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Best flowers to buy for your mom on Mother’s Day 2023 

Which flowers are best for Mother’s Day?


With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time to get your flowers in order. If you wait much longer, your risk of getting saddled with droopy, leftover flowers, if you can even get flowers at all, increases dramatically. But you don’t want to buy just any flowers. You want flowers that will remind your mother of your love for her whenever she sees them. To do that, you need to know two things: what kind of flowers your mother loves and what flower colors mean. Oh, and don’t forget the vase.

What she loves

When it comes to giving flowers, very little can trump personal favorites. However, you might not know what your mother’s favorite flowers are or even what her favorite color is. If so, don’t fret. It’s perfectly normal not to know if your mother doesn’t often receive or talk about flowers and favorite colors.

So, if you don’t know or aren’t sure, here are the best ways to find out.

  • Ask her: The easiest answer is simply to check in with your mother and ask her point blank what kind of bouquet she would like. However, this option isn’t viable in certain situations, such as if you want it to be a surprise or if you don’t want her to know that you were uncertain.
  • Ask a loved one: The next easiest way is to ask a close loved one of hers. The most likely to know is usually her partner or best friend, but you can also ask your siblings or other family members if you have any.
  • Investigate: If neither of the above is doable, your last chance is to do some investigating around your mother’s home. Check if she has flowers already around first, and after that, start looking for any colors that are more prominent than others. Decorations and clothing are good places to start when looking for prominent colors.

What it means

In some cases, such as if you know your mother is already going to get plenty of her favorite flowers or colors, you might want to get something else so she has variety on Mother’s Day. If that’s your plan, a good way to pick flowers is to go by the meaning of flower colors. This is what 1-800-Flowers has to say on the subject:

  • Blue: Peace, tranquility and relaxation.
  • Green: Rebirth or renewal, youthfulness and good health and fortune.
  • Lavender: Grace and elegance, but also youth.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm and excitement.
  • Pink: Femininity, gentleness and love.
  • Purple: Royalty and success, but also admiration.
  • Red: Passion and desire, but also courage and respect.
  • White: Purity, innocence and sympathy.
  • Yellow: Happiness and friendship.

Best flowers from 1-800-Flowers

Deliciously Decadent Fields of Europe for Mom and Mother’s Day Drizzled Strawberries

This set of goodies is the complete solution for your Mother’s Day gift needs because it comes with a beautiful bouquet, a set of 12 chocolate-covered strawberries using both milk and white chocolate and a clear vase. The vase is optional, though, if you don’t need one.

Sold by 1-800-Flowers

Kaleidoscope Roses

This bouquet is both simple, in that it only uses roses, and complex, in that each rose’s petals are a kaleidoscope of colors. You can get it made of either 12 or 24 roses with no extras or with the extras of a purple windchime, a purple vase or both.

Sold by 1-800-Flowers

Mother’s Day Radiant Tulips

Tulips are a popular choice for favorite flowers, and this bouquet contains either 15 or 30 of them in orange, yellow and purple. You can also buy it with either a clear or purple vase. You can also buy the 30-flower bouquet with a suncatcher only or with it and the purple vase.

Sold by 1-800-Flowers

A Mother’s Love

This bouquet is made of beautiful pink and purple flowers, such as roses, but the real draw is the lovely vase that says, “A mother’s love is the heart of a family.” It comes in small or large sizes.

Sold by 1-800-Flowers

Two Dozen Assorted Roses for Mother’s Day

The exact colors of the roses in this bouquet vary based on availability, but it’s still certain to be beautiful. It can be the bouquet alone, or you can order it with a clear, purple or special vase that says, “A mother loves with all her heart.” It can also come with a collection of chocolate truffles.

Sold by 1-800-Flowers

Other best flowers for Mother's Day

Childom Store Rose in a Glass Dome

Like life, a part of what makes flowers precious is that they fade. But it doesn’t always have to. This artificial flower lasts forever and lights up, plus it comes in 11 colors.

Sold by Amazon

EleShow Rose with Heart Necklace

This uses a real rose that has been preserved and can last for three to five years. It comes in several colors, and a necklace is also included, often that says “I love you.”

Sold by Amazon

Lego Icons Flower Bouquet

The only thing your mother is likely to love more than a thoughtful gift of beautiful flowers is the chance to spend time with you. Grabbing this Lego set to build together gets her the best of both worlds.

Sold by Amazon

Urbanstems The Flora

This bouquet contains several flowers such as garden and spray roses, bells of Ireland and hypericum berries in colors such as yellow, pink and red. Plus, it comes with a black-and-white-striped vase.

Sold by Urbanstems

Vases worth checking out

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