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Best all-terrain truck tires

Which all-terrain truck tires are best? 

All-terrain truck tires are designed to be used on- and off-road every day. They adapt to the standard paved road but can navigate sand, dirt, mud, gravel and other similar off-road conditions with relative ease. All-terrain truck tires fit and perform the best on trucks and SUVs with four-wheel drive and all-wheel drivetrains.

All-terrain truck tires benefits

All-season truck tires are specifically made to grip street pavement the majority of the time you drive, while off-road/mud-terrain truck tires land on the other end of the spectrum, manufactured for mostly off-roading and mudding. All-terrain tires fall right in the center of the spectrum — they are tires that will handle both extremes when you need them to, but they are best suited for conditions somewhere in the middle. That means you can pack your camping gear, take the highway to an off-road trail access point and still safely make it through muddy and rocky conditions to the trailhead, where your true adventure begins.

Can I use all-terrain truck tires in the winter?

Keep in mind that while you can drive all-terrain truck tires in winter conditions, winter tires will provide up to 50 percent more traction than all-season tires, still making them the best choice over all-terrain tires when temperatures consistently drop below 40 degrees. 

Winter tires are made from a soft rubber compound that resists becoming rigid despite falling temperatures. They remain flexible in frigid temperatures, allowing for more traction between tire and road. What’s more, their unique tread patterns of wide grooves provide tiny escape channels for slush, snow and ice. The friction between rubber and road melts the winter elements on the rubber’s surface and flows through the crevasses along the tire until it’s dispelled onto the road. Small, deep slits in winter tires, called sipes, cut through water and slush to avoid hydroplaning. 

Although there are parallels between off-road and snow tire design, including rubber treads with wide and grip-enhancing grooves, snow tires are the best option for all winter road conditions.

Are all all-terrain truck tires designed to perform the same?

Not all all-terrain tires are designed for the same purposes. There are various brands and models suited for an equally diverse spectrum of driving conditions and driver demands. Nonetheless, due to all-terrain truck tires being more durable than all-season truck tires, they have thicker sidewalls. Also, they can be larger and wider than standard tires, making them better suited for your towing and hauling needs compared to all-season treads. For hauling heavy debris, a camper or even multiple cars, all-terrain truck tires offer a more aggressive tread and are the heaviest, most durable all-terrain tires available, making them the best tire and tread types to buy for such purposes.

What can I expect to pay for a set of all-terrain truck tires?

You can expect to pay $400-$900 for the smallest set of four all-terrain truck tires.

The best all-terrain truck tires

Best for off-roading

Nitto Ridge Grappler

What you need to know: A tire designed to be used almost exclusively off-road, except for when traveling to the off-roading location on paved roads, is a must.

What you’ll love: There are 90 available variations under this model for 16-24-inch wide rims, giving you any option you need for your off-road and towing needs. Their lateral Z-shaped treads and shoulder grooves clear mud from the tread, keeping your grip strong.

What you should consider: These tires will wear down faster when most miles are driven on smooth pavement. Consider how far you have to drive to your off-roading excursions on paved roads.

Where to buy: Amazon

Yokohama Geolandar X-AT

What you need to know: The Geolandar X-AT has 39 design variations for rims ranging from 15-22 inches wide.

What you’ll love: A three-layer sidewall provides extra durability in jagged off-road conditions. Zigzag grooves with deep sipes allow water to channel through the tread back onto the terrain.

What you should consider: Although it offers tire sizes for smaller rims, they do not go as large as some all-terrain tires. The heaviest duty all-terrain tires come in the largest sizes.

Where to buy: Amazon

Toyo Open Country R/T

What you need to know: There are 60 variations for rim sizes 15-24 inches wide. 

What you’ll love: Open scalloped shoulder blocked treads dig into the snow, in addition to sand, mud, gravel and the likes. The sidewall on each side of the tire has a different design, allowing you to customize your truck’s aesthetic. A 45,000-mile limited warranty keeps you on the road.

What you should consider: With the widest range of tire rim sizes, there aren’t as many variations as its competitors.

Where to buy: Amazon

Best for daily commuting

Continental TerrainContact A/T

What you need to know: There are 34 variations for rim sizes 16-22 inches wide. 

What you’ll love: The tires are designed with traction grooves made for snow and have sipes for improved resistance to slipping in wet, snowy conditions. A 60,000-mile limited warranty for up to 72 months is offered, as well as a customer satisfaction trial for up to 60 days with a complete set of tires.

What you should consider: This tire is a bit pricier than its competitors but comes with many perks.

Where to buy: Amazon

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

What you need to know: Rim width ranges from 16-20 inches with 25 variation options to choose from.

What you’ll love: These Pirelli tires have a tire tread pattern specifically designed to allow for water and mud to funnel out the grooves while you drive on the pavement. Tread sipes deliver grip on slick slopes as well. A reinforced sidewall for tough off-road environments and a 50,000-mile warranty make this all-terrain tire the most well-rounded of the three commuters.

What you should consider: If you consistently work or travel in destinations with equally rough terrain as smooth pavement, then this is your best bet. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Nexen Roadian A/T Pro RA8

What you need to know: The most comprehensive all-terrain commuter tire with 57 variations for 15- to 22-inch rims.

What you’ll love: A micro-grooved tread makes for a dependable grip in rain and light snow. This Nexen tire model has a wide shoulder block and reinforced edges that bite deep into abrasive terrain. With a warranty for normal wear up to 50,000 miles, this is the best off-roading commuter all-terrain tire.

What you should consider: This tire is best used for people who spend most of their time commuting to work or traveling in more off-road conditions but still need to get where they need to go on a paved road when the day is done.  

Where to buy: Amazon

Best for the value

Ironman All Country A/T

What you need to know: Rim sizes span from 15-20 inches with 36 variations to choose from.

What you’ll love: The tire tread offers deep, wide grooves for enhanced off-road grip as well as control in rain and snow.

What you should consider: There are fewer size options available than other best value all-terrain tires, but they are the cheapest.

Where to buy: Amazon

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

What you need to know: This Yokohama possesses the largest variety of rim sizes spanning from 15-22 inches with 110 variations.

What you’ll love: You are bound to find the right tire for your truck. Parallel grooves circumnavigate the tire to reduce the chance of hydroplaning.

What you should consider: So many sizes available means they are not specialized tires. These are general-use tires for a wide range of situations.

Where to buy: Amazon

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

What you need to know: The Terra Grappler G2 has a more heavy-duty tire profile while offering 92 variations of rims 17-24 inches wide.

What you’ll love: A variable pitch pattern with deep sipes makes way for a quieter ride while driving, giving you a more peaceful drive home after a long day of off-roading. With a warranty of up to 65,000 miles and large tires up to 35.51 inches wide, the G2 makes for a great off-road tire that doubles as a construction vehicle tire for heavy tow loads.

What you should consider: Larger-sized tires are for larger loads. 

Where to buy: Amazon

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