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The best travel makeup bag

Which travel makeup bag is best? 

Travel is a trend that never goes out of style. It is all about convenience, and a makeup bag that travelers can depend on to safely and efficiently store beauty products is vital. When purchasing a makeup bag for travel, consider compartments, size, handle/hanger features and how much makeup you will need to bring on your trip. 

A top choice, the Sephora Collection Nested Organizer Duo is a favorite among many due to its durable construction, simple look and double-compartment design.

What to know before you buy a travel makeup bag 


When purchasing a makeup bag for travel, decide how much makeup you will be packing. Foundations and makeup brushes can take up more space than expected. When traveling, it is important that everything fits securely in the bag, for convenience and tidiness. Some larger bags feature multiple pockets so that users can keep their makeup products organized, separated and clean. 


A good makeup bag will be made with material durable enough to provide long-lasting convenience when traveling. A few brands will feature extra padding to maintain the shape of the bag and help organize your products. Material that is lightweight for easy storage during travel is ideal, as long as it also does not easily tear or mold. When purchasing a makeup bag for travel, consider a waterproof option. This will ensure the cleanliness of the bag and its contents no matter where you travel. 


Some makeup bags feature padded square designs that keep the contents organized with various pockets and compartments. Others feature removable compartments to store damp makeup products. When choosing a makeup bag design, consider what products and how many products you will need to store in the bag, and where you will store the bag itself. 

Travel makeup bag features 


Makeup bags with removable compartments make it easier to keep everything stored to your specifications. A few brands of makeup bags provide adjustable compartments that can be zipped or Velcroed off to the side if not desired. Consider purchasing a bag with removable compartments so that you can choose which product goes where in your bag. 


A good makeup bag for travel will feature a handle for convenient carrying. A flexible handle will come in handy if you need to fit your makeup bag into a tight space. Some handles can be used for multipurpose carrying and transform into a long strap. 


When buying a makeup bag for travel, consider a hanging model, which will make it easy to store your makeup bag once you get to your destination. Hanging up your makeup bag also makes it easier to compartmentalize all of your products as they are laid out. Makeup bags with a hanger typically feature multiple see-through pockets, which make finding your makeup quicker and more convenient. 

Travel makeup bag cost 

Shoppers on a budget will find travel makeup bags between $10-$25, while bags in the $30-$40 range will offer durable designs and multiple compartments. Premium makeup bags that include all of the best features and accessories are between $45-$60. 

Travel makeup bag FAQ 

Can I use toiletry bags as makeup bags when I travel? 

A. Toiletry bags can also be used as makeup bags. Bags that are intended for toiletries provide more space than the average storage bag designed for beauty products. 

How often should you clean out your makeup bag and its contents? 

A. Users should clean their bags after every trip. In general, a makeup bag should be cleaned once every two or three weeks to ensure that its contents are clean and sanitary enough to be used on the skin. Makeup brushes and beauty blenders should be cleaned once a week to keep unnecessary bacteria away from the skin. 

Which travel makeup bag should I get? 

Best of the best travel makeup bag  

Sephora Collection Nested Organizer Duo 

Our take: What it is: This two-in-one makeup bag includes inner compartments that make it easy to organize your products while keeping them accessible. 

What we like: It is easy to clean and provides convenient storage with deep pockets and see-through pouches. 

What to consider: Some users have reported the zipper catching often and the flimsy make of a few pouches.  

Where to buy: Sephora

Best bang for your buck travel makeup bag 

BagSmart Toiletry Travel Bag 

Our take: This large bag features four separate compartments with zip and back open Inner main pockets and elastic straps to hold beauty tools upright.

What we like: It has a double zipper and transparent sides for providing a clear overview of contents. This item features a 360-degree swivel non-slip metal hook, and the handle doubles as a carrying strap. 

What to consider: This product gets dirty easily and can be too small for convenience unless buyers purchase a larger size. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Honorable mention 

Femme Fatale Total Tote

Our take: This travel makeup bag features a removable mirror, pockets and pouches, an elastic band storage and a removable divider. 

What we like: This bag has a stylish exterior and multiple compartments. It includes one removable bag that can snap in or out.

What to consider: This bag has been shipped in different styles without warning.

Where to buy: Ulta


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