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Best truck bed storage ideas

How to add storage options to your truck bed

Finding the right truck-bed storage option sometimes is not as straightforward a task as it may seem. This is because everyone has their own individual needs. For example, some people may want to carry work tools but maintain truck-bed space. Others may want to make their truck bed into a portable tool or storage box. Others may wish to use storage options for grocery shopping or even for family trips.

What is truck bed storage?

Truck bed storage means a secure, practical and managed solution to storing your work or personal gear in your truck bed or cab. So when you turn up at your job site, your equipment is organized to help you tackle the task at hand effectively and efficiently.

Effective truck bed storage can make a large grocery shopping excursion easier, help with moving DIY-project equipment or organize packing for days out with the family by giving you the ability to store the things you need in a secure and dry place. You can tailor truck bed storage to your own needs.

Top 5 best truck bed storage ideas

Storage boxes

If you want to keep your pick-up storage bed mostly clear but maintain the ability to store work tools, a pick-up storage box is a good option. Typically, storage boxes are made from aluminum or plastic and have fold-up doors to ensure you have full access to the box. A critical feature every good storage box should have is a built-in lock to ensure your tools are safe and secure. This box style is perfect for users who want to save space for storage, and any good box generally has an overhanging to keep weather and water out.

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Swing cases

A swing case is a great place to store work or vehicle tools and sports gear. The swing case is compatible with most truck-bed covers and is relatively simple to install, which makes it an excellent option for people looking for accessible cargo solutions.

The swing case swings in and out of position, making it accessible, while the design makes it removable and portable.

Storage drawers

Storage drawers are great solutions to storing hardware of any kind in a safe, secure and dry environment. Designs typically have a functional and durable drawer solution that is kitted out to separate and secure tools so your storage bed becomes a work platform.

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This means you can separate and organize tools. The variation in sizes means you can find the right one for you in terms of how much space you want.

Storage nets

If you use your storage bay to collect groceries and want a detachable storage option, opt for a truck bed cargo net. You can use storage nets in the truck bed storage area to help you organize and store groceries so they are not smashed on your drive home.

Storage bags

Truck bed storage bags are the most multifunctional storage options. They typically are designed to be lightweight and can store either heavy or light goods. Most good models are designed to be waterproof. They typically come with functions that enable them to be sealed and secured onto the truck bed area and generally are universal across all truck models.

What you need to buy for truck bed storage

ARKSEN 36-Inch Aluminium Tool Box

This storage box can be attached to your truck bed storage area. This box is secure and comes with its own lock and key. It is very easy to attach onto almost any type of truck bed.

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UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

This swing case is perfect for storing work tools and can also be detached easily at weekends or whenever you need more space in your truck bed storage area. What’s more, it's versatile and extremely lightweight and comes with a release lever.

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Decked Ram Pickup Truck Storage System

This set of storage drawers are safe and secure and keep your tools dry. The model is cost effective and very easy to install and remove.

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MICTUNING 3-Pocket Trunk Cargo Organizer Storage Net

This is an extremely cost-effective solution for people looking to store their groceries safely during shopping trips. You also can use this model to store sports equipment.

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MAXXHAUL 50130 Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Truck Bag

This truck bag comes with webbing to secure contents. It is easily removable from the storage bed. This weatherproof bag and extendable size means you can store almost anything safely.

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