Updated January 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best fidget spinners

Fads happen for a reason. A fascinating object or an enjoyable activity catches the populace's fancy, and soon, everyone is doing it. A fidget spinner is the perfect example.

Fidget spinners are small, affordable items that are easy to use and can be quite mesmerizing. 

Two children play with fidget spinners
The world's most expensive fidget spinner was manufactured by Russian jewelry specialists Caviar. It features a 100-gram gold-coated exterior. The cost to own this model is roughly $16,800.


What makes a fidget spinner worth your money is how well it spins. 

Spin time

First and foremost, you want a fidget spinner that spins exceptionally well. Although it may be hard to find an estimated spin time, manufacturers that make a toy with a respectable duration tend to make that fact known in the advertising literature or the packaging. Anything approaching three minutes is decent, but if you can find a model that boasts four or five minutes, you've got something special. There are even a few brands that claim a six-minute spin time or more.

Consider the unit's price in relation to this feature, too. If a fidget spinner claims to have the longest spin time but costs $20 more than you were expecting to pay, it's not a good deal.

Materials and durability

After you've spun your spinner a few times, chances are you're going to start experimenting. You may try stacking a few fidget spinners up or passing one back and forth while keeping it spinning. Eventually, you are going to drop it. If your fidget spinner is made of thin plastic, it will crack on the first drop. You want a durable, solid-bodied fidget spinner. ABS plastic is acceptable because it's affordable as well as durable. High-end models that use metal or wood, however, will spin better if they are precision-crafted. The increased mass creates greater inertia, which translates to a tendency to remain spinning.


If the fidget spinner is a high-end model with quality bearings for use by an older child, weight is a good thing. If, however, the fidget spinner is for a younger child, you may want to consider a lightweight model, so it is not too tiring to use for extended periods of time.


Well-crafted fidget spinners produce a smooth, satisfying hum. Most users like that sound. If you prefer a model that is quiet, you may have to dig deep into customer reviews to uncover that specific information.

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Did you know?
When it comes to reducing stress, watching a fidget spinner spin is comparable to focusing on a spoken mantra.

Other considerations

Once you find a highly rated fidget spinner that will work the way it is intended, spinning long and smooth, you will want to look more closely at the unit's aesthetics.


With so many fidget spinner models available, virtually any shape, color, or design that you want can be yours. You can get a traditional three-lobe model or something that looks more like Captain America's fabled shield. You can get a fierce-looking dragon design or one with beautiful pastel hues. The choice is yours, so take the time to pick something you'll be happy with.


Some fidget spinners feature LED lights that add an extra dimension to your enjoyment. The downside to these models is that they tend to be considerably more fragile than other types of fidget spinners, so they require more care when handling.

What it looks like while spinning

Admittedly, most fidget spinners become a blur when whirling round and round. However, some crafty manufacturers design fidget spinners that create cool colored patterns, such as a rainbow of concentric circles, while spinning. These might be tough to find, but if that's what you want, they are available.

Additional features

Besides lighting up, there are fidget spinners that have additional features: textured surfaces, clicking buttons, functionality as a pen. There are even ones with Bluetooth speakers built in. If those additional features entice you, just remember, they are only found on pricier models.

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Did you know?
A fidget spinner is fundamentally different from a stress ball because a fidget spinner primarily offers visual stimulation while a stress ball is a motion-oriented tool.

Fidget spinner prices

Inexpensive: If you are looking for the most affordable fidget spinners, they will cost between $4 and $7. These items will most likely be brightly colored plastic fidget spinners featuring the recognizable three-lobed design.

Mid-range: From $7 to $14, you can find a wide variety of fidget spinners. Some may be plastic, but at the higher end, you will see metal models. In this price range, you can find a number of deviations from the standard three-lobe design. In general, this is the best place to look for an affordable quality fidget spinner.

Expensive: If you'd like to get a high-end fidget spinner that is made of metal and operates smoothly, spinning for the longest periods (and quietly), you'll need to look in the $15 to $25+ range. These models are precision-balanced and often feature a spin time that is several minutes long.

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Did you know?
Some individuals find listening to the soft whir of a fidget spinner to be as soothing as watching it spin.


Like all other items that have moving parts, fidget spinners require a bit of maintenance to keep them operating smoothly. Following are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your fidget spinner.

  • Wipe it down. Whenever using a fidget spinner for extended periods, a quick wipe down with a soft cloth can remove any oils, dust, and dirt that may have accumulated.
  • Use compressed air. For more thorough cleaning, hitting your fidget spinner with a few blasts of compressed air is recommended.
  • Consider adding oil. A noisy fidget spinner can be quieted by adding oil (check the manufacturer for the specific type of oil to use), but this may noticeably slow down your fidget spinner.
  • Give it a deep cleaning. For the most thorough cleaning, follow the manufacturer's recommendations to open your fidget spinner to access the bearings. Wash, rinse, dry, and oil the bearings as directed.
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The longest uninterrupted spin time for a fidget spinner is 24 minutes and 46.34 seconds. The world record was set by Takayuki Ishikawa, who used a model that was designed by 50 engineers over a six-month period.


Q. Do fidget spinners really help with ADHD?
ADHD is a condition in which an individual may have trouble maintaining focus on certain tasks. One potential symptom is the need for constant motion — or the need to fidget. A fidget spinner provides a relatively calm and quiet way for some people to get express their fidgetiness without being disruptive.

It is important to note that different management strategies work for different people with ADHD. If you’re looking for a physical outlet for someone who has trouble sitting still and/or focusing, it’s worth giving a fidget spinner a whirl, but fidget spinners aren’t a substitute for medical help with the problem.

Q. Can I use a fidget spinner to help manage stress or anxiety?
A number of factors can contribute to stress and anxiety. Sometimes, it is situational; other times, it is caused by a chemical reaction in the brain. Likewise, there are a number of different strategies that can be employed to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. One of those ways is meditation. This is the area where a fidget spinner can work wonders. Whirling and watching a fidget spinner can have a meditative effect that distracts the mind from stressful thoughts.

That said, using a fidget spinner alone will not get rid of all of an individual's anxiety. The best approach is to use it as part of a multi-pronged treatment that also incorporates sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and more.

Q. Other than watching fidget spinners spin, is there anything else that you can do with them?
Yes! You can perform a multitude of tricks with fidget spinners. These tricks range from simply passing it from one hand to the other to executing complicated feats that involve multiple fidget spinners. An individual can start with easy tricks and level up to ones requiring greater dexterity as skill level increases.

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