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Best ice scraper

Which ice scraper is best?

From the power of your windshield wipers to your car’s ability to power through frozen roads, there is a lot to consider when it comes to safe winter driving. With your ability to see out your windows more important than ever in snowy conditions, it’s important to keep a quality ice scraper in your vehicle at all times so you can see while you drive in the snow. The Birdrock Home Snow Moover Extendable Foam Snow Brush and Ice Scraper's long reach and ergonomics make it best choice for almost any driver.

What to know before you buy an ice scraper

Your climate

Consider the weather conditions you typically encounter in the winter to determine the kind of ice scraper that is best for you. If your region rarely encounters ice or typically only receives a dusting or two of snow a year, a foam broom or bristle brush will likely suit your needs. If you live in a northern state where winters are long and snow is frequent, you need to buy a scraper that can chip through thick ice.

Your physical ability

As anyone who has ever shoveled their driveway will attest, winter is a physically demanding season. Think about your ability to safely reach your vehicle’s windows and apply the force needed to remove ice. Choose a scraper that is long enough to get the job done but won't be cumbersome or potentially hazardous to use.

Heated ice scrapers

Heated scrapers plug into your car’s power outlet and use electricity to warm their blades. While this seems as if it would allow you to make short work of an iced window, heated scrapers should be avoided. They require you to have your window open to accommodate a power cord, and they don’t achieve enough melting power to have a noticeable impact on ice removal.

What to look for in a quality ice scraper


Select a scraper that will allow you to reach across your entire windshield without hassle. Having to stretch across the hood of your car with a scraper that is too short is inconvenient and can result in a slip or fall.


Many scrapers are double-sided, featuring a brush on the opposite end. A brush lets you easily sweep loose snow off your windows. Additionally, a brush can be used to remove snow from the hood and roof of your car without the risk of damaging your paint.

Padded handle

Some ice scrapers have foam padding on their handles. The padding makes the tool more comfortable to use and easier to grip while wearing gloves or mittens.


Extendable ice scrapers let you customize their length to your liking. These options are ideal for those who want a short scraper to provide better leverage for ice removal but also want to be able to push snow off their vehicle without having to walk around it.


There is value to be found in ice scraper kits that include multiple tools. From long-handled brushes and brooms to short scrapers, these sets prepare you for a wide range of winter conditions.

How much you can expect to spend on an ice scraper

Ice scrapers cost as little as $7 for basic, short-handled options and up to $40 for premium tools or kits that include multiple accessories.

Ice scraper FAQ

Can an ice scraper scratch my paint?

A. Potentially, yes. Only use your scraper on glass. To remove snow from your vehicle’s roof and hood, use a brush or foam broom.

Should I have more than one ice scraper?

A. If you have more than one vehicle, yes. During the winter, you should always have a scraper accessible in case you find yourself in inclement weather.

What’s the best ice scraper to buy?

Top ice scraper

Birdrock Home Snow Moover Extendable Foam Snow Brush and Ice Scraper

What you need to know: This scraper is fully adjustable and features a foam broom that won’t scratch your vehicle.

What you’ll love: With its extendable pole, detachable ice scraper and pivoting head, this option should be at the top of every driver’s list. It breaks down to take up less storage space, its bright orange color makes it easy to see and its padded handle provides a secure grip.

What you should consider: This brush is overkill for drivers who don’t experience harsh, snowy winters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ice scraper for the money

Subzero Ice Scraper

What you need to know: This no-frills scraper is small enough to fit under your seat or in your glove compartment.

What you’ll love: Featuring a 4-inch blade and a padded handle, this scraper lets you apply maximum elbow grease to your ice removal. It features a serrated chipper on its opposite end to help you break up especially challenging chunks of ice.

What you should consider: Because this scraper doesn’t include a brush, you’ll need to purchase one separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

AstroAI Ice Scraper and Brush 

What you need to know: This scraper includes a variety of helpful tools and is fully extendable.

What you’ll love: You can rest assured that you’re prepared for anything winter throws at you with this tool kit. Featuring a wide, pivoting brush head and textured foam handles, this brush lets you reach across your windshield without it slipping out of your hands. It breaks down into small pieces and includes a storage bag.

What you should consider: This brush is made up of a lot of parts, making it a bit more complicated than some users may prefer for such a basic tool.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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