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Best cologne for teens

Which colognes for teens are best?

Giving a starter cologne for teens to your child can both help them smell nicer and be an important step for them toward adulthood. Finding the right cologne scent for your teen will help them define their sense of style and self. The Pure Instinct Cologne for Teens is a stellar cologne for teens.

What to know before you buy a cologne for teens

Choosing a scent

You might want to surprise your teen with a gifted bottle of cologne, but they probably have a strong preference either for or against particular scents, due to their personal taste in fragrances. Fragrances truly come down to an individual’s preference, so you should get a sense of the kinds of scents your teenager prefers before buying a bottle of cologne for them.

Cologne for teens

Unless your teen goes to a school where colognes and fragrances are strictly prohibited or controlled, buying cologne for a teen is a great idea. An excellent cologne can make a huge difference in the hygiene of your teen and add a wonderful aromatic element to their daily hygiene routine.

Cologne vs. perfume

Cologne was traditionally understood to be sold exclusively to men, while perfume was made exclusively for women, but this is not wholly accurate. Cologne is actually a kind of fragrance made with less distilled perfume oil than actual perfume, so it doesn’t last as long and is usually slightly lighter.

There are some excellent options when it comes to both cologne and perfume. Cologne might have some scents, including musk or sandalwood, that could be read as more masculine smells, but there’s no reason that teens or adults of any gender can’t enjoy using cologne.

What to look for in a quality cologne for teens

Top notes

The top note is the first thing that your teen and everyone else smells when they are wearing cologne. The most popular top notes in colognes for teens include herbs, such as lavender or sage, and citrus, including verbena, bergamot or lemon. These are the first scents to hit your teen’s nose but the fastest to fade when the cologne is applied.

Middle notes

The middle notes of the cologne are notes in the middle layer that last a moderate amount of time as compared to the base or top notes. These middle notes typically include ingredients like coriander, nutmeg or ylang ylang.

Base notes

The base notes of the cologne are the most lasting notes at the bottom of the cologne. These base notes include sandalwood or musk, which are hearty scents that last for a long time and hit low.

How much you can expect to spend on cologne for teens

Cologne for teens ranges in price from about $5-$50, depending on the ingredients, quality and features of the cologne.

Cologne for teens FAQ

When can your teenager begin wearing cologne?

A. There is no hard and fast rule about when kids or teenagers can start wearing cologne, but typically, the onset of puberty is an excellent time to think about using a small amount of perfume or cologne, especially on special occasions.

Does your teen need to wear cologne as part of their hygiene routine?

A. No, your teen doesn’t need to wear cologne as an essential part of their hygiene routine. That being said, your teen could consider wearing a small spritz of cologne on top of their personal hygiene routine. 

Their hygiene routine should include regular showering or bathing, wearing deodorant and changing into new, fresh clothing after getting sweaty or working out. The cologne is simply a nice accent to add a sense of elevation to their normal hygiene routine.

How much cologne should you or your teen apply?

A. You might think the more, the better when it comes to cologne or perfume, but a good rule of thumb for the application of cologne or other fragrances is actually that less is more. 

If you apply more than 2-3 spritzes of cologne on your body, it might lead to an overwhelming smell and cause you or people around you to get a headache. And keep in mind that you can always add more cologne later on when it’s time to refresh your fragrance.

What’s the best cologne for teens to buy?

Top cologne for teens

Pure Instinct Cologne for Teens

What you need to know: This cologne for teens features a light fragrance and a slender design that makes it a perfect option for people on the go.

What you’ll love: This portable product is simple to use and comes with a slender, roll-on design and a light, fruity scent with musky and cinnamon undertones. The cologne is perfect for those who are constantly on the move.

What you should consider: This cologne roller can be hard to use on particular fabrics.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cologne for teens for the money

Adidas Team Five Special Edition

What you need to know: This bargain pick product has a citrus scent and an affordable price that make it a steal for bargain hunters.

What you’ll love: This long lasting and portable cologne is easy to use and has a light citrus scent with musk undertones. The cologne comes in a simple spray form and contains about 100 milliliters in the bottle. 

What you should consider: The scent of this cologne might be a little too faint for many teens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Michael Kors Coral Eau de Parfum

What you need to know: This product is the perfect scent for summer with its fruity, woodsy fragrance.

What you’ll love: This cologne for teens is portable and easy to use with a strong scent and notes of sandalwood, musk, cedarwood, ambrox, orange blossom, raspberry, jasmine tea and tuberose.

What you should consider: The scent of this cologne doesn’t last as long as many teens want.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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