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Best Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty

What's the best Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty?

Nailtopia is a bright nail care line created in 2020 by Beauty Partners, an inclusive and innovative indie company. Nailtopia provides a vegan alternative to nail products, with formulas that are free from the harsh chemicals often found in non-vegan nail polish. The line has a range of plant-based products with colors to match it, from vibrant hues to more mellow and neutral tones.

If you're looking for a nail product that will last for days and remain just as beautiful, Nailtopia's Plant-Based, Bio-Sourced, Chip Free Nail Lacquer is the best choice. 

What to know before you buy a Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty

Plant-based formula 

Nailtopia is a 100% vegan and nontoxic brand. Ingredients like corn, wheat and potato replace the synthetic chemicals in regular nail lacquers that may damage the nails when used excessively. The plant-based ingredients and extracts create a formula that is eco-friendly, breathable and long-lasting.

Bio-sourced manufacturing 

Nailtopia claims to be 85% bio-sourced as opposed to most nail lacquers that are just about 10% bio-sourced. This means that the ingredients used in manufacturing are extracted from renewable biomass (plants, bacteria and fungi). This is a greener and cleaner production method and is much better for the environment. 


With over 60 shades of nail colors, there's enough to choose from and also mix and match. Some of the polish also comes in sets called "2 Bottles, 3 Looks" that allow you to experiment with two different shades and create a third new look. 

What to look for in a quality Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty


The brand's unique formula offers a long-lasting, chip-free nail polish. After application, you can enjoy a beautiful manicure or pedicure with Nailtopia color for about 15 days without any ugly chips at the edges or tops of your nails. The length of wear is also strengthened by using a top coat. 

Nail-strengthening ingredients  

Free of harsh ingredients that can damage your nails, Nailtopia products are packed with superfoods such as raspberry, orange, blueberry and spinach. It also contains alpha-hydroxy and poly-hydroxy acids, which help absorb vitamins into your nails and cuticles to strengthen and condition them. 

Trend alerts 

When it comes to nail polish color, trends come and go with the seasons. Nailtopia selects 11 trending shades every season to spruce up your manicure and keep you looking fresh and stylish. The colors are switched out every season, so make sure you grab all the colors you love before they're switched out. 

How much you can expect to spend on Nailtopia products on Ulta Beauty

For the smallest to medium-size single products, prices range from $1.25-$13. Bundles go up to $30.

Nailtopia products on Ulta Beauty FAQ

Is Nailtopia polish breathable?

A. Yes, plant-based polishes are healthier and more breathable than regular, chemical-based nail polish. 

Where can I buy Nailtopia products? 

A. Nailtopia products are available on the Nailtopia website and Ulta Beauty.

How long does it take for nail polish to dry?

A. For the best results, allow at least 15 minutes for nail polish to dry.

How do you remove Nailtopia polish? 

A. Soak a cotton ball with Nailtopia nail polish remover (or any remover), press it against your nails and wipe off until all the polish is gone. 

Tips to always get a perfect manicure 

  • Always start off with clean nails. Use a polish remover to clean any old polish or dirt on your nails.  
  • If you need to, clip, file and buff your nails to prep them for the nail polish. 
  • Prep your cuticles with a cuticle revitalizer or cuticle oil and push them back with a cuticle stick. 
  • Exfoliate your hands with a scrub to remove any dead skin cells. Moisturize your hands afterward. This step is optional but adds to the overall beauty of your nails. 
  • Apply a layer of base coat and wait for it to dry.
  • Apply one to three coats of your nail polish. The number of coats depends on how sheer or opaque you want the color to be. 
  • Apply a top coat and let your polish dry. 

What's the best Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty to buy?

Top Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty

Nailtopia Plant-Based, Bio-Sourced, Chip-Free Nail Lacquer

What you need to know: This vegan nail polish comes in over 65 different shades and doesn't contain any ingredients that damage your nails. 

What you'll love: The chip-free and nontoxic formula contains superfood extracts that promote healthy, strong, conditioned nails and cuticles. It is long-lasting and easy to apply. With a wide range of shades, it's easy to experiment, mix, and match. 

What you should consider: Because the formula is thin, you'll need to apply two to three coats if you want a more opaque look. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Top Nailtopia product on Ulta Beauty for the money

Nailtopia Spinach Nail Strengthener

What you need to know: This product is made for weak and damaged nails, and helps strengthen and protect your nails and cuticles. 

What you'll love: This strengthener is packed with spinach and other vitamins that promote healthy nails and cuticles. The ingredients are for strengthening, protection and conditioning. It is a great treatment for tired, dry, or cracked nails. 

What you should consider: Make sure you allow enough time for the product to dry after application so that it is properly absorbed into your nails. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out

Nailtopia Ultimate Wear Top Coat

What you need to know: This plant-based top coat adds a natural shine and uses natural light to give a gel-like appearance without a UV lamp.

What you'll love: This top coat contains superfood extracts and antioxidants that protect the nails and nourish them. Its ingredients also extend nail polish wear time up to 14 days, ensuring beautiful chip-free polish. It is fast drying and suitable for any age. 

What you should consider: The formula is thin and may flood your cuticles if you don't apply it carefully. 

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty


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