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Best gas range

Which gas range is best?

Gas ranges are a favorite of chefs the world over for their ability to finely tune how much heat is being applied to your cookware and food. They are more than just a stovetop, however, as they also include a standard oven. In terms of safety, gas ranges require ventilation. Without ventilation, you’ll need to make do with an electric range.

The best gas range is the Samsung 30-Inch 6-Cubic-Foot Slide-In Gas Range. It has five burners and is smart-home integrated.

What to know before you buy a gas range

Freestanding vs. slide-in ranges

Gas range installation is either freestanding or slide-in.

  • Freestanding models are installed separately from cabinetry and counters. They are designed so that all four sides of the oven can be seen. The only limit on their placement is whether your prospective location has a gas line and electrical hookup.
  • Slide-in models are installed between cabinetry and counters. They are designed knowing that only the front, or occasionally front and one side, can be seen.

Ventilation options

Ventilation for the fumes of burning gas is handled with overhead, downdraft or microwave systems.

  • Overhead ventilation is accomplished with a large, open duct situated above the range that draws fumes up and out of your home. It’s costly, but it's the best option.
  • Downdraft ventilation draws the fumes down into a filtration system using fans. It’s best for smaller homes but still pricey.
  • Microwave ventilation is the most affordable option and the best for cramped kitchens. The microwave serves as an overhead vent.

Fuel source

Most gas ranges draw their fuel from your home’s natural gas line. If you don’t have a gas line and live in an area where one can’t be installed, it’s possible to find gas ranges that run on propane instead. However, it’s more likely you’ll need to buy an adapter kit to allow a natural gas range to use propane instead.

What to look for in a quality gas range

British thermal units

A gas range's heat levels are typically given in BTUs. The higher its BTU, the hotter it gets. Burners can range from 5,000-22,000 BTU while ovens typically range from 9,000-15,000 BTU.


Gas ranges typically have two to six burners. Budget ranges with two burners are rarely good for more than single-person households, so aim for at least four if this isn’t the case. Some ranges with five burners use one burner for a specialty area on the range, such as a griddle, so you’ll still only have four standard burners.

How much you can expect to spend on a gas range

Gas ranges cost $200-$2,000 with costs reflecting the size and power of the range. Budget modes typically cost $800 or less while top-of-the-line models usually start at $1,200.

Gas range FAQ

Is gas better than electric?

A. Generally speaking, yes. Gas burners are much easier to finely control and you can eye the flame and easily gauge how much heat is being added or subtracted. You can also immediately reach full strength or shut it down instantly. Electric burners need to build their energy up and have to let their heated elements slowly lose power. You can never be sure how much heat is being generated.

Are gas ranges safe?

A. There’s no such thing as a perfectly safe range. High levels of heat are inherently dangerous and both electrical and gas energy sources have their share of risks. That said, so long as your gas range is installed by a professional, has its gas connection checked regularly and you have the proper ventilation, you will be safe.

Can gas range flames damage my cookware?

A. It’s possible, though unlikely. Most cookware is designed to withstand incredible temperatures, but thinner and cheaper cookware may take some damage when used on the most powerful burners for long enough.

What’s the best gas range to buy?

Top gas range 

Samsung 30-inch 6-Cubic-Foot Slide-In Gas Range

What you need to know: Among the most advanced gas ranges, it can connect over Wi-Fi to have its stovetop and oven temperatures monitored, plus it can be controlled through voice.

What you’ll love: It has one power burner that can reach 17,000 BTUs. It has a storage drawer on the bottom and the oven has a wide view window.

What you should consider: All smart-home functionality must be routed through Samsung’s SmartThings app. Some consumers had issues with broken knobs. Others had issues with heat damage to the finish over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top gas range for the money

GE 5-Cubic-Foot Gas Range

What you need to know: This freestanding range is perfect for households on a budget.

What you’ll love: It has four sealed burners placed under heavy-duty grates with a fifth oval burner underneath a center griddle large enough to cook eight grilled cheese sandwiches at once. The oven has six rack levels and a self-cleaning feature. It’s offered in four finishes.

What you should consider: The oven controls are on the back panel, so using it and the stovetop simultaneously can be uncomfortable. Some customers received rusted oven racks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Zline 36-inch 4.6-Cubic-Foot Dual Fuel Range With Gas Stove And Electric Oven

What you need to know: This range is for professional-level cooking. It’s freestanding and has six evenly heated burners and a 4.6-cubic-capacity oven.

What you’ll love: The cooktop is made of heavy-duty Italian porcelain with no crevices for easy cleaning. Its height can be adjusted between 36-38.5 inches. It comes in nine finishes, including red, blue and white.

What you should consider: It’s extremely expensive. The oven is large enough to cause long preheating times. There’s no bottom drawer for extra storage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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