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Which beard balm is the best for moisturizing your beard?

Keeping your beard neatly groomed involves more than just trimming it from time to time. If your facial hair has become unruly or brittle and the skin underneath it is itchy, it may be a sign you need a high-quality beard balm to moisturize and get your beard in shape.

Not all beard balms are created equal, though. So if you want a formula that will effectively hydrate your beard, here are the best beard balms for moisturizing and taming facial hair. 

In this article: Striking Viking Beard Balm, Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner and Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm.

What does beard balm do?

Beard balm is a thick, wax-like product that helps moisturize, condition, soften, shape and style your beard. It works like a leave-in conditioner for your facial hair and contains hydrating ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and argan oil. Most formulas have a beeswax base, which locks in moisture to keep your beard and the skin beneath it healthy.   

How do I use beard balm?

You'll usually get the best results if you apply beard balm right after showering or washing your face. Use a beard wash or shampoo to ensure your facial hair is clean, and then remove a pea-sized amount of the balm from the container with your finger. Warm the balm between your fingers to melt it, so it spreads more easily. 

Next, gently run your fingers through your beard to apply the balm. Massage it in well to ensure that all the hair and skin are thoroughly moisturized. If you want to style your beard, use a comb or brush to work the balm in and shape your beard as desired.

Best moisturizing beard balms under $10

Striking Viking Beard Balm

This beard balm features a natural, organic formula with ingredients like shea butter and tea tree, argan and jojoba oils to help hydrate your beard and protect your skin. It also offers excellent styling control without leaving your facial hair greasy or oily. It has a fresh vanilla scent, too.

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Cremo Styling Beard Balm

This beard balm helps shape, tame and style your beard, but it also locks in moisture to keep your facial hair soft and healthy. It contains a blend of beeswax, shea butter and essential oils and features a woodsy forest-inspired scent. 

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Viking Revolution Beard Balm with Argan Oil and Mango Butter

If you're struggling with an itchy beard, this balm can help soothe dry, flaky skin beneath your facial hair. It contains argan oil, jojoba oil, mango butter and beeswax, which moisturize and condition without any greasy residue. It has a delicious mango and citrus scent.

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Best moisturizing beard balms for $10-$15

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner

This all-natural balm is handcrafted in the United States and helps soothe dandruff and beard itch. It also softens coarse hair with ingredients like argan, avocado, almond, pumpkin seed and apricot seed oils. It leaves behind a natural shine.

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Mountaineer Brand Heavy-Duty Beard Balm

This deeply nourishing beard balm moisturizes your beard and soothes dry, itchy skin. It also helps smooth and detangle unruly, coarse hair and features a 100% natural formula. It's ideal for styling facial hair.

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Smooth Viking Beard Balm

This all-natural beard balm offers intense hydration to promote healthy beard growth and soothe dry, itchy skin. It also helps soften your facial hair and provides a strong hold to keep your beard in place.

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Grave Before Shave Beard Balm

This unique beard balm is rich in natural oils and butters, so it delivers intense hydration to your beard and the surrounding skin. It's also versatile, so you can use it as a regular styling product for your hair. 

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Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm

This premium beard balm has a firm texture, but is highly moisturizing and reduces dry skin and flakiness. It contains natural ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil and is made in small batches to ensure it's as fresh as possible. 

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Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Balm Gloss Leave-in Conditioner

This all-natural beard balm features premium Australian ingredients that help moisturize your facial hair and promote healthy beard growth. It also helps soften the hair and soothe irritated skin.  

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Honest Amish Heavy-Duty Beard Balm

This heavy-duty beard balm features a blend of natural oils, butters and essential oils, so it moisturizes, conditions and provides excellent control to tame your beard. It also has a light, crisp scent and offers better hold than Honest Amish's original beard balm.

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Best moisturizing beard balms for $15+

Viking Revolution Beard Balm Variety Pack

This set includes four 1-ounce tins of beard balm in different scents, including sandalwood, pine and cedar, bay rum and clary sage. The balms feature a 100% natural formula with argan oil, mango butter and other ingredients that hydrate and soften your facial hair.

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Striking Viking Beard Balm Variety Pack

If you can't choose a scent for your beard balm, this set contains four: vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood and citrus. They also help nourish and protect your facial hair and skin and offer styling hold for your beard. 

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Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Balm Variety Pack

This beard balm variety set features four scents: unscented, cedarwood, sandalwood and bamboo. They all contain grapeseed oil and vitamin E to moisturize and nourish your beard and skin. They provide excellent styling control without weighing down your facial hair. 

Sold by Amazon

Grave Before Shave Leather/Cedarwood Beard Conditioning Butter

With double the amount of product as other Grave Before Shave formulas, this rich beard balm contains premium oils and butters to moisturize and condition your beard and skin. It doesn't have any beeswax either, so there's no drag when brushing your facial hair.

Sold by Amazon

The Art of Shaving Beard Balm Conditioner

Formulated specifically for beard stubble, this 100% sustainably sourced balm helps moisturize, condition and soften your facial hair. It also soothes the skin, reduces itching and features a natural sandalwood scent. 

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