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Best men's bathrobe

Which men’s bathrobes are best?

When cool air hits and rapidly chills your body after you step out of the shower or bath, the sensation can be uncomfortable at best, and if your home is chilly during colder months, expect your teeth to start chattering.

A cozy bathrobe is great to retain heat and allow you to wander around the privacy of your home without startling the neighbors if you pass by an open window. There is nothing that quite screams comfort like the Arus Soft Fleece Bathrobe, which features a long, warm design and a hood.

What to know before you buy a men’s bathrobe


Bathrobes can be one of the easiest and low-effort ways of drying off after a shower. They work great year-round, whether you want something to lounge in on a summer’s evening or stay warm on a cold winter morning. They also pair well with any version of pajamas. 


Bathrobes come in a variety of different lengths. They can be knee length, calf length or ankle length. Determining which is best for you comes down to personal comfort, making it imperative to pay attention to a robe’s length specifications.


Like most other clothing sizes, bathrobes are sized as either small, medium, large or extra-large. Many brands do not rely on the same standards of measurement, so it is crucial to look for robe sizes that fit your body type. Many manufacturers offer size charts to compare sizes.

What to look for in a quality men’s bathrobe


The material of a bathrobe speaks volumes, and there are numerous options. Terrycloth, or cotton terry, is the same material used to make bath towels. It has absorbent fibers that trap water and retain heat, making it an excellent option for bathrobes. Silk and satin robes are not absorbent and are mainly designed for relaxation. Microfiber bathrobes are soft and fluffy. They’re made from synthetic materials and breathe better than most other robes made from natural materials.


Bathrobes come in various colors depending on the brand, although many bathrobes are sold in cream or white. Some people enjoy these options, while others prefer darker colors such as navy or maroon. 


A bathrobe’s comfort most likely is tied to its construction. Some people feel more comfortable in light and breathable bathrobes made from polyester or microfiber. However, others prefer the warm and cozy feeling of a thicker bathrobe made from cotton or Egyptian cotton.

How much you can expect to spend on a men’s bathrobe

Bathrobe prices are dependent on the material used to make it. Inexpensive bathrobes may cost $15-$20 and be made of lower-quality materials. The construction of the robe may be simple, and it may not be very durable. Midrange bathrobes may cost $20-$40 and be made of finer materials, such as cotton. Expensive bathrobes cost more than $40 and are made of materials such as Egyptian cotton or silk.

Men’s bathrobe FAQ

Do bathrobes come with pockets?

A. Pockets are not guaranteed in all bathrobes. If you want pockets in your bathrobe, make sure to prioritize that feature during your search.

Do all bathrobes have tie fastenings?

A. Most bathrobes have a belt or single-tie fastening to keep the robe closed. However, some bathrobes come with buttons or zippers.

What’s the best men’s bathrobe to buy?

Top men’s bathrobe

Arus Soft Fleece Robe

What you should know: This high-end robe by Arus has a spacious hood and full-length design.

What you’ll love: It is made from plush microfiber fleece, which makes it soft and lightweight while keeping you warm.

What you should consider: Some users have reported the hood can be somewhat bulky.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's

Top men’s bathrobe for the money

Lacoste Home Pique Bathrobe

What you should know: This premium bathrobe from Lacoste is made from soft cotton and exudes luxury.

What you’ll love: Its pique-knit construction gives it a high-end appearance without being overly expensive. It has two side pockets and is easy to wash.

What you should consider: The hemline only reaches to the knees, so taller users may find it too short.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's

Worth checking out

Polo Ralph Lauren Soft Cotton Kimono Velour Robe

What you should know: This Polo Ralph Lauren bathrobe is comfortable, cozy and made from 100% cotton.

What you’ll love: It is constructed of soft and comfy cotton. It features side pockets and a shawl collar.

What you should consider: There are few color options for this robe.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy's


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