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Best fidget toys for kids

A kid playing with a fidget toy
Fidget spinners have existed since 1993, but in 2017 they took the world by storm. At one point, 32% of the largest 200 American public and private schools had one on campus.

Which fidget toy for kids is best?

It’s not uncommon for children to be diagnosed with a variety of conditions, from ADHD to anxiety. Fortunately, these can be somewhat alleviated by using fidget toys, which are like ordinary toys but have simple functions for mindless interaction, like pressing buttons or spinning gear. Fidget toys can help one channel their overall anxiety into a simple but engaging activity.

The best fidget toy for kids is the Antsy Labs Fidget Cube. This pocket-sized cube features multiple sides with different tactile interactions, including an analog stick, a switch, a ball bearing, a dial, and a worry stone indent. 

What to know before you buy fidget toys for kids

Help alleviate stress or anxiety 

Fidgeting is a common symptom for any child with worries or troubles on their mind. It’s only natural that we channel mental energy into physical activity. Fidget toys can help normalize that kind of behavior and even help in assuaging one’s feelings of anxiety. By having an outlet to fidget and fiddle with a toy, some of that excess energy can be alleviated. 


Fidget toys are typically made with plastic parts, making them highly affordable. You don’t need to purchase any fancy or expensive fidget toys. Any cheap toy will do as long as it’s portable and encourages some sort of tactile interaction. 

Shapes and sizes

The fidget spinner may be the most popular fidget toy, but there’s plenty of other choices to choose from. There's a fidget putty that “helps you think” by shaping things with your hands. There are fidget puzzles that force you to use your logic and comprehension. There are even bubble wrap-type toys that help you relieve stress just by popping bubbles!

What to look for in quality fidget toys for kids


Fidget toys should ideally be portable. This is so that you can bring them to work, school, or wherever you may experience a bout of anxiety or stress. It also helps when the toys are pocket-sized, so you can fidget more discreetly. 


Fidget toys are designed to be interacted with! That is the whole point of the fidget toy, to engage in a simple yet engaging activity. This may be in the form of pressing, spinning, squishing, or solving, as long as it is a somewhat mindless act that helps take your mind off of a stressor.


Fidget toys are just toys at the end of the day. They shouldn’t be an esoteric, highly expensive gadget. Rather, it should be highly accessible for even a child to purchase and use. While most are marketed towards children, they are really for everybody, and that means having an everyman price tag. 


Fidget toys are distinct from puzzle toys or games because they are meant to be extremely simple. Typically, they only feature one or two moving parts and only require one action that can be repeated over and over. The more complex a fidget toy, the more stressful it may become. 


Although they are usually cheap, fidget toys shouldn’t be cheaply made. They should endure significant wear and tear even over the course of a few months or years. After all, you will be pushing its usability to the limits by pushing buttons thousands of times or spinning a gear countless times. 

How much you can expect to spend on fidget toys for kids

Fidget toys can be extremely cheap, going for as little as $4. They can go up to $20 or more, coming in a set of 20 or more fidget toys. 

Fidget toys for kids FAQ

How does a fidget toy relieve stress?

A. While stress relief from a toy is a subjective matter, fidget toys can be particularly effective. They help take your mind off a stressor and focus instead on physical activity. 

Do fidget toys make noise?

A. This depends on the fidget toy you pick up. The fidget cube has certain parts that are noisy and some parts that are quiet. Fidget spinners are usually silent. Any noises made can often be something that helps you engage more with the activity.

What are the best fidget toys for kids to buy?

Top fidget toy for kids

Antsy Labs Fidget Cube

What you need to know: This cube has six sides, each one with a unique activity. You can slide, roll, flip, glide and click your way through all of them.

What you’ll love: The cube is about the size of a power adapter and can easily fit in your pocket for discreet fidgeting.

What you should consider: The cube has a somewhat loose construction and may not feel as good to hold as alternative versions of the cube.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fidget toy for kids for the money

Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

What you need to know: A novel twist on the classic fidget spinner design, this anti-anxiety fidget spinner has a spinner within a spinner. 

What you’ll love: This fidget spinner is made with 100% metal, giving it slightly more weight and a sturdier feel than other fidget spinners. 

What you should consider: Unlike other fidget spinners, however, you cannot leave this on a table and watch it spin. You have to constantly hold it and set it in motion.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

What you need to know: This is a black, sturdy ABS plastic cube that you can flip and separate infinitely for anti-anxiety or anti-stress purposes. 

What you’ll love: This infinity cube can be manipulated with just one hand. It also has a very sleek look, so it wouldn’t be out of place at a professional office.

What you should consider: After prolonged use, the hinges can become very weak and split apart.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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