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10 best corset tops

Which corset tops are best?

In the world of fashion, anything can be used abnormally to create a new look. Take corset tops, for example. Corsets began as an undergarment, one still used today, to help force the body into an hourglass figure and support the breasts. But now, corsets or shirts designed to look and act like corsets are worn as outerwear. These corset tops still have the same hourglass-forming and body-supporting functions; they're just designed knowing that they'll be seen rather than hidden.

What to know before you buy a corset top

Corset vs. bustier tops

As you shop for corset tops, you may come across tops that seem identical but are called bustier tops instead. Technically there's a difference between the two, but in practice, the terms are mostly used interchangeably.

  • Corsets go lower on the body, usually below the waist and around the hips. This helps form the body into an hourglass figure.
  • Bustiers are shorter, ending no further than the waist but usually just above it. They also have built-in bras to support and enhance the bust, hence the name.


Corset tops are made from a variety of materials. Cotton and synthetics are common, as are satin, lace and real and faux leather. Which material is best depends on the look you're going for.

A corset's material can also affect how comfortable it is in certain weather conditions. Lace, for example, is poor for cold weather because the wind can gust straight through it. Cotton can be bad for hot weather because it tends to hold onto sweat.


Corset tops provide a range of coverages from completely covering the chest to V-necklines that dip as low as possible. Keep looking if you can't at first find a top with the coverage you want.

Shoulders and arms

Traditional corsets, like those used as underwear, have no shoulders or arms. Instead, they wrap tightly around the body. Some corset tops still use this design, but this requires the corset top to be extra tight so they don't slip off.

This can become uncomfortable fast, so most corset tops use straps instead. These are usually thin spaghetti straps, but thicker straps can also be found.

In rarer cases, corset tops can have sleeves. These can end anywhere from just below the shoulder to all the way at the wrist for wearing in cold weather.


Because corset tops are meant to be seen, the range of designs they come in is staggering. Some closely resemble Victorian corsets, some use plenty of frilly lace and some are plain with no decoration whatsoever. Some even combine corset and sweatshirt designs. There's always a fresh design you haven't seen waiting in the wings.

What to wear with a corset top


Corset tops are eye-catching enough as it is, so it's best to pair simple clothes with them to avoid pulling focus. Jackets are great choices, for example, as are a comfy pair of blue jeans. If you want all your clothes to be as engaging as your corset top, keep them cohesive. For example, pair black leather pants with a black leather corset top.


When wearing a corset top, try wearing accessories that draw further attention to the locations a corset top emphasizes: your neckline, bust, waist and hips.

  • For the neckline, try chokers, simple necklaces and earrings that dangle low.
  • For the bust, try pendants and other similar types of jewelry.
  • For the waist and hips, try belts and sashes.

How much you can expect to spend on a corset top

Basic corset tops typically cost $10 to $30 with better tops costing up to $50. The best non-designer tops can cost $100-plus while the best designer tops can cost $1,500-plus.

What are the best corset tops to buy?

Alivila. Y Fashion Corset Top

This corset top is marketed toward the steampunk crowd with all of its chains and loops, but it's just as at home at a club or big college house party. It comes in nine sizes and two colors.

Sold by Amazon

Charmian Women's Punk Goth  Corset Crop Top

This small corset crop top will still grab someone's attention if you pair it with a jacket. It comes in nine sizes and black and white lace.

Sold by Amazon

Lieedrsf Corset Top

This top has large bows with ribbons that trail down the body for a fairy tale look. Try wearing it over a flowing white dress. It comes in nine sizes.

Sold by Amazon

LPA Posie Pleated Corset 

Ready for a night out, this soft, silky red top features a boned bodice, padding in the bust and ties at the hips. 

Sold by Revolve

MakeMeChic Corset Top

This lacy corset top is perfect for staying cool on hot summer days without sacrificing any style points. It comes in four sizes and five colors.

Sold by Amazon

Meladyan Two-Piece Corset Top

This two-piece comes with a small, spaghetti-strap corset top and a long-sleeved open-front mesh cover up. It comes in four sizes and 15 colors.

Sold by Amazon

Miaou Libra Corset 

This strapless denim corset top, which zips up in back, is accented with silver-tone studs to give it a modern look. The lightweight fabric includes a bit of spandex and Lycra for stretch. 

Sold by Revolve 

Missactiver Corset Top

This corset top mixes in elements of sweatshirts and hoodies for the warmest, yet most stylish clothing decision you can make this winter. It comes in four sizes and 10 colors.

Sold by Amazon

Delphina Corset Top 

Perfect for a warm spring day, this floral-print top features an adjustable lace-up back and ruffled shoulder straps. About an inch of lace peeks out at the bottom for an extra pretty touch. 

Sold by Revolve

Valeria Corset Top

This cotton strapless top features a ruffled hem that accentuates the waistline for a flattering look. The hook-and-eye closure in front and lace-up tie in back ensure a snug fit. 

Sold by Revolve

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