Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best pet grooming gloves

Curly, straight, short, or long — regardless of coat type, your pet needs to be groomed frequently. Special grooming tools such as combs, rakes, and brushes help remove loose hairs and reduce mats, but unfortunately, not all cats and dogs enjoy these tools.

A grooming glove slips onto your hand just like a standard glove or mitten. Tiny nodules on the palm and fingers do most of the work. A gentle alternative to other grooming tools, many pet owners love the peace of mind these unique gloves provide. Most pets enjoy the time with their owners, too — for them, it’s like being petted and groomed all at once.

If you are looking for a versatile tool that will make grooming time more enjoyable for both you and your pet, continue reading for more information.

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Pet grooming gloves come in handy for reaching areas that are challenging to groom, such as the paws, tail, ears, and face.

Benefits of pet grooming gloves

When your pet is happy and relaxed, you also feel peace of mind. That’s why using a pet grooming glove (or two) is beneficial for both pets and the people who love them.

  • Pet grooming gloves are gentle. The flexible nodules on grooming gloves won’t scrape delicate skin or pull on fur.
  • Pet grooming gloves are comfortable on the hand. Wearing a pet grooming glove feels similar to wearing a winter or work glove. Plus, the glove eliminates the need to hold onto a handle while brushing an animal.
  • Using the glove removes loose or shedding fur. The nodules have a structure and texture designed to attract, trap, and remove hairs so they don’t end up on clothing, furniture, and carpet.
  • Your pet’s coat looks smooth and well-groomed. Not only does removing excess hair keep fur from tangling, but it also makes the coat look lustrous and beautiful. The oils that are released from the stimulation provide a conditioning effect.
  • The gloves have multiple applications. Pet grooming gloves are great for dogs and cats, but they can also be used on small animals like bunnies and guinea pigs and large animals like horses and goats. The hair-trapping abilities of the gloves also make them useful for removing hair from furniture, clothing, and other household items.
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Did you know?
Many animals who were adopted from shelters and rescues once experienced traumatic events in their lives. When you use pet grooming gloves on a rescued animal, you can groom, comfort, and bond with them all at the same time.

Features of pet grooming gloves

Materials and structure

Most pet grooming gloves are made of a knit-like material. The palms and fingers are covered in plastic, silicone, or rubber with hair-grabbing nodules. The nodules are small, raised points that remove hair and stimulate the skin. They are also sometimes referred to as grooming tips. The number of nodules on a glove varies from brand to brand.

While most grooming gloves have a five-finger structure, mitten designs are also available. Both work similarly, although the glove style provides a more flexible, hand-hugging fit.


Many pet grooming gloves are only available in a one-size-fits-most option. However, some manufacturers offer the choice of sizes, ranging from child sizes to extra-large adult sizes.


Pet grooming gloves with wrist straps allow you to easily adjust the fit. The closure is usually made of Velcro or a similar material. This feature is typically available on gloves that are only available in a one-size-fits-most option.

Single glove vs. pairs

Grooming gloves come in pairs and singletons. If you opt for a single glove, make sure you know which hand the glove is designed for. If you’re left-handed, for example, you might be disappointed if the glove is made for right-handed use.

"Cats are notorious for being unenthusiastic about being brushed. Pet grooming gloves eliminate the stress many felines feel when it’s time to brush or comb their coats. "

Pet grooming gloves vs. traditional grooming tools

There are many types of combs, rakes, and brushes available for pet grooming. These tools have teeth or bristles made of metal, plastic, or another firm material designed to move through even the densest fur. For some pets, these tools work just fine. However, as we mentioned, these tools can be frightening to some pets and irritating to those with sensitive skin.

Why would you opt for a pet grooming glove over a traditional grooming tool? A pet grooming glove is an unassuming tool that you wear. Most pets don’t even realize they are being groomed; instead, they find the experience soothing and relaxing.

Notably, if your pet suffers mats, a traditional brush, comb, or other special tool would probably still be needed; grooming gloves aren’t designed to move through seriously tangled pet hair. However, using a grooming glove on a regular basis could help keep your pet’s coat from developing mats and tangles in the first place.

Pet grooming glove prices

On average, you can expect to spend $8 to $15 on a pair of grooming gloves. However, for the consumer who wants to save a few dollars or only needs one glove, prices range from about $6 to $10. Premium gloves with extra-grippy grooming nodules that are available in your choice of sizes tend to run a bit higher, between $20 to $25.


  • When it’s time to give your pet a bath, use your grooming gloves first. This will help remove loose hairs prior to applying pet shampoo and conditioner.
  • Even if your pet doesn’t need to be brushed often, a pet grooming glove can be used to give him a relaxing massage. Most animals find the textured palms soothing, as if they are being petted with a bare hand.
  • Keep your pet grooming gloves clean to increase their longevity. Remove hair from the gloves each time you use them. Rinse them in warm water occasionally to keep them clean and fresh. Allow them to air dry before storing them.
  • Because pet grooming gloves stimulates skin and its natural oils, using them on horses will help give their coats a smooth, glossy appearance.
  • You can use your pet grooming gloves to remove pet hair from furniture. Simply put them on and swipe them over furniture to remove the hair.
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Pet grooming gloves are great for dogs and cats with long, fine coats who are prone to frequent shedding.


Q. Are pet grooming gloves comfortable to wear?
Just like gloves you put on in the winter, pet grooming gloves are made to fit the contours of your hands. That’s why the fit is as important to the wearer as the grooming nodules are to the pet. If different sizes are available, be sure to select the best size for your hands. If you order a pair with wrist straps, you may gain a bit of comfort from that adjustability as well.

Q. My dog has short fur that doesn’t shed much. Would pet grooming gloves be beneficial to her?
Yes. Pet grooming gloves benefit animals of all fur lengths, from heavy to mild shedders. That’s because they serve several purposes. Even if your pet only has a few stray hairs to remove, she will also enjoy the massage. In addition, grooming gloves help remove dander that isn’t as easy to see as shedding fur.

Q. Can I use pet grooming gloves on wet fur?
If done under the right conditions, pet grooming gloves can be effectively used during a bath or to brush wet fur after a bath. However, it may be easier to brush the pet before the bath when the fur is dry.

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