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Best Wall Mount Range Hoods

Updated May 2022
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Broan-Nutone BWP2304SS Wall-Mount Range Hood
BWP2304SS Wall-Mount Range Hood
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Least Noisy
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This range hood boasts quiet operation at low speed and powerful extraction at high speed.


Extracts 450 CFM at highest of 3 speeds. 43-45 dB loudness on low for quiet operation. Push-button controls are backlit. Dual dishwasher-safe filters remove easily. Works ducted or ductless with optional kit.


A little more expensive than other models.

Best Bang for the Buck
Comfee 30 Inch Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vent Hood
30 Inch Stainless Steel Wall Mount Vent Hood
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Best for Small Spaces
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A low-priced range hood with good suction power for apartments and smaller kitchens.


Good for apartments. 3 exhaust speeds with up to 450 CFM of suction. Adjustable chimney height. Offers LED lighting. Works ducted or ductless. Reusable aluminum filter is dishwasher-safe.


Buyers note the build metal is somewhat thin.

Cosmo 30" Wall Mount Range Hood with Tempered Glass Visor
30" Wall Mount Range Hood with Tempered Glass Visor
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Most Stylish
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This wall mount range hood stands out for its good looks and reasonable price.


Rated at 460 CFM. Sleek modern design. Tempered glass visor and stainless steel construction. Earns praise for its premium-looking design. Filters are stainless steel and dishwasher safe.


Some owners aren't satisfied with suction. Challenging to install. Noisy.

CIARRA CAB75206P Wall Mount Range Hood
CAB75206P Wall Mount Range Hood
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Attractive Design
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A stylish and attractive range hood that's quiter and stronger than some other models.


Moves up to 450 CFM at highest setting. Noise rating of 57-59 dB is less obtrusive than other models. Attractive fingerprint-resistant finish. Can operate ducted or ductless with optional carbon filter.


Installation instructions can be unclear.

Cosmo 63175 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood
63175 30 in. Wall Mount Range Hood
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Simple Yet Solid
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This range hood offers good performance and features for its price.


Maximum 65 dB noise won't overpower your kitchen. Up to 380 CFM suction power. Can be installed ducted or ductless. Durable permanent filters are dishwasher-safe. Simple pushbutton controls.


Thin metal. Charcoal filter not included.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best wall mount range hoods

There’s a surprising way to keep your kitchen clean: install a range hood. A range hood is almost like a Mr. Clean for your kitchen’s air. It helps remove the airborne grease, moisture, odors, smoke, and heat produced from cooking.

But when do you need a hood? What type of hood do you need? And how do know what size to buy? There are many different types of hoods, but one of the most common hood types is the wall-mounted range hood, which is the focus of this shopping guide.

A typical wall-mounted range hood will be vented or ducted to the outside, though there are also duct-free range hoods that trap particles and odors in filters. Whether you’re choosing a range hood for a kitchen renovation or simply replacing an older model, you’ll want the most efficient option for your space. Read through this buying guide to learn what to look for when choosing a wall mount range hood for your kitchen.

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Use your range hood fan even if you’re only boiling water. It counteracts the heat and humidity that’s being created, which will otherwise settle on nearby surfaces and attract dust.

Key considerations

There are four main considerations when choosing a wall mount range hood: air intake strength, filter type, size, and style.

CFM strength

The strength of a range hood is measured by the power of air movement drawn through the appliance. The measurement is called CFM, or cubic feet per minute. A typical CFM for daily cooking would be 350 CFM for a standard 30-inch wide electric cooktop. The CFM you need depends on the size and type of range you install. Keep in mind that ranges with higher CFMs can be noisier when in use, so a bigger CFM number isn’t necessarily better.


For ducted hoods, you need traps that can be easily removed and cleaned. Stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe; aluminum filters are not. For ductless hoods, you’ll use charcoal filters.


Range hoods vary from 30 to 48 inches wide. The general rule is that a 30-inch wide stove needs at least a 30-inch wide hood, with a minimum of 250 CFM. But you also need to take into consideration the size of your kitchen. A larger kitchen has more air to move, which calls for a larger hood in both size and CFM. However, you want it to look proportional over your range. For example, if you have a 30-inch-wide stove in a medium to large kitchen, you may want to consider installing a 36-inch-wide range hood with more 250 CFM for a proportioned look and a powerful enough fan.

Whatever size you choose, you need your range hood to be wide enough to cover all of the burners on your cooktop to catch as much smoke as possible. Of course, the width of the hood you purchase must also fit between any existing cabinets.


A wall-mounted hood will likely be the focal point of your kitchen, even if its design is simple. You can find wall-mounted hoods in brushed or gleaming metals and in natural woods. There are many striking range hoods available, from rustic artisan styles to European and contemporary looks, each with a choice of finishes to match your kitchen.

"Clean the outside of a stainless steel hood with a microfiber cloth and non-abrasive cleaner. Gently wipe it down and buff it dry by going with the grain of the stainless steel."


Wall mount range hoods have features built into them that make them more functional and more attractive in your kitchen. From architectural accents to lighting and settings, your hood can be one of the most valuable cooking tools in your kitchen.


Because there are countless wall mount range hoods on the market, you can choose from a vast number of accent styles and treatments. Some range hood visors are framed with tempered and etched glass. Others are tricked out with corbels, posts, moldings, arches, multiple finishes, and other ornamental design elements. Take care to match the style you choose with your existing appliances and cabinetry.


Most hoods include lighting to brighten up your cooking area, so you can choose the type of lighting you prefer to blend with your existing kitchen lighting. Options include LED, fluorescent, and halogen lighting. Many users choose range hoods with lights in all four corners, though others consider that overkill and choose hoods with two lights in either the front or the back. Some hoods also offer lights that can be switched to a low level to function as a subtle nightlight in your kitchen.

Control panel/settings

Depending on the hood, you can find backlit digital touchscreens or button controls. Available settings you can control include auto shutoff, noise levels, filter change indicator lights, heat sensors, blower speeds, light settings, a clock, and more.

Remote control

Some wall mount range hoods include a remote control so you access some or all of the hood’s control panel functions from a distance.

Wall mount range hood prices


In the $160 to $200 price range, you’ll find a number of simple 30-inch ducted stainless steel wall mount range hoods with basic functions. More models at this price point will have aluminum filters.


From $200 to $350, you’ll find 30- to 36-inch stainless steel wall mount range hoods with more functions, settings, and controls. These hoods are often styled with glass visors and brushed stainless finishes. Stainless steel filters are more common here, and some of these mid-range ducted hoods are also convertible into ductless models. At the upper end of this price range, you’ll find some models with remote controls.


For $350 to $1,000, you’ll find higher CFMs, copper embossed finishes, more speeds, quieter functions, motion sensor controls, and larger widths up to 48 inches. Over $1,000, you will find high-end wooden wall-mounted hoods, often with ornately carved aprons, multi-wood designs, as well as high-CFM units designed specifically for professional-style gas ranges.


  • Seek professional help. Some DIYers can handle installing simple ductwork for a wall mount range hood, but you know your limitations. If your kitchen setup is complicated or the install is too taxing for you, hire a professional who knows the building codes in your area and has previously done similar range hood installations.

  • Go ductless for flexibility. Some, but not all, ducted hoods can be converted to ductless hoods with a conversion/recirculation kit. Ductless hoods can be convenient because they can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. This can be especially helpful during a kitchen renovation if you don’t want to install permanent new ductwork while you’re changing the location of your oven.

  • Remember your range hood’s filter material. Stainless steel filters can be washed in a dishwasher, but aluminum filters can be damaged or discolored in the dishwasher. Aluminum filters must be hand washed, rinsed, and thoroughly dried.
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Switch your range hood fan on a few minutes before you begin cooking, and leave it running 15 minutes after you finish cooking to optimize kitchen air quality.


Q. Do I need to consult my city’s building codes before buying a range hood?

A. Yes. As a precaution, you, your contractor, or kitchen designer should consult your city’s codes. A range hood is a type of ventilation system, which can be a safety issue. Though most building codes don’t require installing a range hood, there are rare occasions when you do have to consider it as part of your renovation. In addition, if you choose to install a range hood, there may be requirements that need to be followed, such as height requirements above the cooktop or how high a hood’s CFM must be for a given setup.

Q. What is makeup air, and why might I need it with a high-performance range hood?

A. Though it’s a complex HVAC issue, simply put, a hood with a high 600 to 900 CMFs used with high BTU ranges, for example, will need what’s called a makeup air system. Makeup air literally makes up for the indoor air that’s being pulled out of your home through the hood. An appropriately located motorized damper kicks on to pull fresh air from the outside into your house when your range hood is pulling large amounts of air out of the house while you’re cooking.

Q. What’s an extension kit?

A. A wall mount range hood with a telescopic chimney may be too short for the height of your kitchen wall. Range hood manufacturers generally have extension kits to extend the chimneypiece or replace the supplied one. Many range hoods have chimneys that are adequate for ceilings up to nine feet. But if your ceiling is over nine feet, you will likely need an extension kit.