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Best free standing toilet paper holder

Which free standing toilet paper holder is best?

Although essential, a regular toilet paper holder isn't the most elegant fixture in a bathroom. These free-standing models come in a range of traditional and contemporary designs and finishes that are sure to complement your decor. Some also provide additional storage for spare toilet rolls and other bathroom supplies.

Choosing the perfect free-standing toilet paper holder for your home will depend on the design and size of your bathroom and the additional features you would prefer. The Gatco Square Base Holder with Storage is an excellent choice for modern bathrooms and is available in four metallic finishes. It includes storage space for extra toilet rolls and is rust, corrosion and scratch-resistant. Alternatively, there are many other designs from which to choose, which may suit your existing bathroom suite more appropriately.

What to know before you buy a free standing toilet paper holder


Regular, wall-mounted toilet paper holders are fairly small and unobtrusive. However, these free-standing models often have some form of built-in storage and can be much larger. Make sure there is enough room at the side of the toilet for it to stand freely, without getting in the way of the seat or the flush handle. 


If your bathroom lacks cabinet space, then a free standing toilet paper holder may be a solution. Most have space to keep extra toilet rolls, whereas some models incorporate variously sized shelves and cubbies, magazine racks or even smartphone holders.


Whatever type of metal your existing bathroom hardware is made from, there should be a suitable free-standing toilet paper holder to match. Chrome and gold are usually the most popular.

Other types of finish may include nickel, stainless steel, bronze or brass. For more options in material and design, check out the Best Free Standing Toilet Paper Holders Guide at BestReviews.

What to look for in a quality free standing toilet paper holder


Free-standing toilet paper holders can be traditional or contemporary in design. Features like woven baskets and ornate bases suit classical bathrooms, whereas sharp lines and minimalist shelving complements a modern aesthetic. 


The base is a key element as it gives the toilet paper holder stability. Large bases can be a trip hazard, so a weighted base is preferable. Additionally, a padded rubber bottom will protect the floor and prevent the holder from sliding around.


The air in bathrooms is usually quite moist, so toilet paper holders must have non-corrosive materials. Stainless steel doesn't rust or scratch easily, making it a good choice for modern bathrooms. Bronze is also naturally resistant to corrosion and suits more traditional bathroom decor.

How much you can expect to spend on a free standing toilet paper holder

Free-standing toilet paper holders are relatively inexpensive, with many stylish options costing under $20. For one made from high-quality metal with plenty of storage, expect to pay up to $60.

Free standing toilet paper holder FAQ

Which side of the toilet should the toilet paper holder be positioned?

A. There is no specific rule for this. However, it is generally understood that it should be on the right for right-handed people and for lefties on the left. The beauty of a free-standing option is you can put it wherever feels most comfortable.

Are free standing toilet paper holders all the same height?

A. No, they aren't. The standard height for a wall-mounted toilet roll holder is 26 inches. Depending on the design, free-standing options can range from 16 to 36 inches in height. 

Is a free standing toilet paper holder suitable for a small bathroom?

A. While many freestanding models are relatively large, some options are ideal for smaller bathrooms. The toilet is often very close to the wall in compact bathrooms, so a freestanding toilet holder may be a better choice than a wall-mounted one.

What’s the best free standing toilet paper holder to buy?

Top free standing toilet paper holder

Gatco Square Base Holder with Storage

What you need to know: This pedestal-style toilet paper holder has a contemporary design and an elegant satin nickel finish.

What you’ll love: It has storage space for up to three extra toilet rolls and a weighted base for stability. 

What you should consider: It requires some minor assembly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top free standing toilet paper holder for the money

iDesign Orbinni Toilet Tissue Organizer Caddy

What you need to know: This chrome-plated toilet paper holder has a stylish, squiggle design. It can hold up to five rolls of paper.

What you’ll love: It is durably made from high-quality steel and has a slim design, making it a good choice for compact bathrooms.

What you should consider: The base isn't weighted, so it may tip over if knocked.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Comfify Yoga Cat Decorative Paper Towel Holder 

What you need to know: This unique-looking toilet paper holder is designed to resemble a cat with the rolls stored on its tail.

What you’ll love: It uses cast iron with either a bronzed or silver finish. You can use it to store both kitchen or toilet paper rolls.

What you should consider: At only 18 inches in height, it’s a little smaller than most.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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