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Best nursery night-light

Which nursery night-lights are best?

Nursery night-lights work well for children who are afraid of the dark and people who need to get up in the middle of the night with their tired infant. These nursery night-lights can help make it easier for your infant or child to fall asleep, which can improve the sleep of everyone in the household. The Hatch Sound Machine and Night Light is the perfect nursery night-light for your infant.

What to know before you buy a nursery night-light

Learn about the different kinds of night-lights

There are several different kinds of nursery night-lights out there, including plug-in nursery night-lights, soft nursery night-lights, projection night-lights and portable night-lights. Plug-in nursery night-lights are traditional night-lights attached to a three-pronged or two-pronged plug. 

Soft nursery night-lights are plush toys with dim built-in lights. Projection night-lights shine images, like the stars and moon, onto a bedroom wall or ceiling, and portable night-lights can operate anywhere because they are charged via USB or run on batteries.

Find a nursery night-light that’s cool to the touch

It’s important to find a nursery night-light that’s cool to the touch, especially if you have a toddler. Some nursery night-lights can get very hot, which can burn your toddler or small child’s fingers. If you can’t find a nursery night-light that’s cool to the touch, then you should make sure to unplug it in the morning.

Protect against fire

Choose a cool and low-wattage LED nursery night-light if you are worried about anything catching on fire.

What to look for in a quality nursery night-light


It’s crucial to consider the brightness of the nursery night-light because night-lights that are too bright can disrupt your child’s sleep. Test it out in the dark to see if it’s too bright.

Night-light color

White and blue light can disrupt your child’s sleep because their bodies naturally associate white and blue colors with daytime. That’s why you should select a nursery night-light with a warm tone, like yellow, red or orange. Red light imitates the light that an infant perceives when they’re in the womb, so it can help to buy a soft red nursery night-light for an infant.


Many nursery night-lights come with lampshades, which can add to the decor of the nursery. Lampshades can also help dim the nursery night-light if it’s too bright.

How much you can expect to spend on a nursery night-light

Nursery night-lights range in price from about $4 to $40. The most basic and budget-friendly nursery night-lights cost about $4 to $10, while mid-range nursery night-lights go for $10 to $25 and high-end nursery night-lights vary in price from about $25 to $60. 

Nursery night-light FAQ

Is there a big difference between a night-light for an adult and a nursery night-light for a child?

A. The differences between a night-light for an adult and a nursery night-light for a child mostly come down to the style of the night-light. Nursery night-lights for children typically come in a toy shape or have colorful and playful designs, while night-lights for adults are much simpler and more sophisticated in style.

Are nursery night-lights harmful?

A. Some people think that night-lights are harmful due to the kind of light bulb they use. White and blue light can reduce the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates your sleep. 

If you are concerned about this for your child, you should look for a nursery night-light with a yellow or warm-toned light bulb or a night-light that comes with different color options.

Can you leave a nursery night-light on all night?

A. It’s OK to leave nursery night-lights on throughout the night as long as they are not near bedding, curtains or anything that could catch on fire. Make sure to unplug the nursery night-light from the socket and turn it off during the daytime. And read and follow the instructions from the manufacturers at all times.

What are the best nursery night-lights to buy?

Top nursery night-light

Hatch Sound Machine and Night Light

What you need to know: This feature-packed night-light from Hatch works as both a sound machine and a night-light.

What you’ll love: This Bluetooth-enabled Hatch night-light and sound machine offers a time-to-rise setting for your toddler and stays cool to the touch at all times. The night-light colors are chosen carefully to encourage a healthy circadian rhythm.

What you should consider: This nursery night-light is on the pricey side.

Where to buy: Sold by buy Buy Baby

Top nursery night-light for the money

LittleHippo Kelvin Night Light and Room Monitor

What you need to know: This inexpensive night-light from LittleHippo doubles as a room monitor that displays the humidity and temperature in the room.

What you’ll love: This LittleHippo night-light and room monitor gives off a soft light and comes with a digital humidity and temperature display. The night-light also changes its color automatically according to the temperature of the room.

What you should consider: This nursery night-light must always be plugged into a power outlet.

Where to buy: Sold by Buy Buy Baby

Worth checking out

Safety 1st Auto Sensor Night Light

What you need to know: This set of light-sensing night-lights from Safety 1st automatically shut on and off with the brightness of the room.

What you’ll love: This simple and sleek Safety 1st night-light set features LED lights that use less power than regular bulbs, as well as an auto on/off and a light-sensing feature. The night-light set is also budget-friendly and offers a soft and soothing glow for your child.

What you should consider: This nursery night-light does not provide any extra features. 

Where to buy: Sold by Buy Buy Baby

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