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Why audiobooks and road trips go together

There's something about listening to an audiobook in the car that just hits differently. As a passenger, you can devote your full attention to your imagination and create highly detailed characters, scenarios and worlds in your mind that play out as the story progresses. As a driver, you can be entertained without ever taking your eyes off the road.

The other aspect that makes audiobooks and road trips such a perfect pair is you have time. A road trip can take several hours to several days to reach and return from your destination. This means you don't have to feel guilty about sitting still for hours at a time to fully enjoy your story.

What to listen to while driving

The audiobook that accompanies you on your journey should be something you are interested in or something with an appropriate theme. If you're traveling to the ocean, for instance, a beach read can help get you in the proper mood. Alternatively, you could spend hours learning something new about yourself, someone else or the world. With an audiobook, the adventure is in your mind, so your enjoyment is only limited by your imagination. 

Best books to enjoy on the road this summer

Honeymoon for One” by Portia MacIntosh

Just because you're left stranded at the altar, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the honeymoon. However, when Lila Rose's never-to-be husband also shows up at the resort with his new girl, things get a little uncomfortable. This fun, feel-good light read is a great companion for your summer road trip.

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Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror with Meg: Origins” by Steve Alten

Steve Alten is the king of prehistoric shark tales. This offering is the second in his Meg series and it features far more than giant sharks. It is also the source material for the summer blockbuster that is going to swallow Barbie whole. Get ready for the biggest thrill in over 3 million years.

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The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships” by Suzanna Stabile

This insightful book examines all nine Enneagram types to reveal what motivates each and why. Once you understand how the other people in your life think, you can unlock deeper, richer and more fulfilling and healthy relationships. This book can help you live a more loving and passionate life.

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The Sign for Home” by Blair Fell

This highly rewarding work by first-time author Blair Fell is a must-listen. It is an inclusive story that takes the reader on a journey that may just change the way they view others. The poignant tale follows a young deaf-blind man who embarks on an incredible journey to find the love of his life.

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A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman

Narrated by J.K. Simmons, this bestseller about a curmudgeon with a short fuse has actually been referred to as the most charming book of the year. It's a heartwarming story filled with the uncomfortable and unexpected. 

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Zombie Fallout: The End Has Come and Gone” by Mark Tufo

This is the fourth book in Tufo's popular zombie apocalypse series. The story began when the U.S. government sent out infected flu shots. Now, one man, Michael Talbot, is documenting the new beginning of society, so there's something left behind for posterity.

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Most Hated” by Kara Alloway

Want to take a peek behind the curtain of reality TV? This sharply written fictional exposé details all the devilish deeds and venomous vocabulary used to shred lives with cold and calculating ease. You won't believe how many lies and vicious manipulations it takes to create must-watch TV. 

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Mindful Eating” by Carrie Dennett

It can be very easy to get lost in a task, such as driving for many hours and eating without paying attention to what's going into your mouth. This book will train you to be aware of every bite so you're eating with purpose and enjoying the experience.

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Witches Get Stuff Done” by Molly Harper

Imagine finding out you've just inherited a historic mansion filled with haunted antiques. Not only that, but it's on an island where ghosts and magic are commonplace. Plus, the town's librarian is too dreamy to ignore. Oh yeah, and you also find out you're a witch, and it's your job to protect the living. Welcome to Starfall Point.

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The Crepes of Wrath: Pancake House Mystery Series, Book 1”  by Sarah Fox

This cozy mystery is a light romp from beginning to end. It follows Marley McKinney who takes over her aging cousin's pancake house, which is located in a quaint coastal community called Wildwood Cove. When her cousin is found murdered, it's up to Marley to solve the case.

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Other books worth checking out 

  • Celebrate the 30th anniversary year of Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle,” with this installment of “Words + Music: From the Streets to the Suites.”
  • The Secret to Happiness” by Jessica Redland is an uplifting novel that explores friendship and inner strength.
  • The Housemaid” is bestselling author Sarah A. Denzil's latest dark and twisty thriller about a perfect job turning into a horrifying nightmare experience.
  • The Bridge Kingdom” is the beginning of an epic romance told by bestselling author Danielle L. Jensen.
  • Eric Bogosian's “Drinking in America” explores exactly what makes a man in today's modern culture, and the answer might not be what you think.


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