Updated October 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
North Star Games Wits & Wagers
North Star Games
Wits & Wagers
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Family Favorite
Bottom Line

An engaging trivia game that is a top pick for groups and multiple ages.


Users love how fun, creative, and interesting this trivia game is. Many felt it was the ideal trivia game for groups, and the questions had a good level of challenge but were still appropriate for multiple ages. It also gets top marks for how easy it is to learn how to play.


Some felt the cost was a bit too high, and occasionally reviewers received damaged pieces.

Best Bang for the Buck
Hasbro Trivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit
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Popular Choice
Bottom Line

Best classic trivia game from a well-known brand that offers an excellent challenge.


Trivia lovers praise the challenging questions and fun, broad range of trivia this classic Hasbro game has to offer. It also stands out for being playable for all generations and being an updated version with a beautiful design. The high quality of both the content and physical game make this a top choice.


A few felt this should come with boxes for the cards, and cards may tend to slump over.

Wonder Forge Pictopia: Disney Edition
Wonder Forge
Pictopia: Disney Edition
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Cross-Generational Appeal
Bottom Line

An ideal option for families, especially for those with younger children; this is a fun, fast-moving game.


Trivia lovers with families rave about this game, giving it top marks for how entertaining and fun it is. A top pick for a family game night, particularly for families with younger children, this game also stands out for its good quality and attractive artwork. It's also an ideal choice for Disney fans.


Questions can be inconsistent; some felt questions were too simple.

University Games Smart Ass
University Games
Smart Ass
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Humorous Fun
Bottom Line

Best choice for a trivia party; fast-paced and good for groups.


Customers praise how fun this is, especially for teens and adults, but the questions are appropriate for most ages. In addition to being a clever party game with challenging but fun questions, this game also stands out for being a good value for the cost.


A few felt some of the trivia questions were obscure, and some thought it was hard to keep the cards organized.

Game Development Group Wit's End Board Game
Game Development Group
Wit's End Board Game
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Challenging Entertainment
Bottom Line

A fun and challenging trivia game great for adults.


Praised for its variety of questions, challenging trivia, and fun play, this game includes history and other trivia that some users felt was best geared towards adults, though it's suitable for a variety of ages.


A few felt the questions were a bit too challenging or that the rules were a bit difficult to understand.


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Buying guide for Best trivia games

Bringing trivia night to your home can be a lot of fun, whether you have a group of adults or people of various ages. The topics and playing style of trivia games vary wildly, and there are plenty of options to make your game night memorable and fun for everyone.

Different trivia games have different degrees of difficulty, and it can depend greatly on the knowledge (and often the ages) of the players. However, some trivia games are less dependent on esoteric knowledge than others. Some are deliberately silly, while others are more competitive. You also need to consider how much content a game includes and how often you can replay it, because no one wants to replay a game if everyone knows the answers to all the questions. Also think about the age range of your players and what type of game will be the most fun for everyone.

Trivia games can provide endless family entertainment and are far cheaper than taking everyone to the movies or a theme park. There are many games to choose from, and not all trivia games are for everyone.

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Trivia games range in size from a deck of cards to a large box. Consider the size of the game if you plan to take it traveling or camping.

Key considerations

Is it fun?

What constitutes “fun” depends on your tastes and those of your group. For some people, a rowdy game that gets everyone shouting, arguing, and laughing is their idea of a great game night. For others, a competitive battle of intellects that will declare one player the cleverest makes for a memorable evening.

Many trivia games have players taking turns answering questions for points, but newer games tend to be more innovative and unusual. Some games have players working in teams or trying to guess an answer before their opponents, and others use apps to give players new ways to answer questions and offer a different experience every time.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect” trivia game. Every group is different and each person will find certain types of games more fun than others.

Finding the right trivia game means considering your family and friends and what they enjoy most. If your group is competitive and cutthroat, a challenging trivia game targeted at adults might be perfect. If you have a younger crowd or you’re looking for a more lighthearted game, you might need something sillier. Fortunately, there’s a spectrum of trivia games from which to choose.


The topic of a trivia game often determines its difficulty. If you have a competitive group, consider games that focus on history, culture, science, arts, geography, or language. For a more casual or younger group consider games that focus on movies, television, music, animals, or celebrities.

Depending on the type of questions and the style of the game, any category can be casual or competitive. Many trivia games allow you to choose the categories, and this is a great way to allow players to stick to their comfort zones (or leave them).

Age range

Take note of the age range listed on the box. Though this is usually an indicator of the difficulty of the questions and topics, it often has to do with the components of a game. If there are small children participating in game night, you might want to avoid games with small, colorful pieces that could present choking hazards.

Number of players

Will you have three people or a dozen at your game night? Most trivia games list the range of players they can accommodate, which can be a range of 2 to 4 or 2 to 20. Choose a game that allows your whole group to play. And sometimes the player count of a game can be fudged if you play in teams.

Player interaction

Some trivia games have players answering questions for a score. Others pit players against each other in a race to answer first or allow players to bet on each others’ answers. A rowdy game can be a lot of fun, but it’s not always for every group.


One of the main challenges faced by trivia games is bringing players back for game after game. Since repeat cards and memorized questions can spoil a game, you should consider the number and variety of questions and topics included. Questions a simple multiple-choice style can be easier to memorize than more open-ended questions.

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Did you know?
A trivia game can last anywhere from five minutes to more than an hour.

Trivia game features


What matters most is how fun a game is, but the quality of its components should not be overlooked. The quality of the cards, board, and tokens, can affect how a trivia game looks on your table and how well it holds up over time. In general, more expensive games have better production quality. This can include attractive artwork or high-quality cards that will last for years even with regular shuffling.


Most trivia games have enough content to be played again and again, but even a game with hundreds of questions can become repetitive if played often enough. To address this issue, some trivia games have expansion packs that add questions or content and allow you to freshen up your favorite trivia game. Deluxe editions might also include additional content for more replayability.

Trivia game prices


Trivia games that cost $5 to $10 typically come in small boxes and are quick and simple to play and fairly portable. While the content in these games might be limited, they can still be a lot of fun.


For $10 to $20 are trivia games that have a decent amount of content and may focus on a specific category or topic, such as movie-specific trivia. If you’re a fan of a particular TV show, movie series, or other franchise, you can find a game to share with other fans in this price range.


Trivia games that cost $20 to $40 often include more content than their lower-priced counterparts and can be played again and again for years without seeing repeat questions. In addition, the higher price means the cards, boards, and pieces are often of higher quality.


  • Offer snacks and drinks on game night. But make sure the snacks won’t make fingers – and the game – greasy or sticky.

  • Decide ahead of time where you’ll play the game. Some games are best suited to a table, while other can be played with everyone sitting on the couch.

  • Having fun is more important than winning. Trivia games can be intimidating for some people. If you sense that someone isn’t comfortable with a topic or question, you might want to let them choose another question.

  • Balance the teams. If you play in teams, make sure that the teams are balanced, especially if you have a mix of children and adults.
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If your group struggles with general trivia knowledge, many games feature simple questions that test players’ quick thinking rather than knowledge of specific facts.


Q. Are there trivia games for people who aren’t good at recalling facts?

A. Absolutely! Not every trivia game is about coming up with a correct answer. Some games are about things as silly as guessing how much an animal weighs. Not all trivia games test your knowledge; many test your ability to think quickly.

Q. Can trivia games be played with a large group?

A. While many trivia games can only support up to six players, many exceed that limit. These are often team games, which can be a great option if you have a group of mixed ages or skill levels.

Q. Is there anything you can do if a game comes with missing or damaged pieces?

A. Most game companies have excellent customer support and will quickly send you any replacement parts you need.

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