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Best canopy bed decoration ideas

Find the best canopy bed ideas for your bedroom

Creating a comfortable, relaxing space in your bedroom is essential for a proper night of rest. Your bed should feel like a sanctuary from a busy day, and it should fit both your practical and personal preferences. So it’s important to create a restful space that helps you sleep and matches your style. Luckily, a bed canopy is both functional and fashionable, and is a great addition to any bedroom. It helps deter bright sunlight when fully closed, and adds an ambiance in many different styles. There are plenty of ways to add a bed canopy to your room, so it’s a good idea to examine your space and style before making a purchase.

What is a canopy bed? 

People use canopy beds for many reasons. Some use them as a way to emphasize a sense of privacy, others use them to prevent pesky bugs from ruining a good night of sleep, and some canopy beds even offer heat retention. All of these features are important, and while you may not necessarily need a canopy to ward off mosquitoes or stay cozy, a canopy bed can still offer a comforting aesthetic.

What are canopy bed decorations?

It is important to remember that canopy bed decorations are rather large and can use up a lot of space in your bedroom. Canopy decorations and canopy beds tend to become the focal point in a room, so make sure they flawlessly compliment the rest of the decorations in your room. Luckily, you can purchase canopy setups separately from canopy bed decorations so you have plenty of opportunities to personalize your setup throughout your purchasing process. 

What are the benefits of a canopy?

You can use a canopy to deflect outside elements like light, cold, wind and bugs. You can attach bed canopies to bed posts or hang them on the ceiling to achieve the desired aesthetic and practical impact. If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep due to outside issues, a canopy bed would be a worthwhile investment.

Best canopy ideas for children

Canopies are a great idea for children because you can use them for both beds and even play areas. If you know your child would enjoy using a canopy as a reading nook or even a potential play area, you should think about getting a canopy. 

Zeke and Zoey Soft White Hanging Bed Canopy

This white polyester canopy comes with a hook screw, so it’s incredibly easy to install. It has just under eight feet of fabric and a ring diameter just shy of 20-inches.

Sold by Amazon

Casablanca Kids Pom Pom Sheer Collapsible Hoop Bed Canopy

This canopy can fit a twin, a double and a queen-sized bed. It has a pom-pom trim around the top to add a little flair, and the polyester material is hand-wash only. The net comes in a few fun colors, such as pink and purple.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s

Kertnic Decor Canopy for Kids Bed

Kertnic made this canopy in several different colors, so you can find something for your style and room decor. It has a one-point installation system, so it’s easy to add to any bedroom. The material doubles as a mosquito net and is also machine washable. 

Sold by Amazon

Kids Bed Canopy with Pom Pom Hanging Net

A cotton canopy is available in a few fun colors, such as bright white and light pink. It comes with two screws and even double-adhesive tape. The canopy is about 95-inches long from top to bottom and fits in most bedrooms.

Sold by Amazon

Dix-Rainbow Princess Bed Canopy 

This mesh canopy weighs just over one pound and comes in multiple different colors. It includes a string of stars and a golden crown that’s fit for royalty. It uses relatively breathable material and is ideal for adding a little bit of presence to a room without becoming overpowering. It comes with installation tools as well, so it’s easy to add to any bedroom.

Sold by Amazon

Nomad Nets Crib Canopy

This circular net is made from polyester and cotton material. It includes 18 stars that glow in the dark, making them perfect for creating a sense of wonder and comfort as your little one nods off to sleep. The net is eight feet tall, which is taller than most crib canopies, so it works best with higher ceilings. 

Sold by Amazon

LOAOL Kids Bed Canopy with Pom Pom Hanging Crib Nook 

This polyester canopy weighs a little over two pounds and comes in three different colors. The cute pom poms give a whimsical touch. The total height of the canopy is just under eight feet, so make sure you have tall ceilings for this setup. 

Sold by Amazon

Best canopy idea for twin beds

Nattey 4 Corners Princess Bed Curtain Canopy

This canopy comes in a variety of different sizes and colors such as yellow and pink. It has a dustproof top and is made from polyester and a polyester blend.

Sold by Amazon

Best canopy ideas for queen beds

Royale Home White Canopy Set

Royal Home made this canopy for several different bed sizes and is available in a few colors, such as white and blush. It’s also machine washable. You can install the canopy using the 56 tie-top bows, so no screwing or drilling is required for installation. It’s an excellent alternative for renters who don’t want to drill into their walls. Note that you will need a four-post bed frame for this option.

Sold by Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond

Oasis Round Hoop Sheer Bed Canopy

This polyester canopy helps combat insects and adds a sense of flair to the room in a variety of colors. Note that the material is dry clean only. 

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s

Best canopy ideas for king beds

Twinkle Star Bed Canopy 

This canopy fits bed sizes from twin to king. It includes a hanging kit, which makes installation easy. It comes with over seven feet of white mesh, so it is ideal for hanging in average height bedrooms. 

Sold by Amazon

Truedays Four Corner Post Bed

This canopy is ideal for full, queen and king-sized beds. It’s made from polyester and comes with a hanging kit and four ropes that tie the bed’s canopy sides. It’s ideal for preventing mosquito bites. 

Sold by Amazon

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