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Best Wet Brush

Which Wet Brushes are best? 

Wet Brush is a popular brand of brushes that are designed with flexible bristles and ventilated paddles to detangle hair and are gentle on your scalp. They are created with features that prevent split ends and are safe for all hair types. If you are looking for a brush that dries your hair quickly without causing damage and features a gripped handle for control, the Wet Brush Epic Professional Quick Dry is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a Wet Brush 

Paddle size 

The paddle size complements the thickness of your hair. If you have thin hair, you should opt for brushes with smaller paddles. Those with medium and thick hair pair best with wide paddles that contain many bristles. 


Intelliflex bristles are paired with synthetic or boar bristles to smooth and detangle your hair. A large number of bristles is recommended for those with thick hair, while limited bristles work for thin, damaged or color-treated hair. 

Dry time 

Because they are ventilated, they allow you to dry your hair quickly. Instead of being padded, there are patterned slits on the paddle where the air from your hairdryer blows through, reaching more hair in a shorter amount of time. 

What to look for in a quality Wet Brush 


Many of these brushes are designed to fit your palm and feature an added grip that gives greater control when brushing. Depending on the material, the grip also prevents your hand from cramping or being uncomfortable while drying your hair. 


The combination of ventilation and IntelliFlex bristles causes the hair follicles to look shiny when dried and brushed out. They spread out oil giving the hair a glossy look and do not leave ends brittle and split. 


They claim to be detangling, but some are better than others. This depends on your hair type. If the right product is paired with your hair type and you brush your hair gently and slowly, it detangles without pulling out your hair. 


Ordinary brushes are hard and bring pain to the scalp. The bristles on these brushes are dull and flexible to prevent sensitive scalps from experiencing pain. Hard bristles tear apart the hair follicles instead of bringing circulation to the scalp. 


If you like to coordinate all your beauty products, opt for a Wet Brush that gives you many colors to choose from. This helps you to differentiate your brush on the go and to select one that is your style. 

Handle hole

If there is a hole in the bottom of the handle, you can hang it to store it. Some handles are shaped like hooks and allow you to hang them on a towel rack or door handle. This will free up space on your countertop and vanity. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Wet Brush 

Wet Brushes are priced around $10-$25 depending on the size, paddle qualities and grip features. 


  • Clean it out regularly with a brush cleaner to prevent product build up and dust mites. 
  • Pat your hair damp before going through it with a brush after you bathe. 
  • When detangling, you should stand at your ends and work your way up to your scalp. 
  • Exfoliate your scalp to stimulate blood flow and hair growth, but do not brush your hair often. Every time you brush you inevitably pull out some hair. 

Wet Brush FAQ

Should I only use a Wet Brush for wet hair? 

A. No. It is used on both wet and dry hair. It is known for drying wet hair quickly and smoothing out dry hair. 

Does it reduce frizz and static? 

A. Those made with more ventilation and fewer bristles reduce the look of frizz and static. Normal brushes overly dry the hair making it look brittle, while Wet Brushes smooth it down. 

Do Wet Brushes work best with a specific hair type? 

A. They are designed to comply with all hair types. 

Are they safe for color-treated hair? 

A. They work best for those with hair that has been treated or damaged because of their anti-breakage qualities. Color-treated hair does not respond well to heat and these brushes require less heat to dry the hair. 

What’s the best Wet Brush to buy?

Top Wet Brush

Wet Brush Epic Professional Quick Dry 

What you need to know: It dries hair quickly using a ventilated design that detangles without breaking your hair.  

What you’ll love: The handle is made with a grip for control while brushing and the bristles are heat-resistant to prevent split ends and stop your hair from burning. It is gentle on your scalp and benefits all hair types. 

What you should consider: The bristles bend under high heat exposure and those with chemically treated hair do not notice as much detangling. 

Where to buy: Ulta Beauty and Amazon

Top Wet Brush for the money

Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer Brush

What you need to know: It detangles and brings shine to hair and the paddle is the perfect size for all hair types. 

What you’ll love: It is available in a few colors and is made with a gripped handle. The bristles are natural and soft and protect your hair from breakage. 

What you should consider: Some have experienced the bristles falling out when brushing and it is harder to comb through wet hair. 

Where to buy: Ulta Beauty and Amazon

Worth checking out

Wet Brush Epic Professional Deluxe Shine

What you need to know: It detangles all types of hair, adds shine and does not bring pain to those with tender scalps. 

What you’ll love: The size of the paddles makes it easier to add volume to any hairstyle and it does not pull out damaged hair. It helps fight off frizz. 

What you should consider: The handle is not sturdy and the brush is not easy to clean. The paddle is too big for ultra-thin hair types. 

Where to buy: Ulta Beauty and Amazon


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