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Best bathroom wall decor

Which bathroom wall decor is best?

Adding wall decor to your bathroom brings life and relaxation to your space and makes your bathroom feel like an oasis for refreshing and rejuvenating moments. Still, bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to thoughtful decorating. 

There’s an abundance of bathroom wall decor to select from. Before you commit, consider the art’s size, style and ability to stand up to humidity. For an affordable and boho-chic bathroom wall decor option, the Artera Wicker Hanging Natural Woven Seagrass Flat Baskets are a fitting choice.

What to know before you buy bathroom wall decor 


If you choose functional items for your bathroom that look like works of art, you can create a space that embodies your favorite aesthetic without accumulating too much stuff in a small space.

A wall mirror is a functional piece you use to look at yourself, but it can also serve as a design element in your space. For example, many mirrors come with ornate frames or gold finishes. To learn more about picking a bathroom mirror that looks great in your space, read the BestReviews bathroom mirror buying guide. 


When selecting a piece of art for your bathroom, a primary deciding factor is size, which means you should take into consideration the dimensions of your bathroom. If you have a fairly small room, be careful not to pick a piece of art that dominates all of your available wall space. A piece of art too large for a space will make the space feel smaller because its visual weight will overpower the light in the space.

On the other hand, if you select a piece of art too small to fill the wall space where you situate it, it'll look like it's drowning in empty space and lack the charm of an appropriately sized piece of art.

To pick a well-sized piece of art for your bathroom, experiment with various sizes by blocking off space with blue painter’s tape. This will allow you to visualize how a piece of art will actually fit your space. For a well-thought-out, fresh design, try hanging multiple pieces of various sizes in a cluster on the same wall. A small, medium and large set of three prints looks great in a bathroom.


There’s an abundance of bathroom wall art decor to choose from, but only some of it will fit your personal style and the other design elements throughout your space. Get inspired by thinking about what style you like best. 

Contemporary: Bold, contemporary bathroom art makes a modern statement. If this is your ideal style, look for abstract and minimalist prints in neutrals with bold pops of colors like orange and blue.

Classic: Classic art pieces look great in more traditional estates or in rooms with elegant feels and monochrome palettes.

Rustic: In rustic homes, look for natural art pieces in materials such as burlap or woven baskets in bright colors.

Waterproof and heatproof 

Unlike the wall decor you hang in the rest of your home, you can expect your bathroom wall art to occasionally get a little damp. This could be from an accidental splash or simply from the heat and humidity that inevitably hangs in the air in a bathroom post-shower.

To mitigate these concerns, select bathroom wall decor that can stand up to heat and moisture. For instance, many modern canvas prints are treated with a sealant that stands up well to moisture. A glass-framed print is also a good idea, because water can't permeate the glass and damage the artwork.

What to look for in quality bathroom wall decor 

Conducive to relaxation

Your bathroom is a miniature retreat — a space for privacy, taking a deep breath and refreshing yourself. To promote relaxation and rejuvenation in your bathroom, look for bathroom wall decor that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed or interrupted.

Landscape photographs, seascapes and botanical prints are ideal for relaxation. Choose one that makes you feel you've been transported to somewhere serene. 


Abstracts are a timeless favorite bathroom wall decor choice, because they work well in any space and among all types of decor. They also lend themselves well to a relaxing environment. 

When selecting abstract wall decor for your bathroom, look for prints that carry minimal visual weight and that complement other design elements in your space, such as the paint color, shower curtain or sink hardware.

Easy to hang

Selecting bathroom wall decor that includes hooks for easy hanging will make your life much easier. Likewise, consider the material of the wall space where you’re planning to hang your art. If the wall is stone tile, for example, you should work with a professional to ensure you properly drill the hole.

How much you can expect to spend on bathroom wall decor

The sky’s the limit with bathroom wall decor. Expect to spend anywhere from $40 for simple art prints to upwards of $300 for original art pieces in glass frames. 

Bathroom wall decor FAQ

Is it a good idea to hang decor in my bathroom?

A. Absolutely. Your bathroom may be a primarily functional space, but infusing it with your own style makes the space feel thoughtful and more relaxing. Just be sure to select bathroom wall decor that can hold up in humidity.

Where should I hang bathroom wall decor?

A. There are a few different factors that should go into where you hang your bathroom wall decor. Your primary consideration is likely the size of the available wall space. One popular place to hang decor is above the bathtub. If you don’t have a free-standing tub, try hanging the art in a spot where you can easily see it from your shower for a bit of visual interest. Another ideal location for bathroom art is near your sink, where you’ll be able to enjoy it frequently when washing your hands or using your mirror.

What’s the best bathroom wall decor to buy?

Top bathroom wall decor

Artera Wicker Hanging Natural Woven Seagrass Flat Baskets

What you need to know: This is a sophisticated and fun design addition for your bathroom with boho flair.

What you’ll love: These are high-quality, eco-friendly baskets woven by hand from natural seagrass. Each basket includes a wall hanger for easy attachment. Staggering these baskets creates an organic and effortlessly cool aesthetic in your bathroom.

What you should consider: Because these baskets are handwoven, there are some reports of variation in their quality. These baskets don't do well if they get wet with hot water, so don’t hang them anywhere they’re likely to be splashed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top bathroom wall decor for the money

NWT Abstract Framed Wall Art Print Set 

What you need to know: This attractive set of framed art prints features a high-end look and adds style to your bathroom for an affordable price.  

What you’ll love: Your space will have an on-trend, mid-century modern feel with this framed art that adds chicness to your space. This set of framed canvas prints features colors as vibrant in person as they appear on screen. You'll enjoy quality framing and printing with this set.

What you should consider: Some customers report the frames on these prints are a bit fragile. Exercise caution when transporting and handling them to avoid damage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bathroom Decor Canvas, Teal Nautical Prints

What you need to know: These high-gloss, vivid prints bring a bit of whimsy and color to your bathroom.

What you’ll love: This collection of teal nautical prints holds up well in a high-moisture setting, and it adds a glossy and bright addition to your space. Each of these stretched canvas prints comes with hardware attached for fast and easy hanging. 

What you should consider: If you don’t love nautical themes, you won’t find these canvas prints to your taste. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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