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Best Dog Nail Grinders

Updated October 2023
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Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder
Dog Nail Grinder
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Highly rated USB cordless rechargeable dog nail grinder that's quiet and feels good in the hand. Good for small and medium dogs.


Rechargeable via USB, this dog nail grinder features a diamond bit. Two speed settings allow greater grooming control. More powerful and quieter than most cordless models. Fits the hand nicely.


Grinding down nails is time-consuming unless you trim them first. Some dogs hate the sound.

Best Bang for the Buck
ConairPRO Dog Professional Nail Grinder
Dog Professional Nail Grinder
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Least Noisy
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A solid choice if you’re looking for a quiet, corded dog nail grinder. Great for smaller breeds, but grinding thicker nails can take some time.


Has a quiet operation ideal for nervous dogs. A lightweight design with a generous cord is comfortable to handle. Grinder attachments are easy to change.


Only 1 speed setting. Some owners felt it was a bit underpowered for large breeds with thick nails.

Dremel PawControl Cordless Dog Nail Grinder w/ Accessories
PawControl Cordless Dog Nail Grinder w/ Accessories
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For Small Animals
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You get the grinder and the trimmer in 1 cordless, rechargeable grooming kit for dogs and other small pets.


Designed for simplicity regardless of your experience. There's a 45-degree paw guide and nail guard. You get 9 items in the box, including the trimmer and several accessories.


Some found it hard to use this grinder with bouncy, excitable pets.

LuckyTail Quiet Pet Nail Grinder w/ LED Light
Quiet Pet Nail Grinder w/ LED Light
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Simple yet Solid
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A high-quality, remarkably quiet nail grinder and trimmer for an affordable price.


The 2-speed motor adjusts to the task at hand. LED light helps you see the paws while you work. The design allows you to approach from several angles. One charge lasts 4 hours.


Some dogs were not a fan of this model. Some humans were disappointed with the non-durable parts, as well.

RexiPets Pet Nail Grinder w/ Guards for Large and Small Dogs.
Pet Nail Grinder w/ Guards for Large and Small Dogs.
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Most Versatile
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An exceptional trimmer for all your dogs, complete with a 4-hour rechargeable battery and safety guards.


There are 3 size ports for small, medium, and large dogs. The company offers free replacements for dud products. It’s made from lightweight, American materials. The motor is quiet, too.


It might break down quicker on large dogs with tough nails.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best dog nail grinders

If your dog has thick, dark nails or is less than fond of nail clippers, you know the pain of trying to keep them nicely trimmed. But, with the help of a dog nail grinders, your canine companion can be well-manicured without the fuss. These are basically electronic nail files, which buff the nail down.

Now all you need to do is decide which nail grinder is right for your dog. This can be easier said than done, especially if you know very little about dog nail grinders. The great news for you is that we've done the research so your choice will be easier.

Not only can you check out our top five dog nail grinders, you can read our full guide to these products to learn everything you need to know about this special tool for dog owners.

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Some dog nail grinders come with a variety of interchangeable grinding bits or sanding bands.

Why use a dog nail grinder?

The obvious first choice for trimming your dog's nails are clippers, but nail grinders have a range of advantages.

  • When you use clippers, it's possible to cut too much off and cut into the "quick" where the nerves and blood vessels are, which will hurt your dog. With a nail grinder, you grind the nail down gradually, so it's hard to go too far.

  • If your dog has opaque nails, you can't see where the quick is, so you may feel more confident using a dog nail grinder.

  • Some dogs are nervous about having their nails clipped (often due to a bad experience in the past), but they might be happy to have their nails ground, if you start slowly and carefully.

  • Large dogs have thick nails that can be hard to cut through with nail clippers.

  • Nail grinders are much easier to use than nail clippers if you have limited grip strength.

Considerations for selecting dog nail grinders

Corded vs. cordless

Some dog nail grinders must be plugged into a power outlet during use, but others are cordless, either powered by standard batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery. Although corded models tend to be more powerful, cordless models allow you to grind your dog's nails anywhere and are better for nervous dogs who might get freaked out by the power cord. What's more, high-end cordless models are getting ever more powerful and now approach the clout of corded options.

Noise level

Not all dog nail grinders make an equal amount of noise. Some are fairly quiet, whereas others are quite loud. Although there are dogs who don't mind noisy nail grinders, others are frightened by any models that are too loud. You know your dog best, but we'd generally recommend looking for a nail grinder that's as quiet as possible.

Grinding speed

Dog nail grinders with a faster grinding speed wear down the nail more quickly but give you less control. Models with a slower grinding speed are easier to control but take longer to grind down each nail. The best dog nail grinders have two-speed motors, so you can start quickly to grind down the bulk of the nail then switch to the slower mode as you approach the quick to minimize the chance of wearing your dog's nails down too far, which could cause some pain and bleeding.

Grinding bit

The grinding bit is the part of the dog nail grinder that you use to grind your dog's nail. It's also sometimes called a grinding drum. Dog nail grinders either have diamond bits (which are made from stainless steel, not diamonds) or use sanding bands that go around the bit. As a rule, those with diamond bits are more effective, but those that use high-quality sanding bands are good, too. The benefits of diamond bits are that they tend to last far longer and they can be removed and washed or sanitized.

Grinder cover

A large number of dog nail grinders have a grinder cover that fits over the grinding bit. This cover is designed to direct how you grind your dog's nails so you don't come at them from the wrong angle. As such, they're great for newbies to the world of dog nail grinding who might not be comfortable using a grinder without some assistance. The grinder cover may have a couple of openings of different sizes for tackling larger and smaller nails.



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Be careful when using a dog nail grinder as you could hurt yourself on the grinding bit.

Dog nail grinder prices

Dog nail grinders are very reasonably priced, considering how often you will use them. However, we recommend going to the higher end of the price spectrum, if you have the budget for it. Basic dog nail grinders start at about $15 to $20. These don't tend to be the best quality and are unlikely to be sufficient for dogs with thick, tough nails. Mid-range dog nail grinders cost around $20 to $30. You can find some excellent models in this price range, especially at the top of the price range. High-end professional-level dog nail trimmers are priced between $30 and $40 and are suitable for even the thickest canine nails.


  • Learn how to properly grind your dog's nails before you get started. This isn't something you should attempt with no preparation and hope for the best, because you could do it wrong and/or hurt your dog's nails. Watch an instructional video by a veterinarian or accredited dog care expert before your first attempt.

  • Check the grit of the sanding band. Those with a coarser grit grind nails down quickly, but can be too coarse for small dogs with finer nails. Choose the correct grit for the job.

  • Consider whether you want a model with an auto-stop safety setting. This can help prevent you grinding your dog's nails down too far, but some are over-sensitive and stop long before you need them to.

  • Find out how easy your chosen dog nail grinder is to operate. Ideally, it should be simple to turn on and off at the press of a button, so you can quickly turn it off if your dog gets nervous.
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Some dog nail grinders require a small amount of assembly before their first use. Check the instruction manual to be sure you've got it right.


Q. How can I acclimate my dog to a nail grinder?

A. You should never attempt to start grinding your dog's nails right away if they're not used to it. Gradual acclimation is the name of the game. Start by simply showing your dog the nail grinder and giving them some treats while you do so. Next, touch the grinder to their nails, without switching it on, and give more treats and praise. That's enough for day one. If they seem fairly relaxed around the nail grinder, the next time you get it out, grind just one nail for a couple of seconds, give lots of treats and praise, and put the grinder away. Each day, build up the amount of time you grind your dog's nails for, giving ample treats each time, until they're happy for you to grind all their nails in one sitting. Never force it or rush.

Q. Are dog nail grinders safe?

A. As with any method for making your dog's nails shorter, there's a slight chance you could nick the quick and cause some bleeding and discomfort. That said, since nail grinding is a gradual process, you're less likely to do so than you are with dog nail clippers.

Q. Will using a nail grinder hurt my dog?

A. As long as you don't hit the quick, using a nail grinder is painless as there are no nerves in the dead parts of your dog's nails. It's the equivalent of using a nail file on your fingernails. However, some dogs aren't keen on the vibrations caused by nail grinders.

Q. Can I use a dog nail grinder on other pets?

A. We don’t recommend it, as other pets’ nails, such as cats and guinea pigs, are smaller and thinner. Consult your veterinarian or only use nail grooming products designed for the specific animal you will use them on.