Updated June 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats, 40 pieces
Kitty Caps
Nail Caps for Cats, 40 pieces
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These stylish cat nail caps are safe for cats, easy to apply, long-wearing, and comfortable.


Pliable caps are tolerated well by most cats. Nontoxic adhesive is 100% safe. Easy to apply. Does a great job of staying put. Unless your cat is determined to bite them off, one application lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Each pack comes with 2 different colors so you can mix and match or keep things simple.


Doesn't come with applicators. A bit pricier than others available.

Best Bang for the Buck
VICTHY Soft Cat Nail Caps, 100 pieces
Soft Cat Nail Caps, 100 pieces
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Affordable quality and an array of colors make this large set of cat nail caps a solid choice for budget-conscious cat owners.


Soft and flexible without being flimsy. Clear application instructions. Non-toxic and safe. Comes with 5 colors, extra adhesive, and easy to use applicators. Following a brief adjustment period, most cats seem perfectly comfortable wearing these. Available in several sizes.


Sizes run a bit large, but length can easily be trimmed for a better fit.

WILLBOND 200 Pieces 20 Color Cat Claw Caps
200 Pieces 20 Color Cat Claw Caps
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Customer Favorite
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Stylish and practical anti-scratching caps specially created for small and medium-sized cats.


Suitable for 5-7.5 kg cats. Made from vinyl resin for maximum comfort. Comes with safe and non-toxic adhesive glue to keep the caps in place. Doesn’t interfere with the cat’s normal behaviour.


The adhesive glue may be too strong if too much is applied making cap removal difficult.

JOYJULY Cat Nail Caps
Cat Nail Caps
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Versatile Set
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If you're looking for an affordable bulk pack of cat claw caps, this colorful assortment is worth considering.


A total of 140 nail caps in 14 different hues gives you loads of interesting color combinations to choose from. Includes glue and fine tipped, user-friendly applicators. Available in a variety of sizes to fit kittens and cats of all sizes. Most cats tolerate them well.


While they do a good job of staying in place, the tips tend to wear out quickly, leaving sharp claws exposed.

Dadiii Soft Cat Nail Caps, 120 pieces
Soft Cat Nail Caps, 120 pieces
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Soft Design
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These cat nail caps have an ultra-soft texture that fussy felines might prefer.


Jumbo pack with 6 different colors delivers great variety. Adhesive is safe and dries fairly quickly. Includes 6 adhesive tubes and applicators. Thin, flexible texture is comfortable enough that most cats forget they're wearing them after a few minutes. Affordable.


The glue is thin and runs easily. Stubborn cats might manage to bite them off. Sizes run large.


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Buying guide for best cat nail caps

Cats have a tendency to scratch things, whether it’s furniture, carpets, people, or other pets. Declawing is an expensive procedure that brings up some ethical questions, but cat nail caps are an inexpensive and humane solution.

Cat nail caps are small pieces of synthetic material that you glue onto your cat’s nails, preventing your pet from scratching things with the same ferocity. The best part of these convenient tools is that they’re completely humane and fall off naturally after a few weeks as the claws grow out. Cat nail caps are a good option for indoor cats, but they should not be used on outdoor cats for the same reason outdoor cats should never be declawed: they need their claws to defend themselves. Cat nail caps are available in a range of colors and typically come in packs of 40 or more.

If you think cat nail caps are right for you and your feline friend, continue reading to learn more about the types available and see a few of our favorites.

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Cat nail caps are an inexpensive way to prevent your cat from using its sharp claws to damage your furniture.

Key considerations

Declawing vs. cat nail caps

  • Declawing: Removing a cat’s claws is an expensive surgical procedure. It involves removing the bones that produce the nails and sometimes some of the padding of the toes. This leaves your cat sore for days or weeks, and many people (including veterinarians) argue that this is an unethical procedure. It may also be illegal in your area.

  • Cat nail caps: On the other hand, nail caps don’t hurt or permanently affect your cat in any way. They’re applied to the nail with a strong glue, leaving the cat able to retract and extend its claws as normal. Because the shape of the nail caps imitates the shape of the claw and fits snugly, most cats experience little discomfort. Applying cat nail caps can be a challenge, however. And not all cats will react to cat nail caps in the same way – it’s possible that your cat won’t like them. Cats with nail caps might still try to claw things, but they won’t be able to do as much damage.
"Many people prefer cat nail caps to declawing for ethical reasons."

Cat nail cap features

Select cat nail caps based on their material and size. You want to find a set that fits your cat perfectly and lasts for several weeks at a minimum.


Cat nail caps are made from a few nontoxic materials that vary in softness and durability.

  • Rubber: Soft and comfortable for cats, rubber is also fairly durable, lasting as long as eight weeks.

  • Vinyl: One of the most durable options, vinyl lasts up to eight weeks, but it isn’t as soft as the other materials.

  • Silicone: One of the softest options, silicone is a good choice for cats wearing nail caps for the first time. However, it isn’t as durable as other materials and may only last a couple of weeks.


Cat nail caps can fall off if they don’t fit snugly, so finding the right size is crucial. You can use the weight of your cat to determine the claw size.

  • Kittens: Extra-small cat nail caps

  • Under 8 pounds: Small cat nail caps

  • 8 to 14 pounds: Medium cat nail caps

  • Over 14 pounds: Large or extra-large cat nail caps

Also take note of the thickness of the cat nail caps. Thicker caps are usually duller, preventing your cat from damaging furniture or carpets. They may be less comfortable for the cat, however.

Color and quantity

  • Color: Many cat nail caps come in a range of different colors. One pack may contain several colors or only one color. Neon caps look cute on your cat, and they’re also more noticeable so you can easily see if a cap has fallen off. If you prefer less vibrant colors, there are many more muted options, including clear. The available colors vary from one brand to the next.

  • Quantity: When it comes to quantity, most brands offer anywhere from 20 to 120 nail caps. The more nail caps you purchase at once, the less frequently you’ll have to buy more. Since most nail caps last anywhere from two to four weeks (and you’re using them 18 at a time if you cover all the cat’s claws or 10 at a time for just the front paws), you can go through them fairly quickly.
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Did you know?
Unlike declawing, cat nail caps are a temporary solution.

Cat nail cap prices

As with any product sold in large quantities, take a moment to figure out the cost of each individual cap when determining the actual cost of cat nail caps.

Inexpensive: Cat nail cap sets that cost $2 to $5 may include as few as 20 to as many as 100. They might use harder synthetic materials that aren’t as comfortable for some cats, especially if the cats have never worn nail caps before.

Mid-range: Cat nail cap sets that cost $5 to $10 typically come in quantities of 40 to 120. These often use higher-quality soft, non-toxic materials like silicone. In addition, you’ll typically find a wider range of colors at this price.

Expensive: High-end cat nail caps that cost $10 to $20 come in quantities of 40 to 120 and use high-quality non-toxic materials that are soft and comfortable for cats. These sets also often include extra applicator tips and adhesive. Some more expensive options have a locking system made of small ridges or teeth on the inside of the caps. This helps the caps grip the nails and stay on longer.

Putting nail caps on your cat

Your vet can likely apply nail caps for you, but if your cat isn’t too aggressive, you should be able to do it yourself. Some brands may have different recommendations for applying nail caps, but there are some general steps.

  • Trim your cat’s nails. Since cat nail caps fall off after a certain amount of growth, shortening the nails helps to keep the caps on longer.

  • Test the nail cap to see if it fits. It should fit snugly and without covering the whole nail.

  • Fill the nail cap partially with adhesive. Use the applicator tip (if one is included) to fill the nail cap one-third to one-half with the adhesive liquid.

  • Put the cat nail cap on the nail. Keep your cat still for a few moments.

  • Don’t let your cat bite the caps. After applying all nail caps (to either the front paws or front and back paws), discourage your cat from biting them for about five minutes so the glue can set.
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Cat nail caps are perfectly safe. They aren’t known to cause infections, nor do they prevent cats from retracting their claws.


Q. Won’t cats just chew off nail caps?
The included adhesive is usually strong enough to prevent this. Also, the nail caps and adhesive are made of nontoxic materials in the rare event that a cat successfully removes one.

Q. How old do cats have to be for cat nail caps?
Most brands recommend waiting until your kitten is at least 12 weeks old. You don’t need to trim kitten nails before applying cat nail caps.

Q. Don’t cat nail caps prevent cats from fully retracting their nails?
No, they don’t. Nail caps only cover the tip of the nail, allowing cats to retract their nails as usual.

Q. Are cat nail caps reusable?
No. The glue hardens in the tip of the cap. In most cases, part of the nail will come off with the cap when it eventually falls off.

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