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Best gifts for gamers

Gifts for gamers

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to buying the perfect gift for your gamer friend or family member. After all, there are so many possibilities to consider. Is your gamer a console player or do they primarily play computer games? Do they game professionally or casually? Are they more interested in gaming accessories and gadgets, or do they need something to optimize their gaming experience? Whatever type of gamer they are, there's something for everyone in this list.

Console-gamer gifts

There are many types of consoles available, including the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series S. Some of these gift ideas are only compatible with specific systems, so make sure you know which console your gamer friend or relative plays on before purchasing.

Nintendo Joy-Con Controller (L/R)

These controllers come in various colors ranging from neon pink and green to blue and yellow, perfect for gamers who need a backup controller or want to have a few friends over for a game night. With a nice matte finish and HD rumble feature for immediate feedback, these are a great addition to the Nintendo Switch. Plus, they're versatile and can be used independently of the console or as part of it.

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Xbox Wireless Controller – Aqua Shift Edition

Compatible with the Xbox One and the Xbox Series S, this beautiful controller comes with a USB-C Port for easy plug and play. It has 40 hours of battery life and a matte finish that makes it easy to grip without slipping. The textured directional pad allows for better tactile feedback and control than the previous line of controllers.

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PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

With two colors to choose from, this sleek controller comes with a built-in microphone, headset jack and top-of-the-line motion sensor technology. It's slightly larger than the previous line, making it great for older gamers or those who prefer a solid feeling controller. The textured back of the controller is both an aesthetic choice and a practice one as it makes it easier to hold. This is an excellent option for gamers who love to play split-screen.

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Cool PC-gamer gifts

Not every gamer plays on a console. And with popular computer games like The Witcher, World of Warcraft and Minecraft available on the computer, not to mention all the cross-platforming options out there, you may need to consider PC-based gifts.

Dell S2421HGF 24 Inch FHD TN

This highly-rated, curved monitor has a 1ms response time, 1080p resolution and a 144hz refresh rate, making it great for gamers who need something that can keep up with high-intensity games. You can connect this surprisingly affordable monitor to a console with an HDMI cord. It also has adaptive sync that prevents screen tearing and offers a more visually appealing experience. It is strong, durable and easy to put together.

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Creative Pebble Minimalistic Speakers with Subwoofer

For those that prefer to hear their game's audio throughout the entire room, these are some of the best budget speakers out there. USB-powered, simple speakers that provide clear audio without needing an outlet.

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Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Hardcore and casual gamers alike will benefit from this wired gaming mouse compatible with PCs and Macs. This mouse is essential for computer gamers with 11 programmable buttons up to 25,600 DPI for maximum sensitivity and virtually no lag.

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Gifts for gamer setups

Even though everyone's gaming setup is unique, every gamer needs an ergonomic chair, solid desk and proper lighting to tie everything together.

DESINO L Shaped Gaming Desk

Sturdy and affordable, this L-shaped desk is suitable for gaming and streaming. It also doubles as a workstation with a built-in cup holder, a headset and an optional monitor stand riser. This desk has a carbon fiber texture and ergonomic design.

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Gtracing Gaming Chair

Unlike some gaming chairs, which can cost several hundred dollars, this ergonomic gaming chair is budget-friendly without losing style points. It's a solid starter gaming chair made with a strong metal frame that supports up to 300 pounds. Easy to assemble with extra cushions for the user's lower back and neck.

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UALAU LED Strip Lights

Coming in various lengths, these lights add a unique atmosphere to any space and make a great addition to a gamer's home setup. Controller or app-operated, these lights can be customized based on the mood or set to change with the music. They come with adhesive tape that you can place nearly anywhere.

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Video-game accessories

With many electronic accessories out there, choosing something that matches the gamer in your life's personality is vital. These gifts combine style with function.

Razer Kraken Tournament Style Gaming Headset

Produced by a prominent gaming company, this headset comes with a noise-canceling microphone and spatial surround sound to provide fantastic audio information while playing any type of game. It also comes with a retractable microphone and has added cushioning for maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. It's compatible with modern gaming consoles and PCs, but it may require additional adapters to use it, so check the console before buying it.

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Utech Smart Brightness Mousepad

If your gamer friend uses a PC, this beautiful RGB mousepad may be exactly what they need. With two sizes to choose from and an anti-slip rubber base, this mousepad comes equipped with 14 lighting modes for a unique gaming experience. It's also backed by an 18-month quality service guarantee.

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HDMI GANA 3 Port 4k

Designed for monitors or televisions with only one HDMI port or for gamers with multiple consoles or a desktop, this 3-in-1 HDMI switcher lets you plug three devices into one HDMI slot. With a button for easy switching, this device can reach 4k at 30Hz resolution with little to no degradation in quality.

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Unique gifts for gamers

These gift ideas are perfect for the gamer who has it all or for those who could use a little more décor in their room.

Paladone Super Mario Heat Changing Mug

This collector's edition mug has classic Mario graphics and classic video game vans that change based on the temperature. Made of ceramic, this mug is great for those who prefer a hot beverage while they game. It holds 300 milliliters.

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Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made

If the gamer you know is interested in game development, this story may be right up their alley. It includes various stories about the development highs and lows behind different games, including "Stardew Valley," "Destiny" and "Dragon Age: Inquisition." With a lot of info and insight, this book is a good read and a nice table piece.

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CopperJoint Fingerless Compression Gloves

These gloves are great for those than exercise, write or play video games for multiple consecutive hours. With a tight fit that forms to the wearer's hands, they help prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel.

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Crannel Conceptual Abstraction Tapestries

Whether the gamer in your life loves to stream or just needs more decoration for their room, consider this fun tapestry. With many choices to choose from and a wide range of sizes, this will add a whole new level to your gamer's room. Each poster comes in vivid colors and uses a polyester blend.

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