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Best casual jumpsuit

Which casual jumpsuits are best?

Jumpsuits are comfortable, functional and stylish, so it’s a good idea to own a few. They are also versatile and you can wear to both laid-back and formal events. The Pink Queen Women's Jumpsuit is an example of an elegant yet casual jumpsuit. It is sleeveless and has wide, floor-length legs, making it a breezy outfit you can wear during the day or for a fun night out. 

What to know before you buy a casual jumpsuit


Some casual jumpsuit styles include boiler jumpsuits, cape jumpsuits, denim jumpsuits, boiler jumpsuits and playsuits. 

  • Boiler jumpsuits have tapered legs and a loose fit. They usually come with side pockets and either zips or buttons down the front. You can pair them perfectly with loafers or sneakers. The boilersuit, as it is called, is usually made with denim but some designers also use cotton and linen. 
  • Playsuits are basically jumpsuits with shorts on the bottom instead of pants. They are fun to wear and make the perfect outfit for an afternoon on the beach. Playsuits are usually made with light fabrics, so they are great to wear in summer. 
  • Denim jumpsuits are like jeans, so you can wear them as such. They come in different shades of blue as well as other colors. There’s also a variety of waist styles, sleeve lengths and accessories from which to choose. 

Length of bottoms

The bottom half of these jumpsuits range from mid-thigh to floor length. Playsuits and rompers are usually the shortest of the bunch. The longest of them should stop on the knee or just below. Culotte jumpsuits have flared legs that start mid-calf and stop just a few inches above the ankle. The last category includes ankle-length and floor-length jumpsuits, either stopping at the ankle or sweeping around them. 


Jumpsuits look good on their own, but they look even better with accessories. Some designers attach accessories like belts at the point of manufacture. These belts make it easy to cinch the waist of the jumpsuit for a snug fit. The pre-attached belts are usually of the same fabric and color as the outfit, so people choose metallic belts instead for a contrasting look. Other accessories that look good with jumpsuits are statement necklaces, crossbody bags and a wide range of shoes.

What to look for in a quality casual jumpsuit

Ease of removal

Going to the bathroom in a jumpsuit requires some maneuvering, so the ideal jumpsuit should be easy to remove. Look for pieces with creatively positioned zippers that either run down the front or side so you can pull them down with ease. Elastic waistbands are also a convenient feature because you can pull down the outfit quickly. Some designers add wrap ties around the waist of the jumpsuit that unravel the bottom half of the outfit when untied. 


Casual jumpsuits are usually worn for informal events, so the material they’re made of should reflect that. Common fabric choices for these pieces include chiffon, denim, linen, cotton, satin and polyester. The goal is to find a lightweight outfit that is easy to move around and have fun in. You can wear chiffon, linen and satin jumpsuits for a casual but stylish look, while denim pieces are perfect for playful events.  


The ideal jumpsuit is versatile, so you should keep this in mind even when shopping for casual pieces. A great choice would be to dress down with sneakers and dress up with a jacket and strappy heels if necessary.

How much you can expect to spend on a casual jumpsuit

A casual jumpsuit can cost $20-$200. Prices are determined by the brand, material used and the specific retailer, among other things. 

Casual jumpsuit FAQ

Can I wear a casual jumpsuit to work?

A. It depends on the dress code of your office if any. Some offices have a more relaxed approach towards dressing so if yours is one of those, then the answer is yes. Consider throwing on a blazer and a statement necklace to dress up the look. Also, jumpsuits with longer sleeves and bottoms might be better for the workplace. 

Which shoes are best to wear with a casual jumpsuit?

A. Flat shoes like sneakers, sandals and pumps go well with casual jumpsuits. You can also wear wedges or chunky boots. 

What is the best casual jumpsuit to buy?

Top casual jumpsuit 

Pink Queen Jumpsuit with Belt

What you need to know: It is a sleeveless jumpsuit with slightly flared pant legs and an added waist belt.

What you’ll love: It comes in different colors, and you can choose between two designs, a wrap v-neck style and a button-up style. It has pockets and fits comfortably in every size. The material is solid and doesn’t become see-through when stretched. 

What you should consider: The pant legs might be too long for some wearers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top casual jumpsuit for the money

Pretty Garden Casual Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

What you need to know: It is a long-sleeved jumpsuit with cuffed hems and a loose fit. 

What you’ll love: It is made from a stretchy fabric which makes it very comfortable. It has an elastic neckline, making it easy to style in various ways. It is available in seven different colors.

What you should consider: Sizing is different from general charts, so check the manufacturer’s chart, not the retailer’s. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nine West Faux-Wrap Romper

What you need to know: It’s a bright orange, short-sleeved romper with an elastic waistband and side pockets.

What you’ll love: The material is soft and breathable, making it great for warm days. The loose fit makes it comfortable to wear all day long.  

What you should consider: It runs large, so consider buying one size down. 

Where to buy: Kohl's


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