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The best motorcycle alarm

Which motorcycle alarms are best?

Tens of thousands of motorcycles are stolen every year, but with a little effort, and a surprisingly small investment, you can dramatically reduce the chances of yours being among them. While little will stop a pro thief, most are opportunists. Make life difficult, and they’ll often go elsewhere.

We’ve been looking at motorcycle alarms that do just that, and we delve into them below. We also have a few recommendations. Our favorite, the MYSBiker Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock, is compact and simple but very hard to defeat — exactly what your motorcycle needs.

Considerations when choosing a motorcycle alarm

What type of motorcycle alarm?

There are three basic types of motorcycle alarms: disc locks, wireless alarms and wired alarms.

The disc lock is the only one that provides any physical protection, making it impossible to rotate the wheel. They’re easy to fit, often just needing the push of a button. The hardened pin is very difficult to cut, even if you can get to it. The lock could be picked or forced — but that would trip the self-contained alarm, which is motion-activated.

So if someone tried to pick up the bike, that could also set it off. When not in use, they are compact enough to fit in a pocket. A bright “reminder cord” is provided, which you fit from lock to handlebar. It has no security value, but it does stop you from looking silly by trying to ride off with the lock still fitted!

Wireless alarms are basically a small alarmed box, plus a separate remote control. You fix the box to the bike in a concealed position. It’s armed by pressing a button. These are cheap, effective and quite versatile, but if the box is found the thief can just cut or rip it out and throw it away.

Wired alarms are usually for 12-volt systems and mostly come with easy plug-in connectors and battery wires. The speaker for the alarm needs to be positioned. All are motion-sensitive, some also set off the indicators, lights and horn.

Remote alerts are another possibility (up to about 1/2 mile), as is remote engine kill and, for your convenience, keyless starting. Once fitted, the only thing you have to carry around is the small controller. It’s possible for a thief to attack the wiring, but unless they know what they’re doing they are likely to set off the alarm rather than stop it.

The volume of the alarm is another consideration. They are generally anywhere from 110 to 130 decibels, which is loud enough to be physically painful. How well they cope with water is also worth thinking about. Many claim to be waterproof, but unless it has an independent IP (ingress protection) rating, you’re just taking the manufacturer’s word for it.

Check owner feedback to see what real motorcyclists think. The level of sensitivity is another valuable feature. At their most sensitive, a strong breeze might set them off, so if you park on the street, passing vehicles could be a problem. Being able to adjust that is a definite bonus.

Motorcycle alarm price

The low cost of these alarms means there is really no reason not to buy one. Wired-in models are frequently under $20, and even the best disc brake locks are only $30. Think about it. For $50 you can have both!

Motorcycle alarm FAQ

Q. My motorcycle has an immobilizer. Why do I need an alarm?

A. Your immobilizer prevents your bike from being started. It doesn’t stop someone wheeling it away, or lifting it up and putting it in a van. It’s the same with steering locks — they are easy to defeat. Given the low cost of an alarm, why not give yourself the extra protection.

Q. Is a chain and padlock or a U-type shackle a better idea?

A. Any way of securing or alarming your bike is good. Big, physical locks are great for home use, and fine if you’ve got fitted luggage to keep it in, but can be a pain to carry around otherwise. A disc lock can go in your pocket. Other types are equally compact or wired permanently.

Motorcycle alarms we recommend

Best of the best

MYSBiker’s Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

Our take: Compact and effective. Prevents wheel rotation, and is also triggered by vibration.

What we like: Fits any motorcycle with 6-millimeter disc brake holes or larger. Forged stainless steel pin. Waterproof zinc coating. Includes spare batteries.

What we dislike: Unfortunately some are not as waterproof as claimed, which can result in malfunctions.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

Wsdcam’s Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm

Our take: A very versatile device for motorcycles, bicycles, or just about anything else you want to be protected.

What we like: A 113-decibel alarm unit with multiple fitting/concealment options. Motion-activated with seven levels of sensitivity. IP55 waterproof. Long battery life.

What we dislike: Not difficult to remove if located. A few reliability issues.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BlueFire’s Motorcycle Security Alarm

Our take: Feature-packed permanently wired version suitable for all 12-volt motorcycles.

What we like: 125-decibel alarm, plus flashing lights and indicators. Adjustable shock sensor minimizes false alarms. Remote arming, disarming, and engine start. Low cost.

What we dislike: Poor instructions. Some are prone to going off at random.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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