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Bunk beds aren’t just for kids anymore

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There may be a case for adding a bunk bed to your space

Bunk beds are no longer just a memory of childhood sleepovers, congested bedrooms or rustic summer camps. They have evolved far beyond their traditional use and now provide creative solutions to space limitations, aesthetic preferences and lifestyle requirements. With designs that blend form and function, bunk beds (like Nerf guns) aren't only for kids anymore. 

Many adults are realizing the advantages of bunk beds, which is why they are making a somewhat unexpected and fashionable comeback in homes and boutique hostels. Why are they popular? Bunk beds are versatile, come in contemporary designs, and are the perfect option to optimize space.

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Betting on bunk beds

A few decades ago, you would regularly see someone clobbering a bunk bed together from precisely cut wood beams. The design usually took on a more function-over-form quality, and it was a bonus if the ladder on the side was made from metal. Of course, you could also buy bunk beds at big box stores, but the designs were relatively uniform.  

However, things have changed since the days of sleeping on a creaking pinewood bunk bed. Bedroom furniture that was found in almost every home with more than two siblings is making a comeback—and the ones you find today are incredible.

But just like back in the day, there are a few things that you should consider when buying a bunk bed. Most importantly, the design, safety and material quality are crucial. The choice of material used impacts the bed's durability, stability and overall appearance. Using high-quality materials is important for safety, especially for adult use. 

Adult-sized bunk beds should be spacious enough to accommodate standard mattresses comfortably. The dimensions of the bed should be suitable for the room and users, and it should offer enough space for users to sit up and move around without feeling cramped. It's important to verify the maximum weight capacity of both the upper and lower bunks to ensure they can safely support adult users.

Best bunk beds 

Full Over Full Bunk Bed

This beautifully elegant bunk bed is made from plywood and pinewood and painted in a great walnut color. It has a ladder on the front and two separate drawers underneath the lower mattress. It measures 80 inches long, 58.7 inches wide and 64.6 inches high. The top bunk can hold a maximum of 250 pounds and the bottom bunk can hold a maximum of 300 pounds.

Metal Full Over Full Bunk Bed

This metal bunk bed is the perfect option if space is limited or you want to maximize your available space. It has a metal ladder on the left side and two pull-out drawers under the bottom bunk. On the right side of the bunk bed is a built-in desk with a light and a cup holder. The top bunk can hold 400 pounds and the bottom bunk can hold 450 pounds.

Wood Bunk Bed with Built-in Ladder

This is a great option if you are looking for a large and sturdy bunk bed that can accommodate three people. Made from plywood and pinewood, the top bunk supports 250 pounds, the bottom bunk supports 300 pounds and the trundle bed can hold up to 175 pounds. 

Twin Over Twin Metal Bunk Beds with Trundle

If a metal frame bunk bed with a trundle is on your radar, this model is excellent. It has a metal ladder on both sides and the trundle bed easily rolls out from under the bottom bunk. It has 20 slats for each mattress, and the top bunk supports 350 pounds while the bottom bunk supports up to 400 pounds. 

Twin XL Over Queen Size Triple Bunk Bed

Bunk beds with a trundle are models where the bottom-most bed pulls out from under the structure. However, this bunk bed features three spaces for mattresses and is in a permanent triple configuration. It is made from sturdy metal, and the top bunk measures 80.2 inches by 54 inches and accommodates a full XL mattress. The bottom bunk is large enough to support a queen mattress.

Bridgnorth Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed

This elegant bunk bed comes in four styles, with the most popular being the matte pecan color.  It measures 63.3 inches high, 64.75 inches wide and 83.25 inches long, and the clearance between the two bunks is about 40 inches. Each bunk is large enough to support a queen mattress and can hold up to 400 pounds.

Filip Kids Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed

If you want to go for an industrial look, this metal and wood bunk bed is a great choice. It comes with guardrails, a built-in ladder and a 22-slat kit. Both bunks support queen mattresses, and the frame can be disassembled to turn into two separate beds. When assembled, the top bunk supports 275 pounds, and the bottom bunk supports 325 pounds.

Preece Metal Triple Bunk Bed

This triple bunk bed is a great option for maximizing space when you need to accommodate up to four people. It is made from metal and has two ladders. The top bunk supports up to 200 pounds, and the bottom bunk is large enough to easily fit a queen mattress. It comes with all the tools needed to assemble the frame, guardrails, ladders and slats.

Catharine Full Over Full Solid Wood Standard Bunk Bed

This beautiful solid pinewood bunk bed will look great in any room, as the dark cappuccino color projects style and sophistication. Each bunk includes slats that support a full-size mattress, and they can be separated into two stand-alone beds. The top bunk supports up to 160 pounds when assembled and includes a headboard.

Ilariana Heavy-Duty Wood Staircase Bunk Bed with Under Bed Trundle Bed

With sturdy stairs on the left side, this bunk bed is great when guests come over. The twin-over-full set features two headboards, two footboards, two sets of rails, two sets of slats and one guardrail. The cavities created by the stairs can also be used for decorations or as a bookcase, and the trundle can be used as storage or as another bed when a mattress is placed on the slats.

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