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Best bikini trimmer

Which bikini trimmer is best?

The right bikini trimmer makes it easy and efficient to get a neat look and avoid irritation and bumps. Whether you're looking to remove a little hair before you head to the beach or going for a full Brazilian, you have multiple options for bikini trimmers.

Certain bikini trimmers are known for being tough on sensitive skin. With the right prep and the right bikini trimmer, however, you can say goodbye to red bumps and feel confident that your bikini line is smooth and irritation-free.

Bikini shavers should offer a close shave, agile design and safety guards to avoid nicking skin. For a bikini trimmer that does it all, the Remington WPG4050 Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Groomer is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a bikini trimmer

Battery-powered bikini trimmers

Battery-powered bikini trimmers are small electric razors with attachments for shaving your bikini area. They're designed for precision and quick, easy shaving.

Battery-powered bikini trimmers are safe to use on curves and delicate areas and you also can use them to remove facial hair. They don't, however, get you the closest possible shave.

Bikini electric trimmers

Electric razors with bikini shavers offer an array of attachments for all areas of your body, such as your legs, underarms and bikini line.

Electric shavers are a versatile option but they can be a bit bulkier than other bikini trimmers, and you may struggle to shave hard-to-reach areas. They're also known for not providing the closest shave.

Disposable bikini trimmers

Disposable bikini trimmers are akin to the disposable razors many people already use for hair removal in the shower. The major difference is that these trimmers feature a streamlined design with extra moisture strips and a curved head to clean up the bikini line without causing irritation or nicks.

Disposable bikini trimmers are inexpensive and provide a very close shave. However, they're not as economical as electric and battery-powered trimmers because they need to be frequently replaced. They're also likelier to cause accidental cuts or razor burn.


Epilators typically feature two attachments: a shaver head designed to shave sensitive areas, and a head that features a spinning disk or tweezers. The tweezer head quickly and efficiently plucks out many hairs at once. This can be painful and takes some time to adjust to, but it's a popular choice for many consumers because it leads to smooth skin, less stubble and slower regrowth.

What to look for in a quality bikini trimmer

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin and have been shaving your bikini line with regular disposable razors, you're likely searching for an option that won't damage your skin and leave you with bumps and discomfort. Select a high-quality trimmer designed for sensitive skin.

Close shave 

Some bikini trimmers offer a closer shave than others. Generally speaking, to entirely remove hair without stubble, epilators are a good choice, but they're usually a bit painful to use and not typically recommended for beginners.

The next closest shave will come with a disposable bikini trimmer. Some electric and battery-powered trimmers also claim to offer a close shave. While it won't be as close as the shave offered by a disposable trimmer, you're less likely to experience bumps and irritation if you use an electric or battery-powered trimmer.

Versatile heads

Many electric razors come with multiple attachments you can swap out to shave various body parts, such as your bikini line, legs, armpits and face. If you want the convenience of versatility, select a trimmer with a comprehensive range of heads.


Shaving in the shower or tub is a priority for many, but some trimmers aren't safe to use in wet conditions. If you want to use your trimmer in water, look for a model specifically indicated to be waterproof.

How much you can expect to spend on a bikini trimmer

Bikini trimmers cost $5-$40. At the low end are disposable bikini trimmers. For $10-$20, expect electric and battery-powered trimmers with multiple attachments. At $20 and above, expect high-quality trimmers and epilators with multiple attachments and additional features, such as exfoliators.

Bikini trimmer FAQ

Can you use your bikini trimmer in the shower?

A. Never use your electric trimmer in the shower or tub unless the manufacturer specifically states that it's safe to do so. Disposable bikini trimmers are safe to use in the shower.

Can you use a bikini trimmer without shaving cream or gel?

A. Always use shaving cream or gel with a disposable bikini trimmer. It isn't always necessary to use shaving cream with a waterproof electric trimmer, but the lubrication and moisture provided by shaving cream or gel make shaving less likely to cause irritation.

What's the best bikini trimmer to buy?

Top bikini trimmer

Remington WPG4050 Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Groomer

What you need to know: This is a versatile, five-piece bikini trimming kit with attachments for grooming, shaving and exfoliating all over your body.

What you'll love: A rechargeable shaving kit with comprehensive attachments, it works well for difficult-to-reach places. You can use it in the shower. It includes exfoliators to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs.

What you should consider: While this grooming kit is designed for sensitive skin, some customers have reported irritation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bikini trimmer for the money

Clio Palmperfect Bikini Trimmer

What you need to know: This is a surprisingly effective dual-blade bikini shaver at a budget price.

What you'll love: A portable bikini trimmer that shaves close and efficiently, it consistently receives high reviews from customers who are happy with the high-quality shave of this budget product.

What you should consider: This shaver can't be used in water. Some customers have experienced irritation when using this product.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer

What you need to know: It is an easy-to-use and well-priced bikini trimmer designed for grooming sensitive and hard-to-reach spaces.

What you'll love: Highly rated for being user-friendly, effective and straightforward to use, it includes a cleaning brush to easily clean the head. It is intended for use on delicate areas.

What you should consider: It is louder than some other electric trimmers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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