Updated September 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for Best stomp rockets

Stomp Rockets are simple and easy to use, allowing kids of all ages to send foam-tipped rockets flying through the air. Their advertised distance of up to 400 feet is no joke — you really can send these things flying. From hand-launched rockets to rockets with wings that can perform tricks, there are plenty of models to choose from.

While most Stomp Rocket sets work well for kids of all ages, they vary in distance and design. Some rockets glow in the dark or light up with LEDs, while others have streamlined designs to reach maximum distances. The number of rockets included in a set ranges from three to ten, but you can always purchase a refill pack if rockets go missing or you want to expand your fleet.

Stomp Rockets are fun for everyone and can be very safe if used properly. Most sets are fairly inexpensive, but it’s still important to find the right set for you and your kids. Learn more about the types of Stomp Rocket sets available.

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Stomp Rockets are rugged in design and can withstand countless afternoons of sky-high launches.

What are Stomp Rockets?

The concept behind Stomp Rockets is simple: send a toy rocket flying with a blast of compressed air. There’s no fuse and no flame, nor are there any electronic or mechanical components (with the exception of the LED models).

A Stomp Rocket launcher consists of a launch stand, hose, and launch pad. When stomped on, the rubber launch pad forces air through the hose to the rocket, sending the rocket flying at high speed and making a satisfying pop. With most sets, the stand can be adjusted to change the angle of the rocket.

The height a rocket travels depends on the weight of the user and how quickly they extend their legs as they stomp on the pad. As a result, younger children aren’t able to send a rocket flying nearly as high as a teenager or adult can. This is one reason why these simple toys are so much fun for the whole family.

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Expert Tip
If you’re going for distance, put your launch stand at a 45° angle. This law of physics applies to launching any projectiles, including Stomp Rockets.

Types of Stomp Rocket sets

Stomp Rocket sets vary in design, which impacts how a rocket flies and how far it can go. Some sets are designed for style, while others are made for maximizing height and distance.


These sets are made to be enjoyed by users of any age. The rockets don’t do anything fancy, but they can still go high and far.


Some rockets have wings that make them fly in unconventional paths. These sets generally include rockets with differently shaped wings for loops, twirls, and long glides.


If maximum height and distance are what you’re after, consider a Stomp Rocket set designed to reach heights of up to 400 feet. Younger children may struggle to launch these rockets that high, but older children and adults can have a lot of fun seeing who can send a rocket the farthest.


For keeping the fun going when the stars come out, there are glow-in-the-dark Stomp Rockets and models with built-in LED lights. Glow-in-the-dark sets need to be left under a light for a short time to be visible in the dark, while LED models have batteries that can be depleted over time and aren’t replaceable.

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Expert Tip
If you lose a few rockets, refills are available for most sets and are fairly inexpensive.

Stomp Rocket features

Stomp Rocket sets vary in the number of rockets they include, the design of the stand, and the materials that make up the rockets.

Number of rockets

If you want to spend less time picking up rockets to relaunch, consider a set that includes six or more rockets. This is also a good idea if your kids have a tendency to lose track of their toys. The plastic rockets can break if stepped on, so having a few spares can be handy.


Most Stomp Rocket stands can be angled, allowing you to send your rockets flying vertically or horizontally for height or distance. Some stands are made to launch two rockets at once. These can’t be angled (they only launch rockets vertically), but the ability to launch two rockets at once is fun. In addition, some stands are sturdier than others and easier to keep upright on uneven surfaces.

Rocket materials

Most rockets have a plastic body and foam tip to prevent injury, but some models are made entirely of foam. In general, plastic rockets tend to soar higher and hold up better in the wind, but the smaller foam rockets are the safer option.

Stomp Rocket prices


Most Stomp Rocket sets that cost $5 to $10 are handheld squeeze launchers. While these don’t come close to the distance of regular launchers, they’re a good option for young children, and they can be used indoors.


For $10 to $20, you’ll find a variety of sets that range from basic to glowing rockets and dual launchers. If you’re looking for a basic set that can reach heights of 150 to 200 feet, you’re likely to find one in this range that meets your needs.


Stomp Rocket sets that cost $20 to $30 may include trick rockets or maximum-distance rockets. These are a great choice for older children who really want to see their rockets soar.

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Expert Tip
Unlike model rockets, no fire or electricity is involved in the high-velocity flight of a Stomp Rocket.


  • Launch your rockets in an open area. The best place to launch your rockets is an open field or you risk losing them. Launching your rockets at an angle for distance is entertaining, but it means a lot more walking back and forth to pick up the rockets. If you have limited space, launch the rockets vertically and caution kids against launching at full power.
  • Never launch rockets at people. This is asking for an injury. However, setting up some targets like plastic cones or a soccer goal can be a lot of fun.
  • Put the launch pad on a firm, level surface. Not only does this maximize your power, but it also keeps kids safe as they stomp.
  • Double the fun. If you have a crowd of kids looking to play, consider investing in a second stomp rocket set for twice the fun.
  • Use two feet. Stomping  with one foot will send the rocket flying, but the launch pad is designed for a full-force stomp with both feet for maximum power.
  • Experiment. Use your stomp rocket set as a science experiment. You can show your kids how distance and height are affected by the angle of the launcher and the amount of force applied.
  • Don’t forget wind. Take the wind into consideration when keeping track of your rockets. The lightweight plastic can easily be sent off course by a strong gust.
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While Stomp Rockets can take off very quickly, they come down softly and are unlikely to hurt anyone on their descent.


Q. Are Stomp Rockets from one set compatible with other launchers?

A. Not necessarily. The diameter of the launcher tube can vary from one set to the next. Your best option for mixing sets is to buy two of the same set or refills designed specifically for your set.

Q. How safe are Stomp Rockets?

A. As with any toy that launches projectiles, there is a risk of eye injury with Stomp Rockets. However, the foam tips are unlikely to cause injuries to other parts of the body. If you’re concerned about your children’s safety, don’t let them play with Stomp Rockets unsupervised and be sure to teach them not to aim the launcher at anyone’s face.

Q. How durable are Stomp Rocket sets?

A. The launch pads are designed to be jumped on again and again. The rockets, however, may have plastic bodies that can crack if stepped on, resulting in a loss of power.

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