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Best rearview mirror screens

Which rearview mirror screen is best?

Are you looking for ways to improve your visibility while you’re driving or parking? If your vehicle isn’t equipped with high-tech features, one option you have is to install a rearview mirror screen.

Depending on the rearview mirror screen you choose, you’ll be able to view blind spots, see real-time video from your mounted cameras, or record video footage. Some models even come with extra bells and whistles like compasses, coordinates, or temperature displays. If you’re concerned about installation, rest assured that most rearview mirror screens easily attach to your existing mirror mount.

If you’re ready to retrofit your vehicle with a rearview mirror screen, keep reading this buying guide. We’re sharing a few popular models at the end, including our top choice, the Verivue Mirrors Universal 12 Inch Rearview Mirror

Considerations when choosing rearview mirror screens


Resolution refers to the quality of the camera or video displayed on the screen. Some rearview mirror screens transmit full HD video at 1080p from both rear and front cameras, whereas some transmit 1080p from the front and 720p from the back. If you’re not sure whether the high resolution is worth the extra bucks, keep in mind that picture and video count as important evidence in car-accident cases.

Screen size

Display screen size varies considerably with rearview mirror screens. Certain models can toggle between half and full views, whereas others offer a faint background image in full-view displays. If you prefer to use rearview mirror screens only for parking or maneuvering, and prefer a standard mirror for all other driving, be sure to invest in a model that lets you transition between settings easily and quickly.

Video cable

Dash cameras have a screen fixture, however you’ll need to connect your rear cameras through a video cable. The average cable is approximately 20 feet in length, however you’ll need a longer one for certain vehicles, such as station wagons, SUVs, or commercial vehicles.

Features of a rearview mirror screen

Backup and parking assist

Some rearview mirror screens help you park with proximity lines, which come in handy for parallel parking or maneuvering around tight spaces. Other models offer multiple viewing angles, and you’re able to toggle between them to get a sense of how much room there is around your vehicle.

Recording software

Depending on the model you choose, your rearview mirror screen may offer recording by way of loop recording, SD expansion, or collision lock. Loop recording simply saves the most recent videos in increments ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. Screens with SD expansions allow you to remove and clear out data at your convenience. Cameras with collision lock save and store a video when an impact registers.

Security sensors

Rearview mirror screens equipped with security features may have sensors that turn on and record images when your vehicle is approached. While they’re convenient in tracking activity, especially if you’re the victim of a burglary, they have been known to significantly drain car batteries.

How much you can expect to spend on a review mirror screen

Rearview mirror screens with basic features cost $70 and below, but if you’d like better-quality video and light-adjustability features, you’ll spend closer to $100 to $200. High-tech rearview mirror screens with crisp video and picture quality can cost as much as $300 and above.

Rearview mirror screen FAQ

Q. What is all this extra hardware that is packaged with my rearview mirror screen?

A. While most rearview mirror screens attach to your windshield’s existing hardware, certain vehicles require retrofitting. The hardware, including straps or adhesive strips, are universal to help the screen fit in almost every vehicle make and model.

Q. Can I install a rearview mirror screen on a rented or leased vehicle?

A. It depends on your contract. In some cases, as long as you reinstall the factory mirror before returning the vehicle, it’s not a problem. In others, you aren’t allowed to make any major vehicle modifications, temporary or otherwise — and that includes rearview mirror screens.

Rearview mirror screens we recommend

Best of the best

Verivue Mirrors Universal 12 Inch Rearview Mirror

Our take: It gives a wide angle view and eliminates double reflections, glare and distortions.

What we like: Works well in low-light conditions. Is compatible with a lot of trucks, SUVs and cars.

What we dislike: Some drivers may feel the screen is too bright.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best overall

ICBEAMER 10.6 Inch Clip-on Rearview Mirror

Our take: It is easy to install and can be set up within 30 seconds.

What we like: Comes in five dimensions, and you can choose the mirror size per your need.

What we dislike:  Sunny conditions can cause screen glare.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Master Tailgaters’ Rearview Mirror

Our take: Premium rearview mirror with quality LCD screens.

What we like: Auto-dim features help adjust to light conditions. Equipped with temperature display and compass.

What we dislike: Does not include a camera, and installation can be tricky.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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