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Best Frigidaire electric range

Which Frigidaire electric ranges are best?

The electric range started earning popularity back in the 1930s because of its ease of use and the decreasing cost of electricity. Electric ranges vary in style from induction burners to convection ovens, and Frigidaire remains a trusted brand. The Frigidaire 30-Inch Electric Range in Stainless Steel comes with basic, simple controls that provide a low learning curve.

What to know before you buy a Frigidaire electric range

Electric vs. gas range

Electric and gas ranges typically work in similar ways, and both kinds of ranges include stovetops and ovens. The controls on each kind of range are usually the same. Gas ranges heat up and cool down more quickly and they’re more environmentally friendly than electric ranges, but they tend to cost more up front. Electric ranges tend to be less expensive than gas ranges, and they’re simpler when it comes to installation. There’s also zero risk of gas leaks with electric ranges, but your electric bill will probably go up.

Use special cleaners

You can use special cleaners for smooth stovetops that help remove debris while adding shine. These smooth stovetops tend to be much simpler to clean than metal coil burner cooktops.

Common cookware

All of the most common cookware is safe to use on your electric range, including aluminum, cast iron, copper and stainless steel pots and pans.

Freestanding vs. slide-in range

Put a freestanding electric range anywhere in your kitchen space. Freestanding ranges come with control panels that pop up from the stovetop and in front of the backsplash. On the flip side, slide-in ranges are meant to fit between cabinets and come with unfinished sides. The controls of a slide-in electric range are usually at the front of the cooktop.

What to look for in a quality Frigidaire electric range

Smooth stovetops

Most modern electric ranges have smooth, ceramic glass stovetops, which replace the metal coil-style cooktop burners that used to dominate electric ranges. Because you keep the pans and pots on flat surfaces with these modern electric ranges, smooth cooktops won’t bend or warp your pans and pots in the same way that metal coils can damage them.

Double or convection oven

The size of your electric range matters based on the type of food you typically cook on it, and the size of an oven ranges from about 2-6 feet. You might need a double oven if you’re cooking a couple of different foods at different temperatures or you simply need more than 2-6 cubic feet of space.

Another option when purchasing an electric range is a convection oven. With a convection oven, fans help circulate hot air around whatever you’re cooking to eliminate cold spots and give you more evenly cooked food.

Expandable burners

Some new ranges have expandable burners, and based on the size of your pans and pots, the size of the heating element can vary. Some burners expand from about 6-12 inches in diameter, which is perfect if you need to accommodate big pots or pans.

How much you can expect to spend on a Frigidaire electric range

Frigidaire electric ranges vary in price from about $300 to more than $700. Inexpensive ranges go for $300-$400, while mid-priced ranges cost about $400-$500. High-end ranges vary in price from about $500-$700 or more.

Frigidaire electric range FAQ

Why do professional chefs enjoy gas ranges?

A. Gas stovetops allow for improved heat control. Adjust the knob in one direction to boost the flame and the other to turn it off. Since professional chefs tend to work on the stovetop more than the oven, this is viewed as a benefit. Many professional bakers prefer the even heat of electric ovens.

How do self-cleaning electric ovens clean themselves?

A. The oven heats to a hot temperature when it’s in cleaning mode, almost 900 degrees. Food decomposes at 900 degrees and leaves a tiny amount of ash behind. Wipe away the ash evenly once the cleaning cycle completes. The cleaning cycle tends to take several hours to finish.

What are dual fuel ranges?

A. Some expensive ranges use two different types of power, including gas for heating up the cooktop and electricity for the oven, which allows users to evenly cook with an electric oven while using the simple-to-control, direct heat of the gas burner.

What’s the best Frigidaire electric range to buy?

Top Frigidaire electric range

Frigidaire 30-Inch Electric Range in Stainless Steel

What you need to know: The oven and burners on this electric range are attractive and heat evenly and quickly.

What you’ll love: This product comes with basic, simple controls that provide a low learning curve. The oven preheats quickly and cooks evenly, and the accurate burner settings quickly come to temperature.

What you should consider: The glass cooktop on this range can get scratched and might be a challenge to clean.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top Frigidaire electric range for the money

Frigidaire 30-Inch Electric Smooth Surface Range in Black

What you need to know: This reliable electric range has some basic features and comes at a reasonable price, but the oven takes some time to preheat.

What you’ll love: This product is steady with accurate temperature control, and the electric range includes simple-to-use digital controls and a roomy oven.

What you should consider: The oven takes a great deal of time to preheat, and the glass oven door might crack.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Frigidaire 30-Inch Electric Front Control Smooth Top Freestanding Range

What you need to know: This freestanding and built-in electric range comes with a handy storage drawer.

What you’ll love: This product includes a rear filler kit as well as a steam clean, store-more storage drawer. The electric range also features an expandable element, a quick boil element and even baking technology.

What you should consider: There is no locking door on this electric range model.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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