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14 best slip dresses

Which slip dresses are best?

Slips are traditionally worn as undergarments and can cover the upper and lower body or just the lower body. They’re worn for reasons including extra warmth, protecting the skin and preventing other undergarments from showing through a dress.

Slip dresses, on the other hand, are essentially slips designed to be worn as outerwear. They became popular in the early '90s and carry many of the same traits, such as being thin, commonly made of satin and using spaghetti straps.

What to know before you buy a slip dress

Slip vs. slip dress

If you’re wondering how to tell the difference between a slip and a slip dress due to their nigh identical looks and designs, you aren’t alone. But the answer doesn’t depend on the material — it depends on you.

If for some reason it’s too uncomfortable for you to wear only it out and about, use it as underwear. If you feel comfortable in it, then throw on some accessories, dress it up or down with your shoes, and go have fun.


Slip dresses come in every length from the upper thigh to the ankles, but they most commonly end in the mid-thigh, around the knees or between the mid-shin and the ankles. Shorter lengths are more youthful and better for parties, while longer lengths are more elegant and better for classier events.

Thigh slit

Some slip dresses have a slit up one side or, on rare occasions, up both sides. They’re more common in longer dresses, though a handful of thigh-length dresses also have them. These make it much easier to walk, though they may show more leg than you’re comfortable with.


The typical slip dress neckline is either straight or has a slight curve to it, and is around the upper chest. You can also find V and low-cut necklines.

Colors and patterns

Traditionally, slip dresses are solid colors, with the most common being white, black and beige as a throwback to their undergarment origins. Now, however, you can find them in essentially any color, whether muted or a vibrant jewel tone. Occasionally you can find them in patterns, most often floral.


Lace and slips have a long history together, so it’s only right that many slip dresses incorporate lace. The usual places to find lace are around the neckline and across the bottom hem, whether in both locations or only one.

How much you can expect to spend on a slip dress

Non-brand-name slip dresses typically cost $10-$50, depending on the designer or seller. Brand-name slip dresses can cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars.

What are the best slip dresses to buy?

Avidlove Slip Dress

The V-neck and the way it clings to the body spice up this otherwise straightforward and easy-to-wear slip dress. You can buy one or a pair of dresses. It comes in six sizes and in 17 designs.

Sold by Amazon

Belle Poque Slip Dress

This dress comes with or without lace around the neckline, with all having lace around the bottom hem. It comes in three colors, is available individually or in pairs and is available in six sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Coreal Slip Dress

This dress has just enough stretch to make it comfortable without being tight. It’s breathable and comes down to the mid-thigh. It comes in six sizes and 15 colors.

Sold by Amazon

The Drop Slip Dress

The small side slits in this dress make it a breeze to walk in. Pair it with casual shoes for daily wear or heels for a night on the town. It comes in 10 sizes and in 23 colors.

Sold by Amazon

Hillban Slip Dress Collection

These collections include three slip dresses to fill out your closet. The colors are black, white and apricot, and you can get all three in the same color or one of each color. You can also get them in the same length or have all three be a different length.

Sold by Amazon

Joyshaper Slip Dress

This slip dress is unlike most, thanks to its supportive and lifting cups. Combine that with easy-adjust straps and a seamless hem for an all-around excellent dress. It comes in five sizes and in beige or black.

Sold by Amazon

Lyaner Slip Dress

This slip is undeniably meant for outerwear thanks to its complex design, including its ruffled neckline and elegant back. It comes in five sizes and in 24 colors.

Sold by Amazon

Qaffier Slip Dress

The simple design, easy-to-adjust straps and length that ends high up the thigh make this perfect for use as either underwear or outerwear. It comes in four sizes and in black, white, navy blue and tan.

Sold by Amazon

Rooscier Slip Dress

The low-cut top with lace-rimmed cups, keyhole back and thigh-length skirt are sure to turn heads, especially if you pair it well with accessories. It comes in four sizes and 24 colors.

Sold by Amazon

R.Vivimos Slip Dress

This is more complex than most slip dresses thanks to its low back, creased neckline, angled skirt and side slit. It doesn’t stretch and is unlined. It comes in four sizes and six colors.

Sold by Amazon

Summienlink Slip Dress

This dress is begging to be paired with a light jacket and some simple shoes for a casual day out. The straps are easy to adjust. It comes in five sizes and four colors.

Sold by Amazon

Utnisan Slip Dress

This dress has a loose neckline and a tied waist to make it more dynamic, and a slit up the skirt makes it easier to walk. It comes in five sizes, 12 solid colors and eight floral patterns.

Sold by Amazon

Verdusa Slip Dress

This dress has a slightly ruffled skirt for some extra body, and a narrow band helps separate the skirt from the top. It comes in six sizes and in 14 colors.

Sold by Amazon

Zoviee Slip Dress

This dress is equally well suited to lounging around your home and for warm weather events. It comes in six sizes and in black, white and tan. It’s machine-washable but should be air-dried.

Sold by Amazon

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