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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Samsonite Omni 3-Piece Luggage Set
Omni 3-Piece Luggage Set
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Trusted Brand
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From a well-respected name in quality luggage comes this lightweight set that excels in performance and durability.


Constructed of 100% polycarbonate to be lightweight yet durable, and exterior is designed to be scratch-resistant. The 360-degree spinner wheels allow luggage to move with you. Full-capacity interior with zippered divider and cross-straps to help you organize items. Lock on side of cases is TSA-approved.


Set is at the high end of the price range.

Best Bang for the Buck
Coolife 3-Piece Luggage Set
3-Piece Luggage Set
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Bargain Pick
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A strong and sturdy wheeled set that is available in 10 attractive colors.


Hard yet lightweight exterior shell. Lined interior is spacious with a mesh, zip-pocket divider. Wheels spin 360 degrees with ease. Comfortable to grip with an adjustable aluminum handle. Pieces nest inside each other to save space when storing. Also available in "family set" of 4 pieces.


A few complaints regarding wheels, zippers, and handles not holding up as expected.

U.S. Traveler New Yorker Lightweight Softside Expandable Travel Rolling Luggage Set
U.S. Traveler
New Yorker Lightweight Softside Expandable Travel Rolling Luggage Set
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Best for Everyday Use
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A durable and expandable suitcase set that leaves room for you to pack everything you need.


This set is available in a huge variety of colors and includes a large, medium, and a small suitcase, plus a bag you can carry. Features pockets on the front of all luggage. Very durable and provides many travel options.


Some quality concerns with luggage breaking or tearing in some cases.

Steve Madden Designer Luggage Collection
Steve Madden
Designer Luggage Collection
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Most Stylish
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A stylish, standout luggage set to bring with you anywhere you travel.


A beautifully designed Steve Madden suitcase set featuring 1 small luggage bag, a carry-on, and a large suitcase. Various different color options are available. Suitcases have wheels, and all 3 include ergonomic handles. Classy look.


Handles may get stuck, some concerns with fabric ripping. Expensive purchase.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade 3-Piece Luggage
Kenneth Cole
Reaction Renegade 3-Piece Luggage
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Bottom Line

Hardside suitcase set that is strong without being too heavy.


A huge variety of color options. Includes 3 suitcases in small, medium, and large sizes—you can choose between 2 different-sized sets. Features ergonomic handles. It has wheels for easy movement. Expandable for extra storage.


Some durability concerns. Quality issues with suitcases not standing up to wear and tear very well.


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Buying guide for Best lightweight luggage sets

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, a lightweight luggage set can make your trip easier (and lighter).

But exactly what type of luggage do you need? Hard? Soft? Four wheels or two? The options multiply as luggage manufacturers come up with new ways to enhance the travel experience.

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Everybody packs differently. Your packing style will dictate many of the features you need in your luggage set. Minimalists need fewer storage options and aren’t limited by a hard-shell case. Over-packers might need an expandable soft-shell set with many outer and inner pockets.

Key considerations


Lightweight luggage sets have anywhere from two to five pieces, and some have even more. The size of each piece in a set varies by make and model. All the pieces in a set may have wheels and a handle while other sets may include one or two pieces that rely on a shoulder strap instead of wheels and a handle for transport. In general, each set has at least one piece that’s designed to meet airline regulations for carry-ons. However, each airline has its own specifications and regulations, so all sets won’t meet the standards for all airlines.


The capacity depends on a number of factors, including the material used to make the shell, built-in storage and organization features, and the expandability of the design. For example, the capacity of a soft-shell suitcase may be much larger than a hard-shell suitcase of the same size because the soft-shell model expands more. Keep in mind that hard-shell sets are limited to the dimensions of the shell while soft-shell models can expand beyond their dimensions.


A complete lightweight luggage set can weigh anywhere from 15 to 30 pounds – empty. Certain features like wheels, handles, and built-in locks add weight, so carefully consider the worth of each feature before buying a set.

Lightweight luggage set features

You have some options when it comes to hard, soft, wheel type, durability, and other features of lightweight luggage.

Hard-shell luggage

Hard-shell luggage has many advantages: it resists water and rips, so it does an excellent job of protecting breakable items. The integrated locks can provide better security, too.

On the downside, the dimensions are fixed, so you won’t be able to cram more last-minute items inside the way you can with soft-shell luggage.  Hard cases show scuffs and scratches. And these cases take up more storage space than soft luggage.

Hard-shell suitcases are made of polycarbonate, ABS, or aluminum.

  • Polycarbonate: This synthetic resin isn’t the lightest option, but it’s incredibly durable.

  • ABS: If you want the lightest of lightweight luggage, a thermoplastic known as ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) is the material for you. However, it’s not quite as durable as polycarbonate or aluminum.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum provides the best protection and durability of any option. It’s also the heaviest, so you’ll have to decide if the extra weight is worth it.

Soft-shell luggage

Soft luggage expands for greater capacity than hard-shell luggage. It often has more interior and exterior storage options, too. It’s also easier to store both at home and while traveling.

On the downside, soft luggage doesn’t provide as much protection or security for your belongings. It can rip and may not resist water as well as hard-shell luggage.

Soft-shell luggage is made of one of three types of nylon.

  • Cordura: This type of woven nylon produces a soft outer shell that’s fairly resistant to abrasion.

  • Ballistic: This is also woven nylon, but it’s smoother than Cordura and shows wear and tear more easily. However, even if it gets scuffed, it maintains its strength and integrity.

  • Ripstop: Ripstop nylon is best known as the fabric used to make parachutes. In luggage, it’s most often used for unstructured bags and may be used for one or several pieces in a set.


You’re going to love having luggage with wheels when you’re sprinting through the airport to your gate. When it comes to wheels, spinners and inline are your two options.

  • Spinners: A suitcase with spinner wheels has a wheel or set of wheels on each corner that can spin in any direction. Push, pull, left, right – it doesn’t matter. These wheels keep rolling in any direction. You have to keep a hand on a case with these wheels because it could roll away when you’re not looking.

  • Inline: A suitcase with inline wheels usually only has two, though some have three, and these wheels only work when the suitcase is tipped and being pulled or pushed. When the case is upright, a stopper prevents the wheels from rolling. These wheels tend to work better than spinners on rough and uneven surfaces.


Handles are almost a given with luggage sets, although some sets come with one or two soft-sided suitcases that have a shoulder strap rather than a handle and wheels. A suitcase handle can take a beating when traveling, so look for durable ones on each piece in the set.


You don’t want to think about baggage handlers throwing your luggage, but it happens. Durability can’t be an afterthought. Look for luggage that is reinforced at the zipper, corners, handle, and wheels, the most common weak spots. Thick, durable fabric or a tough outer shell will prevent tears or dents.

You’ll want luggage with at least some water resistance in case it ends up in a rainstorm or a puddle on the tarmac. Hard-shell luggage resists water far better than soft luggage, so choose hard-shell if you frequently travel to wet climates. When purchasing luggage, be sure to check the zippers because that’s where water will likely sneak in.

For soft-shell, not all fabrics are water resistant, and of those that are, some are more water resistant than others. Nylon and nylon-blend fabrics have some natural water resistance, while other fabrics may be treated or coated to increase their water resistance. Again, be sure to check the zippers, too.

Organization and capacity

  • Organization: Soft-shell luggage often has far more options for storage and organization than hardshell. The more pockets you have, the better organized you can be, but pockets aren’t the only way to organize a suitcase. Dividers, built-in garment bags, and cross straps that keep clothes in place all serve to keep your clothes, shoes, and toiletries organized, too.

  • Capacity: Soft-shell luggage also outperforms hard-shell models when it comes to expandability. Fabric has more flexibility than rigid plastic or metal, so it can expand as you pack. However, both hard- and soft-shell sets may include expandable sides that can be extended or minimized with a zipper. When open, they add an inch or two to the sides and increase the interior square footage.


TSA-approved locks, a feature on more-expensive luggage, have a combination or key for you but can also be opened by a TSA master key. If you find the perfect lightweight luggage set but it doesn’t include built-in TSA-approved locks, you can buy them separately.

Smart features

Many of these features add convenience, and some also increase security:

  • GPS locators: If you’ve ever arrived at your destination without your luggage, you might want to consider this feature. Using an app, you can locate your luggage almost anywhere, even if it’s on the baggage claim conveyor belt right in front of you.

  • USB ports: Battery power flows like water when you travel. Built-in USB ports let you charge your favorite devices like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, eliminating the need to find an outlet or wait for a charging station at your gate.

  • Solar-powered batteries: Solar-powered batteries keep the luggage battery charged so your devices won’t run out of power. If you want to use the suitcase as a carry-on, be sure the battery can be removed because security measures may require it.

  • Remote lock system: A remote lock system lets you check the status of your locks while your luggage is out of your sight. You can also open it for the TSA or other security agency from afar.

Lightweight luggage set prices


Lightweight luggage sets that come in under $100 may not be the most durable, but there are many that are built tough enough to last for years. At this price, most luggage sets are made of soft fabric and may include two or three pieces. Retractable and/or telescoping handles, exterior and interior pockets, and inline wheels round out the rest of the features you’re likely to find in this range.


Hard-shell and higher-quality soft-shell lightweight luggage sets start in the $100 to $200 range. Spinner wheels, tougher handle construction, and ABS shells add utility to these sets. Some sets have three or four pieces that all have wheels, while others may include one piece that lacks wheels but has a shoulder strap.


In the $200 to $300 range you’ll still find both hard- and soft-shell luggage sets. Four-piece soft-shell sets are typically made of water-resistant fabrics, with reinforced zippers and perhaps spinner wheels. Hard-shell models at this price may have built-in locks, expandable sides, and better interior organization.


You can find lightweight luggage sets that cost well over $300. This is where you’ll find large sets with five or six pieces that often include premium features like GPS locators, built-in TSA-approved locks, USB ports, and solar-powered batteries.


  • Know your travel style. Do you drive across your state or fly to other continents? Are monthly flights your norm, or do you take one or two family vacations a year? Frequent travelers might want to invest in premium features like USB ports and GPS locators, while the casual traveler might focus on a balance between cost and durability.

  • Check luggage specs with your preferred airline. If you often fly with a certain airline, check its specifications and requirements for carry-on and checked baggage to be sure any luggage you buy fits its guidelines.

  • Avoid checked-bag fees. If you want to save money, pack everything in your carry-on. Every airline has its own requirements for carry-on size, but if you want a set that includes a carry-on that will work on any airline, go with smaller dimensions.
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If you’re short on storage space, choose a nesting luggage set. All the pieces fit inside the largest bag.


Q. Do all lightweight luggage sets come with at least one piece that meets airline carry-on standards?

A. The smallest piece (and sometimes larger pieces in a set) is usually designed for use as a carry-on, but that doesn’t mean it will meet every airline’s requirements. Each airline has its own size and weight standards, which means some suitcases will work on one airline but not another.

Q. Are luggage wheels replaceable?

A. The wheels and handle are often the first parts to break, so replaceable wheels will prolong the life of your luggage set. All you need is a screwdriver to replace some wheels, but others don’t have replacement parts available. If you want a lightweight luggage set that will last a long time, opt for one that has readily available replacement parts.

Q. Do suitcases have weak points that I should watch for?

A. Corners take a heavy beating, making reinforced corners a feature worth splurging on. Hardware like handles, wheels, and zippers are other points of weakness where you’ll want extra durability. Manufacturers that offer replacement parts can help you extend the life of your set well beyond the warranty, so long as you’re willing to do the maintenance.

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