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Best dual fuel ranges

Which dual fuel range is best?

A dual fuel range is a must-have for any serious home cook. These appliances combine the precise temperature control of a gas stovetop with the speed and versatility of an electric convection oven, which allows you to roast, bake, air fry and broil. 

Dual fuel ranges come in various designs, sizes and colors and can be freestanding or built into kitchen cabinets. The Smeg Portofino Aesthetic Pro-Style is an excellent choice with four powerful burners on the top and a large, self-cleaning convection oven underneath. 

What to know before you buy a dual fuel range


Standard ovens for domestic use are usually designed to be built into the kitchen cabinets, giving them a streamlined appearance. Many ranges, on the other hand, are designed to be freestanding and are often larger to accommodate extra burners on the top and twin ovens underneath.

Size and style

Range ovens, especially freestanding ones, are often the centerpiece of a kitchen and can be traditional or contemporary in style. Brushed stainless steel and chrome fittings complement modern minimalist kitchens, whereas dark colors with brass or gold accents are better suited to a classic farmhouse style.

Dual fuel ranges vary in size, from 30 inches wide up to 60 inches for a dual oven, multi-burner option. 36 inches is the standard size for installing in a kitchen cabinet. For more information about style, size and finish, take a look at the best dual fuel ranges guide at BestReviews.


The oven of a dual fuel range is electrically powered and can be either single or double. Convection ovens are extremely versatile and use two or more heating elements and a fan to circulate the hot air and prevent cold spots. They are ideal for roasting and baking and can cook several dishes at once. 

What to look for in a quality dual fuel range


A dual fuel range may have four, five or six burners, depending on its size. The output of a gas burner is measured in BTUs. Look for a range with various different-sized burners that can heat at different intensities for the most versatility.


Another benefit of a convection oven is that it has a built-in exhaust system so extra venting is not required. A hood or extractor fan is recommended for use over the burners to remove food odors and moisture from the air. Often, manufacturers offer a matching range hood with built-in lighting. 

Additional features

Most standard ranges come with all the features a home cook needs. For a little more investment, you can get extras like digital displays, temperature adjustment, rotisserie attachments, twin circulating fans and even smartphone capability.

How much you can expect to spend on a dual fuel range

A dual fuel range is something of a hi-tech appliance and as such, it can be expensive. The smallest start at around $1,500 and increase to over $6,000 for one with a double oven and digital controls.

Dual fuel range FAQ

What is the self-cleaning feature on some dual fuel ranges?

A. Some ovens have a self cleaning mode, which uses high temperatures to burn off food residue that naturally sticks to the walls of the oven. Ovens that feature this setting also offer improved insulation, making them more efficient.

Does a dual fuel range need to be professionally installed?

A. Dual fuel ovens need both an electric and a gas supply, so it is recommended to seek professional help. Additionally, these ranges are quite heavy, so you shouldn’t attempt to move one alone.

What’s the best dual fuel range to buy?

Top dual fuel range

Smeg Portofino Aesthetic Pro-Style

What you need to know: This 30-inch freestanding range is available in black, stainless steel or several eye-catching colors.

What you’ll love: It features a digital temperature display and timer. The oven has three cooking modes and a self cleaning, enameled interior.

What you should consider: The built-in storage draw is quite small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Top dual fuel range for the money

Cosmo Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas Burners

What you need to know: At 36 inches wide, this budget-friendly range can be used as a freestanding model or built into a standard kitchen cabinet.

What you’ll love: It has five burners on the top with durable cast iron grates and an oven with a 5.3 cubic feet of capacity.

What you should consider: This model is only available in stainless steel.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and The Home Depot

Worth checking out

Verona Prestige 36-inch Dual Fuel Range

What you need to know: This larger range has five sealed gas burners and two differently sized oven compartments.

What you’ll love: It stands on four adjustable, chrome legs and has matching, round oven door handles and knobs.

What you should consider: This range doesn’t come with a power cord.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair


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