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45 relaxing bath bombs that are great after a long day of work

At the end of a long, stressful day, there's nothing like a hot bath to unwind. You can elevate your self-care by adding a bath bomb to the water.

Bath bombs are spherical blends of dry ingredients that fizz and dissolve once they hit warm bathwater. They release nourishing oils, bright colors and scents into your bath. Not only do they offer a  sensory experience, they also cleanse the skin. 

In this article: LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set, Beauty by Earth Organic and Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set and Pure Nature Lux Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set.

What ingredients are in bath bombs? 

All bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) and citric acid, which cause a chemical reaction responsible for the bomb's effervescence. The best bath bombs contain natural oils, such as almond oil and coconut oil, or body butter, such as shea butter and cocoa butter, to condition the skin. 

Bath bombs also contain fragrances, either synthetic or from essential oils, to give your bath water a pleasant, aromatic scent. They contain natural or artificial dyes to color your water too. Some may contain glitter or flower petals as special add-ins.

Best upscale bath bombs

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Containing shea and cocoa butter, these handcrafted bath bombs leave skin feeling supple and soft.

Sold by Amazon

Freida and Joe Inner Calm and Conviction Bath Bomb Collection 

Boxed with a lovely label, these luxurious bath bombs feature a collection of scents for targeted therapeutic and relaxing uses.

Sold by Target

Ouai Chill Pills 

These jasmine-and-rose-scented bath bombs come in the shape of a pill that will calm you down as the jojoba, safflower and hemp seed oil blend soothes your skin.

Sold by Amazon, Target and Sephora

Nubian Heritage Patchouli and Buriti Bath Bombs 

These luxurious, natural bath bombs contain rose petals and leave your skin moisturized and not itchy.

Sold by Amazon

Capri Blue Volcano Bath Bomb

Bring out the big guns after a tough day of work with this powerfully scented bath bomb that will soften your skin with shea butter and coconut oil. 

Sold by Amazon and Sephora

Artnaturals Bath Bombs

Bathers love the pleasant but not overbearing scents of these bombs, which have perfect end-of-day themes, such as Zen and Cozy Night.

Sold by Amazon

Relaxcation Handmade Organic Bath Bombs

These artisanal bath bombs feature three bath salts for muscle relaxation and are beautifully handcrafted with petals and plant bits. 

Sold by Amazon

Mineral Me Bath Bombs with Inspirational Messages

At the end of a tough day, these bath bombs come individually wrapped in an inspirational message to cheer you on. The organic aromatherapy scent is lovely, and the oils leave skin feeling soft. 

Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

  • This giant bath bomb contains real rose petals (and smells like them too). 
  • Formulated to de-stress, this handcrafted bath bomb contains a relaxing blend of essential oils. 
  • This galactic bath bomb looks awesome and leaves you with a hidden treasure after it fizzes out. 
  • These luxurious bath bombs are perfect for a spa-like experience. 
  • This bath bomb set comes with two scented candles to help you unwind at the end of the day. 
  • If you're looking to relieve sore muscles, aches and pains, these therapeutic bath bombs will help you recover after a strenuous day. 
  • Mr. Bomb bath bombs relieve stress from physical or mental overexertion and appeal to men. 
  • This displayable basket of bath bombs features starfish, heart, flower and spherical bombs. 
  • This adorable bathtub of bombs features five great scents and real flower petals. 
  • These gorgeous bath bombs are a delight at the end of a long day and safe for your skin. 

Bath bombs for sensitive skin

Beauty by Earth Organic and Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set

Made with organic all-natural ingredients, these bath bombs are free of dye and artificial fragrance, making them a good pick for bathers with sensitive skin.

Sold by Amazon

Dr. Hempster Natural Bath Bomb Gift Set 

Infused with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, these therapeutic bath bombs soothe sore muscles and relieve fatigue. They also contain coconut oil to hydrate the skin.

Sold by Amazon

Dove Milk Swirls Lavender and Honey Macaroon Bath Bombs

These sulfate-free moisturizing bath bombs are gentle yet effective in cleansing the skin and leaving it feeling soft.

Sold by Amazon

FridaBaby Natural Vapor Bath Bombs

You don't need to be a baby to enjoy these bath bombs formulated for sensitive skin that release vapor for sleepy time. 

Sold by Amazon

Prima Unwind Bath Gem Effervescent Mineral Soaks

These CBD-infused bath soaks are cube-shaped and naturally aid relaxation with their plant-based ingredients, including skin-soothing hemp extract as well as Epsom salts. 

Sold by Sephora

Nature's Beauty Oatmeal Fragrance-Free Bath Bombs

A rarity, these bath bombs formulated for people with highly sensitive skin and eczema don't contain any fragrance, including essential oils. The oatmeal in them soothes irritated, dry skin. 

Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

  • If you're looking to gift bath bombs, and keep some for yourself, these organic bombs come in a set of four gift boxes. 
  • These milky bath bombs are free from artificial dyes and help you unwind with their light lavender scent. 
  • These dye-free bath bombs don't contain any artificial fragrance, just essential oils.
  • These beautifully packaged hypoallergenic bath bombs feature muscle-tension-relieving salts and beneficial aromatherapy. 
  • If you have trouble sleeping, these melatonin bath bombs are infused with that natural sleep aid as well as chamomile. 
  • This rainbow-colored unicorn bomb is formulated with only five ingredients and contains a hidden treasure. 
  • Dr. Teal's dye-free bath bombs contain not only what the brand is known for, Epsom salts, but also skin-friendly coconut oil to nourish the skin.

Best bath bombs for the money

Pure Nature Lux Spa Bath Bombs Gift Set

This extra-large bath bombs set is affordable and includes ones for stress release as well as classic scents, such as vanilla.

Sold by Amazon

Nagaliving Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set

With a count of 50, this deluxe set will last you months and is a great value. Plus, they don't stain the tub. 

Sold by Amazon

Marvelous Essentials Bath Bomb Gift Set 

Each of these 24 bath bombs comes with a unique scent, such as bergamot lemon and sandalwood rose. Your skin will feel so hydrated after your soak, you won't need lotion.

Sold by Amazon

Majestic Pure Bath Bombs for Men and Women 

These fizzy treats come in three scents to relax and energize you and one vibrant blue color.

Sold by Amazon

Dr. Teal's Ultra Moisturizing Bath Bombs in Eucalyptus 

Add Epsom salts to your bath with these eucalyptus-infused bath bombs designed to relieve aches and pains.

Sold by Amazon

LotFancy Bath Bombs 

Each bomb in this 12-pack is individually scented with an essential oil. The colors are vibrant, and people with sensitive skin enjoy these bombs without irritation. 

Sold by Amazon

HanZa Bath Bombs

Each of the eight bath fizzies has a description, such as Relax or Heal, and all smell amazing. Their simple, natural ingredients make your water feel soft and silky. 

Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

  • Releasing a spring scent of cherry blossoms, these pink bath bombs help you relax and leave your skin feeling silky.
  • This 12-pack offers a dozen scents and colors, and it nourishes your skin with vitamin-rich body butters. 
  • This bonus set of bombs comes with three candle tins so you can create an atmosphere of total relaxation as you soak your cares away.
  • These glitter-infused bath bombs receive high praise for their scent and moisturizing properties.
  • These dessert-shaped bath bombs contain skin-nourishing ingredients to soften your skin and smell good enough to eat.
  • For pure aromatherapy bath bombs, this value pack of 36 offers a choice of six popular essential oil scents. 
  • The detoxifying bath bombs help draw out impurities with orange ginger flavor. 


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