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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Travelers Club Sky+ Luggage Set
Travelers Club
Sky+ Luggage Set
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Most Comprehensive
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Convenient luggage set that accommodates weekend getaways and extended vacations.


Compact yet resilient carry-on luggage set. Traveler’s tote bag and bathroom bag included. Flexible interior accommodates more luggage with expandable dimensions. Handles on side and top of the bag. Extendable handle for rolling. Available in 4 stylish colors. Four-piece and 5-piece sets also available.


When lightweight, bag may roll unevenly across uneven surfaces, like carpets.

Best Bang for the Buck
Rockland Soft-Sided Luggage Set
Soft-Sided Luggage Set
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Bargain Pick
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Deluxe, 2-piece expandable luggage set that's spacious and loaded with convenience features; available in over 40 colors and patterns.


Constructed with durable, heavy-duty polyester and PVC. Upright features an inside retractable handle, in-line skate wheels for easy handling, zipper-secure pockets, comfortable, easy-grip handles on top and side, bottom stability bars to prevent tilting, and lock and key. Tote has nonslip, detachable shoulder strap.


Less durability and functionality than that of pricier sets.

U.S. Traveler Rio Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set
U.S. Traveler
Rio Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set
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Lightweight Duo
Bottom Line

An exceedingly popular 2-piece luggage set excelling in carry-on portability and lightweight construction.


Incredibly cheap compared to the brand's other highly-rated products. Fun color options perfect for stylish travelers. Customers appreciate the impressive number of pockets for easy organization.


Plastic handle has a tendency to crack. Doesn't have 4 wheels.

Travel Select Amsterdam Carry-On Luggage Set
Travel Select
Amsterdam Carry-On Luggage Set
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Portable Convenience
Bottom Line

Spacious 2-piece, carry-on luggage set with features facilitating organization and maneuverability; offered in 6 colors.


Lightweight, with 30% expandability in the upright. Exterior material is high-grade, 2-tone polyester with PVC backing. Upright has in-line skate wheels for maneuverability, retractable push-button handle, and convenient clasp for attaching both pieces together. Interior of upright has zipper mesh pocket, 2 shoe pockets, and tie-down straps.


Set is smaller than some buyers expected. Upright can tip if packed to capacity (including expansion).


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Buying guide for best luggage sets under $100

If you’re a budget-conscious traveler, you know that finding affordable luggage is a journey in and of itself. Fortunately, luggage makers have taken note, and there are many luggage sets available for under $100.

A decent variety of two-piece and three-piece luggage sets exist in this price range. Some sets feature two carry-on-friendly pieces, including a few kid-friendly sets. Others include a third piece large enough to serve as checked baggage.

While not as durable as premium-priced luggage, luggage sets under $100 can handle their fair share of use. Most affordable sets are soft-sided, meaning they’re made with materials like oxford cloth, nylon, or polyester. Despite their budget-friendly pricing, there is usually at least one wheeled piece in each set.

To help you find the best luggage set under $100, we put together this helpful buying guide. In it, we cover what you can expect from luggage sets in this price range and share tips on how to maximize the potential of your luggage set.

luggage sets under 100 1
Because most budget-priced luggage sets lack internal organization systems, travelers often invest in packing cubes to keep their belongings separated and organized.

Key considerations

Carry-on vs. checked baggage

Before diving into the $100-and-below price range, it helps to familiarize yourself with the difference between carry-on luggage and checked baggage. The dimension guidelines set by your airline may impact your options for luggage.


Airlines stipulate that carry-on luggage should fit in overhead bins, in which case the maximum dimensions should be 9 x 14 x 22 inches. However, maximum dimensions can vary among airlines and are subject to change. Always check dimension requirements with your airline before you fly.

Checked bags

As far as checked baggage goes, the vast majority of luggage larger than 9 x 14 x 22 inches is acceptable. Keep in mind that airlines have weight limits for each checked bag. As is the case with carry-ons, these limits vary among airlines. If the baggage is overweight, you may be subject to additional charges.

Piece count

For the most part, you’ll only find two or three pieces in luggage sets under $100.

While three-piece sets appear attractive in terms of cost per piece, their construction quality is often subpar. For that reason, many budget-conscious travelers gravitate toward two-piece sets where both pieces tend to have markedly better construction quality.


Most pieces in budget-priced luggage sets are lightweight in construction. As a result, they tend to weigh less than pieces in premium sets. According to many travelers, this is a major perk of investing in affordable luggage.

Because these pieces are lighter, they’re easier to carry or trolley around airport terminals. As an added bonus, lighter pieces give travelers more packing flexibility. The lighter the piece, the less it impacts the maximum weight of checked baggage — meaning there’s more room to pack souvenirs.

To identify your checked bag on a carousel, attach a bright ribbon or luggage strap to it.




The pieces found in luggage sets under $100 can be loosely grouped into two categories: carry-ons and checked baggage.

Carry-ons, as mentioned before, measure 9 x 14 x 22 inches. These mostly include small spinner suitcases as well as totes, rolling backpacks, crossbody bags, computer bags, and small duffels.

As expected, any piece larger than a carry-on is considered checked baggage. In luggage sets priced $100 and under, these pieces are usually medium or large spinner suitcases. However, there are a few sets that feature large wheeled duffel bags.


To keep the price down, budget-priced luggage sets are made with less-expensive materials. These pieces are usually soft-sided and made of oxford cloth, nylon, or polyester. Some manufacturers pretreat these materials so they are waterproof for added durability. A handful of kids’ luggage sets feature small hard-sided pieces featuring polycarbonate or ABS shells.

Stacking designs

It’s common for luggage sets under $100 to have stacking designs. In these sets, the smallest pieces fit neatly on top of larger wheeled ones. This is achieved through a sleeve design that slips over the telescopic handle to hold the smaller bag in place.

Many travelers appreciate stacking luggage as a cost-saving feature. Rather than paying to rent a trolly at an airport, it’s easier — and more affordable — to stack pieces and tote them around on your own.

Kids’ luggage sets

There are quite a few kids’ luggage sets that cost $100 and below. As expected, these pieces are often much smaller than those for adults. They often feature fun characters or bright prints, too.

Given their small size, it comes as no surprise that there are limitations with these sets. At most, they hold a couple of days’ worth of clothes. For that reason, many parents reserve these luggage sets for weekend trips and car trips. However, some pieces in kids’ sets are the perfect carry-on size because they hold a moderate amount of toys, snacks, or stuffed animals.

luggage under 100 2
If you’re planning on investing in locks for your luggage, make sure they are TSA-approved locks. Otherwise, regular locks may be cut off during security checks, and unfortunately, they won’t be replaced.

What you can get for your $100 budget

While it’s easy to find luggage sets under $100, there are pros and cons associated with shopping inside a limited budget.

Pros of spending $100 and below

Luggage sets under $100 are ideal for casual travelers as well as those who need to purchase pieces in a pinch. For example, if your trip is extended or you’re bringing home more items than you packed, a budget-friendly luggage set is the most affordable option.

Most luggage sets under $100 have at least one carry-on-friendly piece. In some sets, you may receive two carry-on pieces, which covers you and a partner during travel.

If you need to purchase multiple pieces of luggage for your household, investing in a few luggage sets under $100 is a cost-effective option. You can mix and match pieces easily, and each household member can have their own carry-on or checked bag.

Cons of spending $100 and below

When you invest in a luggage set under $100, durability is decent at best. Because most designs are soft-sided and lightweight, they’re not conducive to the heavy handling of frequent travel.

While luggage sets under $100 seem cost-effective, they don’t offer much value unless you intend to use all pieces. If you’re only going to use one, you’re essentially spending $100 on a lower-quality piece of luggage.

It’s hard to find luggage sets under $100 that are made by well-known manufacturers. As a result, you may need to buy from a new or unfamiliar brand.

What features are hard to get in luggage sets for $100 or less

  • High-quality wheels: High-quality wheels, such as double-wheel and 360-spinners, make it easier to maneuver your luggage.
  • Built-in TSA locks: Built-in TSA locks eliminate the need to purchase separate locks, which are often expensive. Separate locks can also be tampered with or damaged in handling.
  • Hard-sided designs: Hard-sided luggage is considered the most durable option because these pieces won’t collapse or compress under weight or pressure.
  • High level of organization: Luggage with a series of compartments and pockets can help you separate and organize belongings. They also help secure items and minimize their movement inside the luggage.
  • Lengthy warranties: Many reputable luggage manufacturers offer coverage that lasts between 10 years and a lifetime. These warranties offer the most bang for your buck in terms of long-term value.

For occasional travelers, the limited features might not be deal-breakers. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, you might be better served by investing a bit more in a luggage set to get the features you need.

Luggage sets under $100: prices

Low-end: Luggage sets priced $50 and below mostly include two-piece sets for kids. It’s also possible to find a few sets featuring a rolling carry-on and small tote.

Mid-range: Luggage sets priced between $50 and $75 include a decent variety of two-piece options. More often than not, one or both pieces are ideal carry-on sizes.

Upper-end: For close to $100, you’ll find higher-quality two-piece luggage sets with greater internal organization. A handful of three-piece luggage sets are also available in this range.

As for luggage sets over $100, you can expect to spend as little as $250 to $400 on a high-quality two-piece or three-piece hard-sided set. Better-quality sets cost closer to $500 to $700. Premium and designer luggage sets, which are equipped with features like built-in TSA locks and charging ports, can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500.

To save even more on a luggage set, shop around for unpopular colors or designs. They’re often marked down because they’re harder for retailers to sell.



  • Make a packing list. Before you shop for luggage, make a packing list of travel essentials so you have a better idea of the luggage sizes you need.
  • Invest in deodorizer. To keep your suitcase fresh during your trip, invest in deodorizer to keep clothes and belongings fresh. For example, charcoal bags neutralize odors and eliminate moisture.
  • Have realistic expectations. Budget-priced luggage won’t last forever. If you plan on traveling often, it’s a good idea to save for a premium luggage set.
luggage sets under 100 3
Because a budget-priced suitcase isn’t as durable as other options, there is a greater likelihood that it will burst open during handling if you overstuff it. If possible, pack light. If necessary, pay for an additional checked bag.


Q. Do luggage sets under $100 have external pockets?

A. Most pieces have external pockets, though size and accessibility vary considerably. Some spinner luggage pieces have slash pockets as opposed to zippered pockets. It’s also common for these pieces to have shallow pockets instead of the full-length ones seen on premium suitcases.

Q. Will I find expandable luggage sets for $100 or less?

A. Yes, there are a few. Expandable spinner luggage may offer between one and three inches of additional space. However, this is considered a “premium” perk in the budget price range, so be prepared to spend closer to $100 for it.

Q. How long do warranties on luggage sets for $100 and under last?

A. Some manufacturers offer limited 30-day warranties, whereas others offer warranties between one and five years. With that said, most warranties for these luggage sets are limited and highly subjective. You’ll also need proof of purchase to submit a claim.


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