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9 showerheads that make your shower hard to leave

Sometimes a long, hot shower is just what you need. After a stressful workday, a strenuous workout or being outside most of the day, standing under a steady stream of warm water can be therapeutic.

Showerheads come in many styles, with a wide array of spray features that can provide a powerful massage to sore muscles or make it feel like you're standing under a steady rain shower. Some showerheads even have self-cleaning designs that limit mineral buildup or employ antimicrobial technology. Whatever your budget and intended use, there is a showerhead that can turn your shower into a spa experience.

In this article: Moen Two-Function Rain Shower ShowerheadKohler Forte Single Function Showerhead and NearMoon Rain Showerhead.

Mounted vs. handheld showerhead

Showerheads are either mounted or come with a handheld showerhead:

  • Mounted showerheads last longer and require less maintenance, but use more water and are more expensive.
  • Handheld showerheads have more choices for consumers while conserving more water and costing less than mounted versions. They tend to have a shorter life, though.

For a slightly higher price, you can consider a combination style that includes both a mounted and a handheld head. This provides greater versatility.

What are the showerhead styles?

There are four main styles of showerheads:

  • Single-setting showerheads are basic on-and-off models with one outflow.
  • Multi-setting showerheads, like most of those made today, have a wide array of choices to select from, ranging from powerful, massaging force to gentle rain and rinsing or even misting.
  • Rainfall showerheads have extra-large heads that drop water softly like rain. They have less pressure but usually cover the entire body at once.
  • Low-flow showerheads are designed to use a small amount of water to help with conservation and can lower your energy costs. Most low-flow models still have significant pressure, but they may not be as forceful as showerheads designed to massage or provide extra force.

What are the different nozzles?

Showerheads with metal nozzles are prone to mineral buildup and attract more bacteria over time. Heads with nodules made from rubber, plastic or silicone are better at keeping limescale from forming quickly.

Some models come with a filter for the incoming water or even anti-microbial technology to keep bacteria and mildew at bay. Filtered showerheads do need the filter replaced periodically.

Showerhead installation basics

Most showerheads are simple to install. They have easy-to-follow directions and include Teflon tape and small tools that may be required. You may need to consider a plumbing professional if your bathroom has non-standard pipes or your current showerhead has been leaking.

Best showerheads

Moen Velocity Two-Function Rain Shower Showerhead

This stylish showerhead has a chrome finish and Moen's Immersion rain shower technology with extra spray power. The extra-large 8-inch showerhead has two function levels: concentrated rinse and full rain shower. There is a single-lever control.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Kohler Forte Single-Function Showerhead

This stylish showerhead saves water with a 2-gallon-per-minute flow rate and Catalyst air induction technology that makes larger drops. The spray face is mineral-resistant and cleans easily. It comes in many attractive finishes.

Sold by Amazon

NearMoon Rain Showerhead

This extra-thin stainless steel showerhead is rust-resistant. It has a large 12-inch square shower face. It is designed to self-clean with high-grade silicone nozzles. It's easy to install and adjust.

Sold by Amazon

Speakman Signature Icon Anystream Showerhead

This solid brass showerhead has the patented Anystream 360 system to seamlessly transition among three pressure settings. It has patented plungers to increase performance even with low water pressure. Its elegant style fits most bathroom motifs.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Delta HydroRain Two-in-One

This premium showerhead features both a mounted and handheld showerhead for greater versatility. An integrated magnet holds the unit in place. It includes full-body, massage, PowerDrench and shampoo/rinsing settings, and has a trickle feature for shaving that holds the water temperature.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Hotel Spa 6-Spray Rain Showerhead

This luxurious showerhead has a large 5-inch brushed nickel face and six setting options. It has a three-stage water filter that purifies water from chlorine, minerals and other harmful elements and only needs replacement every six to nine months.

Sold by Home Depot

AquaDance Antimicrobial 6-Setting Showerhead

Made with Microban antimicrobial technology, this showerhead prevents the growth of mildew, bacteria and mold. Designed to be clog-free, it's easy to clean while keeping you and your family clean and safe with six settings and a three-zone dial.

Sold by Amazon

Tudoccy 8-Inch Rainfall Showerhead/Handheld Combo

This stylish combination set features an 8-inch-square rainfall showerhead and a nine-spray handheld showerhead with a 4.5-inch face. The ultra-thin design has an 11-inch adjustable extension that fits most bathrooms, with 2 feet of vertical movement.

Sold by Amazon

ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Series 6-Spray Showerhead

This beautiful showerhead has a gold finish that gives it the look of a five-star hotel. The 5-inch spray face has six settings spanning high pressure to light mist. It comes with easy installation instructions and a roll of Teflon tape.

Sold by Amazon

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