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Simple solutions for dry winter hair

Which solutions for dry winter hair are best?

You’ve likely noticed that the colder temperatures and drier air strip moisture from your locks and perhaps even leave you with a flat, damaged or frizzy disaster. Everything from your typical shower routine to your favorite winter outerwear can contribute to a less-than-ideal hairdo. 

Winter certainly has its upsides, but it does nothing good for the state of your hair. Here, you’ll find all the tips, tricks and must-haves to keep your hair alive and thriving in the depths of winter.

Switch up your shower routine

When the weather outside is frightful, the temptation to take a hot steamy shower is nearly irresistible. However, as comforting as it can be, the heat does more harm than good to your hair. Hot water leads to split ends, frizz and breakage — symptoms amplified by the dry winter conditions.

Verb Ghost Conditioner

The frequency with which you wash your hair should dramatically decrease during colder months. Instead, shift your focus to regular conditioning. For daily use, this lightweight conditioner will leave you with silky hair that’s easier to comb through, so you won’t be pulling out clumps of hair every time you brush.

Sold by Ulta Beauty, Amazon and Sephora

ORS HAIRestore Hair Mayonnaise

Apply a deep conditioner roughly once a week for long-lasting shine and stronger hair. Something like this hair mayonnaise is simple to apply and works to repair hair from root to tip.

Sold by Amazon

Redken Extreme CAT Anti-Damage Protein Reconstructing Rinse-Off Treatment

You can use this right in the shower when you're in a hurry. Simply spray it on, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off. This spray penetrates deeply to repair damaged hair from the cuticle.

Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon 

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt

On days when you really do need to shampoo, look for a product that exfoliates your scalp. Dandruff is more likely to rear its head in the winter, and the natural sea salt in this scrub shampoo combo helps keep the white flakes at bay.

Sold by Amazon

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

If you’re looking for relief from a highly irritated scalp, the peppermint and tea tree oil in this exfoliating shampoo will give you just what you’re looking for.

Sold by Ulta Beauty, Sephora and Amazon 

Oil is your new best friend

If some type of oil isn’t already an integral part of your hair-care arsenal, winter is definitely the time to add it. Crisp winter conditions can strip hair of its natural oils, which can lead to an itchy, flaky scalp.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt

To make up the difference, try applying a heavy oil like this one made of 100% organic and unrefined coconut oil. It also has a plethora of other uses, including as a body moisturizer and makeup remover, so you’ll get plenty of use from it.

Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon 

SheaMoisture 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This product adds a protective barrier between your hair and the cold, and it goes a long way in preventing dandruff.

Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon 

Splurge on a natural-bristle hairbrush

Natural bristle brushes, often made from boar hair, work to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils from root to tip, leaving you with shinier, healthier hair overall.

Wigo Cushion 100% Boar Bristle Brush

This is one of the softest natural bristle brushes available and has a simple yet durable wood base. 

Sold by Ulta Beauty and Amazon 

OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil

In the winter, when your hair’s natural oils may be lacking, adding a spritz of argan oil to the bristles can go a long way in maintaining that glossy shine.

Sold by Amazon

Shy away from heated styling tools

It’s no secret that heat isn’t good for hair. This is especially true during the winter. However, it is equally damaging to head out into the cold dry air while your hair is still wet. So what’s the solution?

Aquis Original Hair Turban

Toss your bath towels and hair dryers to the side. Instead, reach for a gentle microfiber towel wrap. Unlike regular bath towels, these ultrasoft towels wrap gently around your head without pulling or breaking strands and take hair from wet to damp quicker than a regular towel. The lack of heat means no frizz and a noticeable reduction in split ends.

Sold by Amazon 

You don’t always have the time to lounge around the house and leisurely towel dry your hair. On days when you have to get out the door quickly, it is always better to go out with dried hair.

T3 AireLuxe Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

For safer and more time-efficient blow-drying, opt for an ionic hair dryer like this. It’s an updated model by a top brand that offers three speeds and five heat settings for customizable drying and styling. 

Sold by Amazon, Sephora and Ulta Beauty

Stick to your natural color

If you’re someone who frequently bleaches their hair, winter might be the time to come back to the dark side. In already nonideal weather conditions, regularly bleaching your hair can be more damaging than usual. Dark hair, on the other hand, requires less-frequent touch-ups and is far easier to maintain.

The Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier Leave-In Conditioner 

This is a saving grace for anyone with colored hair. Not only does it keep your treated hair shiny and hydrated, but it prevents the color from fading out too quickly as well.

Sold by Amazon and Sephora

More than just hair care products

Clearly, there is no shortage of brittle hair solutions on the market. But protecting your locks from harsh winter effects goes far beyond the hair-care aisle at your local drug or beauty store.

Meili & Grace Anti-Aging 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Meili & Grace

A pillowcase like this will significantly reduce the amount of breakage and hair shedding often experienced in the colder months. As a bonus, you can say goodbye to wrinkles and bedhead, too.

Sold by Amazon

YANIBEST Satin Lined Beanie

If you wear a beanie to add warmth in the winter, you may want to consider one that’s lined with satin. This soft, silky material is gentle on locks, which helps keep hair looking its best when the weather is cold, and it’s a good idea to wear a hat. 

Sold by Amazon

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