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Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best Feliways

Your cat is part of your family, so their well-being is important to you. Using a Feliway cat pheromone product can help calm your cat, making them happier and less stressed out, in addition to curbing any unwanted stress-related behaviors.

Before choosing the Feliway product that’s best for your pet, you'll need to figure out what's making your cat experience stress. There are different Feliways for general stress, travelling, and promoting harmony among multiple cats. You should also consider how you'd like to deliver the Feliway to your cat’s environment and what kind of pheromone your chosen Feliway product releases.

Our guide will help you find the right product to improve your feline friend’s quality of life. Take note of our top five Feliway products for the best of the best.

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If you choose a Feliway spray, check the size of the bottle and how many applications it gives you before you buy.

How does Feliway work?

Any cat lover will have noticed the way that felines are constant rubbing their faces against pretty much anything in their vicinity. The act of face-rubbing deposits pheromones, which cats use to communicate with one another. Not only do the pheromones that cats rub around their environment tell other cats that this territory has already been claimed, they also remind the depositor that it's their own territory, making them feel safe and secure. There are other pheromones cats use to communicate, such as the pheromone released by cat moms to bond with their babies.

Feliway products use synthetic versions of these naturally-occurring pheromones to "talk” to your cat, helping to relieve stress or promote bonding between cats.

Key considerations

Classic vs. multicat

The majority of Feliway products either belong to the "classic" or "multicat" families, but there are also some "Feliscratch" products, which help with territory issues.

  • Feliway classic: This type of Feliway is a general stress-reliever, which is designed to send "happy" signals to your cat. It can help with stress and anxiety caused by house moves and other changes in your cat's life. Cats can be extremely sensitive, so they might have picked up on something you wouldn't have thought of as a potential issue, such as a slight alteration of your routine or a new piece of furniture. It can help relieve general signs of anxiety (such as hiding away), scratching, urine marking, and spraying.

  • Feliway multicat: This product contains pheromones designed to promote harmony between cats. It can help when introducing a new cat to your home or with conflicts that have started to arise between cats that previously got along together. It can help prevent fighting, marking, chasing, obstructing, and general conflict between cats.

  • Feliscratch: Feliscratch products are specifically meant to encourage cats to scratch certain objects. They send the message to your cat that the object you put the product on is your cat's territory, so they should scratch it. The idea is that your cat will be drawn to scratch this designated item and will stop scratching others. However, they’re not always effective.

Delivery method

How do you want to deliver the Feliway into your environment? The most common methods are sprays and diffusers, but you can also find some wipes and pre-filled pipettes.

  • Diffusers: Diffusers plug into a power outlet and have a removable vial, which you can switch out for a new one when it runs out. Since they spread pheromones around your home, they're ideal for general anxiety or aggression among cats that isn't linked to just one object or area.

  • Sprays and pipettes: These products are designed for spraying or dropping onto objects, so they can be helpful if your cat is stressed out by a new item in your house or has been scratching one particular object. That said, you can spray walls and furniture all over your house at cat height for a more general approach.

  • Wipes: Wipes are also designed for topical use on any items that are stressing your cat out, but they're best for occasional use, as they are far more expensive than sprays.

Pheromone type

Different Feliway products use synthetic copies of different feline pheromones, depending on the desired effect. Feliway classic uses the F3 part of the feline facial pheromone, which helps cats feel safe and calm. Feliway multicat uses the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) that mother cats use to bond with their kittens, which also helps other cats to bond. Feliscratch products use  the FIS feline scratching pheromone, so they help redirect scratching onto a desired object.

Area covered

If you opt for a Feliway diffuser, it should be effective over an area of around 230 square feet. However, this can vary slightly depending on placement and ambient conditions. Depending on the size of your house, you may need a couple of diffusers on each floor, if you want your entire home covered. Alternatively, you could just put diffusers in the areas where your cats usually hang out or areas where your cats have been exhibiting problem behaviors.


Feliways vary in price depending on the product you want and the package size. At the lower end of the spectrum, you can find single diffuser refills and travel-sized spray bottles for around $10 to $20. Large sprays and multi-packs of refills cost between $20 and $60. Diffuser packs that include the full diffuser and several spare vials can cost as much as $60 to $80.  

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Did you know?
Feliway uses pheromones, not drugs, to calm cats, so it's a sensible method to try before turning to anti-anxiety medication for your feline friend.


  • Replace the vial in your Feliway diffuser regularly. With constant use, it should need replacing once a month. Stock up on refills so you're ready when it runs out.

  • Always follow the instructions when using a Feliway. The product may not work if you don’t use the Feliway exactly as instructed.

  • You may need to replace the diffuser, as well as the vials. Check to make sure the level in the vials is going down, if not, you may need to replace the plug-in part of the diffuser. The manufacturer may claim that the whole diffuser should be replaced every six months, but that’s generally not necessary.

  • Bring your Feliway spray with you when travelling. You may need to reapply it if your cat becomes stressed or if you're embarking on a particularly long journey.

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If you plan to use a Feliway diffuser, you'll need a spare electrical outlet.


Q. Can humans smell Feliway?
Cat pheromones have no detectable smell to people, so your Feliway will be odor-free for the human residents of your house.

Q. How can I tell if my cat is stressed out?
Stress and anxiety can manifest itself in various ways, depending on the cat. Common signs include decreased appetite, urine marking or urinating outside of the litter box, reduced interest in playing, excessive grooming, digestive problems, hiding away, increased or decreased sleep, and excessive vocalization. Your cat may only display one or two of these signs, or may display their stress in a different way altogether.

Q. Can Feliway help cats who get stressed going to the vet's office?
Yes, spraying your cat's carrier or the bedding inside their carrier can help to reduce the stress of veterinarian visits. It might not do away with your cat's vet-related anxiety altogether, but it should take the edge off.

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