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Best Dog Water Bottles

Updated July 2023
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OllyDog OllyBottle Water Bottle
OllyBottle Water Bottle
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This water bottle makes it possible for you to share water with your dog without having to drink from the same spout.


Comes in several colors. Bowl attaches to the water bottle and can sit flat on the ground for your dog to use for drinking. Holds about 20 ounces of water. BPA-free. A wide mouth makes it easy to put in ice cubes. The tray is a decent size, even for bigger dogs.


This bottle does not come with a clip or a strap.

Best Bang for the Buck
M&MKPET Dog Water Bottle
Dog Water Bottle
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Portable Convenience
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A convenient way to take water with you while you are walking with your dog.


Water doesn't spill. Dogs seem to enjoy drinking out of it. Easy push-button access to the water. Bottle has a lock to help prevent leakage. Water slides easily back into the bottle if your dog does not drink it all. Made from BPA-free material.


The biggest drawback of this bottle is that it only holds 10 ounces of water.

ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle
Dog Water Bottle
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Innovative Design
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This water bottle comes with a snap-on bowl that can be attached to the bottle for water on the go.


This water bottle is sturdy, works well, and does not cost a lot of money. Designed to hang easily from your backpack or bag. Enough water for dogs under about 60 pounds. You can squeeze out the exact amount your dog needs. Performs as expected.


You will have to keep your hand on the bottle while your pet drinks or it will likely fall over and spill your water.

Kalimdor Dog Water Bottle
Dog Water Bottle
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Simple yet Solid
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This portable bottle is perfect for walking with your dog on hot days.


The little bowl swings open and locks into place so your dog can’t upset it while drinking from it. Unused water easily flows back into the bottle. It comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors.


Some had some issues with leaks and it isn’t dishwasher-safe.

Tuff Pupper PupFlask
Tuff Pupper
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Most Stylish
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A portable water bottle that is good for long hikes with your dog.


The bowl of this option is extra roomy so even the largest dogs have an easy time drinking from it. You can buy an insulated sleeve for it separately to keep fluids cold. It comes in 2 sizes and 4 colors.


There are some leakage issues with the way the water release button works.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best dog water bottles

Anyone with a dog knows how much fun it is to go on adventures with your furry friend. Whether it’s taking long walks, going for a run, venturing onto hiking trails, or heading out on a road trip, a dog makes an ideal companion. Just like you, though, your pup can get thirsty while active, which is why you definitely want to bring along a dog water bottle.

A dog water bottle is like the water bottle you take along for yourself: it’s a lightweight container you can fill with water for when your dog gets thirsty. Dog water bottles are designed so your pet can drink directly from them without getting water everywhere. Most have a handle or hook that allows you to conveniently carry the bottle or hang it from your bag.

If you need to keep your furry pal hydrated on your next hike, our buying guide can help you choose the best dog water bottle and figure out what material, size, type, and other features to look for to make it easy for your dog to use. For truly stress-free shopping, check out our product recommendations too.

dog water bottles1
When you’re going on a long walk or hike, fill your dog’s water bottle about three-quarters full and freeze it. Just before you leave for your trip, top off the bottle with water. That will ensure your dog has cold water for the entire walk or hike.

Key considerations


The material a dog water bottle is made of is the most critical detail to consider when shopping. It determines how durable the bottle is and how lightweight and easy it is to carry.

Plastic: Most dog water bottles are made of plastic, so they’re durable, lightweight, and easy to bring on walks, runs, hikes, and road trips. Plastic bottles are more affordable too, but it’s important to choose a bottle made of BPA-free plastic to ensure it’s nontoxic for your pet.

Silicone: Some dog water bottles are made of silicone, which can be even more durable and lightweight than plastic. Make sure the bottle is made of food-grade silicone.

Stainless steel: The most durable dog water bottles are made of stainless steel, but they’re also the most expensive. They can be heavy too, which can be annoying when you’re walking, running, or hiking with your dog. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, plastic and silicone bottles can get damaged pretty easily. A stainless steel bottle might be a better option.


The size of the dog water bottle is also crucial. If you go on long walks, hikes, or runs with your dog, you obviously want to bring along enough water to keep it hydrated all day. You also need a larger bottle if you have more than one dog that will be drinking from it. Larger dogs also need to drink more than smaller dogs, so you might need a larger option for a German shepherd than you would for a Chihuahua. However, you don’t want to buy a bottle that’s larger than you need because it might be too heavy and difficult to pack.

Dog water bottles are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 25 ounces. If you’re unsure what size you need for your dog, a bottle between 12 and 20 ounces usually works best for most pet owners.

dog water bottles2
On average, a 50-pound dog needs a minimum of 40 ounces of water a day even if it isn’t particularly active.



While all dog water bottles are similar, you can choose from a few different types.

Handheld: Most dog water bottles are handheld models, which means you have to hold the bottle for your dog to drink from it and squeeze it to dispense more water.

Standing: Other bottles are standing models that you can set down for your pet to drink from. They use gravity to freely dispense water but can spill if knocked over.

Hooked: Other water bottles are designed to hook or attach to your dog’s crate. Your pet can drink from the bottle without your help, but it isn’t a portable or travel-friendly option.


Any dog water bottle should have a leakproof design or it won’t be easy to travel with it inside a bag. Most brands provide a secure locking gasket system that keeps water from escaping the bottle. Water bottles that are designed to attach to a dog’s crate aren’t leakproof, which is why they aren’t a good option for travel.


A dog water bottle should be lightweight, so it’s easy to carry or pack in your bag. Most bottles weigh between 4 and 8 ounces, so stick to these options to make sure the bottle isn’t too heavy. Also remember to factor in the weight of the water, which is just over a pound for a pint.

Strap or attachment

Some dog water bottles have a strap or hook attachment that makes it easy to carry the bottle or connect it to your backpack for easy portability. While this isn’t a required feature, it can make keeping your dog hydrated on walks, runs, and hikes more convenient.

Some dog water bottles allow you to retract the water you dispense if your dog doesn’t drink it all, so you don’t waste it.



Dog harness: Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness
A harness gives you more control over your dog when you’re walking or hiking. This option from Kurgo is a standout because of its comfortable, adjustable fit and the quick-release buckles that make it easy to put on and take off.

Dog leash: Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Striped Dog Leash
Every dog owner needs a high-quality leash to keep their pet from running off. We’re fans of this one from Blueberry Pet because it features a comfortable, easy-to-hold handle and reflective stitching to help keep you and your pet visible after dark.

Dog backpack: Pettom Dog Saddle Backpack
If you’re bringing your dog along on a long hike, walk, or camping trip, having it carry its own supplies in a dog backpack can make travel much easier. This one from Pettom is a favorite because it’s made of waterproof material and features a removable saddlebag for versatility.

Dog water bottle prices

Dog water bottles vary in price based on material, size, design, and other features. Most bottles cost between $2 and $60.

Inexpensive: The most budget-friendly dog water bottles are usually made of cheaper plastic. You can find many bottles designed to attach to crates in this price range, but there are also some handheld bottles. You’ll typically pay between $2 and $15 for these.

Mid-range: These dog water bottles are generally made of BPA-free plastic. You’ll find many handheld models in this price range, but there are also some standing bottles. You can expect to pay between $10 and $22 for these bottles.

Expensive: The priciest dog water bottles are typically made of food-grade silicone or stainless steel. You can find both handheld and standing bottles in this price range. You’ll usually pay between $16 and $60 for these bottles.

dog water bottles3
Some breeds that are brachycephalic, with a short skull and snout, get dehydrated more easily. Some common brachycephalic dogs include pugs, puggles, bulldogs, bullmastiffs, boxers, shih tzus, Pekingese, Boston terriers, and Lhasa apsos.


  • Get your dog used to the water bottle. To get your dog used to the demands of long walks or hikes, start with shorter trips. Have it get used to drinking out of a water bottle too, so you know you’ll be able to keep your pet hydrated once you start covering longer distances.
  • Look for signs of dehydration. Dogs exhibit specific symptoms when they’re dehydrated. If your dog is panting excessively, has pale, dry gums, is disoriented or lethargic, isn’t hungry, and/or is urinating too much or not enough, it’s likely dehydrated. Have your pet drink some water as soon as possible. If the symptoms don’t improve, take your dog to a vet.
  • Monitor the temperature. When the weather warms up, your dog can get dehydrated much more quickly. If temperatures are above 70°F, let your dog drink after every 15 minutes of physical activity on outdoor adventures. Also, let your dog rest every hour or so to help keep it from overheating.
dog water bottles4
Some dog water bottles have a built-in filter to remove toxins from the water. If your bottle doesn’t have this feature, fill it with filtered water to ensure that it’s safe for your dog.


Q. How do I use a dog water bottle?

A. As with the water bottle you might take to the gym, you simply open the bottle and fill it with water. Afterward, reseal it carefully to make sure it doesn’t leak. Many bottles have a dish component that folds down. To dispense the water, squeeze the bottle to fill the dish.

Other water bottles don’t have an attached dish. Instead, the lid serves as a bowl, and you must push a button to dispense the water. You can set the bottle down and allow your dog to drink from it. Once your dog is finished drinking, you press the button again to shut off the water.

Q. Do I only need a dog water bottle for travel?

A. The primary purpose of a dog water bottle is to help keep your pet hydrated during travel, so it’s necessary if you take your dog on long walks, hikes, runs, or road trips. You might also want one if you take your dog on plane trips.

However, you can still enjoy the convenience of a dog water bottle even if you don’t travel much with your pet. Take the bottle into the yard when you and your dog are enjoying the warm weather so you don’t have to keep running inside to get water for your pet.

Q. What’s the best way to clean a dog water bottle?

A. Most dog water bottles aren’t dishwasher safe, so you have to wash them by hand. Separate the bottle into its components and clean them with warm water and mild dish soap. Make sure to wash the bottle after each use to keep it clean and free of germs.


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