Updated June 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Pet Magasin Washable Belly Nappies (3 count)
Pet Magasin
Washable Belly Nappies (3 count)
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Best for Training
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A reusable soft wrap for male dogs that helps you protect your furniture and floors while house-training.


Softer than most disposable wraps. Company also makes a similar product for female dogs. Machine washable. Comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Hook-and-loop strap is secure and can adjust for a secure fit on your dog. 3 pack of 3 different colors.


These wraps seem to run a little large.

Best Bang for the Buck
Paw Inspired 32-count Disposable Dog Diapers
Paw Inspired
32-count Disposable Dog Diapers
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Adjustable Convenience
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A great choice to fit female dog anatomy. They've helped many pet parents of older pooches get a full night's sleep.


Customers love the fasteners, which are repositionable and fur resistant. Gathered leakproof edges keep urine inside the diaper. Designed to convert urine into gel on contact. Interior surface is soft and quilted.


Can be used for stool, but it may come out the tail hole. Some dogs are able to get the diapers off.

OUT! Disposable Male Wraps (32 count)
Disposable Male Wraps (32 count)
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Simple Yet Solid
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Heavy-weight disposable diapers that can be reused if not soiled.


While these are disposable wraps, the product includes a hook-and-loop closure which makes it reusable if the wrap has not been soiled. It is easier to put on your dog than a full diaper. Stay in place to catch dribbles. Good for incontinence or dogs who want to mark.


They only catch urine (do not cover the rear end).

Vet's Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps (12 count)
Vet's Best
Comfort Fit Disposable Male Dog Wraps (12 count)
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Dependable Favorite
Bottom Line

This disposable wrap is a little more expensive but dependable and well liked.


Diaper has a little gather on the side to help hold in the urine and make it comfortable. Includes a wetness indicator so you know when your pet has wet the wrap. Works well for protecting your home from accidents. Also comes in a version for female dogs.


After the diaper is wet, it tends to get a little heavy for the closure and may come open.

Simple Solution Washable Diapers (1 count)
Simple Solution
Washable Diapers (1 count)
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Durable and Soft
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This reusable product works well and gets better and softer the more you wash it.


This diaper is a long-term solution for urination problems or to keep on hand for when a female dog is in heat. Can be used with a pad inside. Tends to stay on better than some of the other diapers available. The product actually gets more absorbent with each washing.


These diapers are not designed to work for fecal incontinence.


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Buying guide for Best dog diapers

Most of us associate diapers with chubby-cheeked human babies, but there are times when our fur babies may need them as well. Incontinence, illness, and territorial marking are some of the most common reasons pet parents find themselves turning to dog diapers. However, temporarily using dog diapers during menstruation or to assist with housebreaking can also be helpful. 

But choosing just the right dog diapers for your canine companion can be a challenge. Gender considerations, deciding between disposable and reusable diapers, and achieving a good fit are just a handful of challenges that go along with shopping for the best dog diapers.

If you need help navigating the world of dog diapers, you've come to the right place. We've outlined everything you need to know about choosing, using, and maintaining your dog's diapers.

dog diaper1
Some disposable dog diapers have a papery, crinkly texture that certain dogs might find uncomfortable. If you have a picky pooch or your dog is easily annoyed by noises, take a little extra time to look for a softer disposable dog diaper or switch to reusable cloth diapers.

Key considerations


The anatomy of a male dog is quite different from that of a female, and choosing a gender-appropriate dog diaper is essential.

Male dog diapers are commonly known as belly bands or male wraps. Straightforward and easy to use, these bands are wrapped around the waist, covering the dog's belly and genitalia, and usually fastening along the back. 

Female dog diapers resemble baby diapers but with the addition of a tail opening. Female dog diapers tend to be shorter than male wraps, due to biological differences, and are unlikely to provide enough coverage for male dogs.

Disposable vs. reusable

Just like regular diapers, dog diapers come in both disposable and reusable form. Disposable dog diapers are undeniably convenient, but if your dog has ongoing issues, such as incontinence due to age or medical problems, costs can quickly add up. Unless your dog only needs to wear a diaper occasionally (such as during menstruation) or for a short period to help you through the early stages of housebreaking, reusable varieties are by far the most economical choice.

Size and fit

Choosing the right size dog diaper can go a long way toward preventing leaks and help ensure that your furry friend is comfortable. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and, luckily, dog diapers do, too. When choosing a size, you'll come across everything from extra small to extra large and even extra-extra-large. Manufacturer sizing charts can be helpful, but remember that measuring your dog's waist first is the best way to avoid unnecessary sizing headaches.



Most dog diapers close with hook-and-loop fasteners. In the case of male wraps, fastening points typically consist of a length of fasteners along either edge that come together on the back. Wider strips or multiple strips placed side by side can allow for a bit of extra adjustability. Female dog diapers typically also feature hook-and-loop closures, with two tabs on either side that are fastened on the back. As for disposable dog diapers, these closely resemble regular baby diapers with fold-out sticky tabs that are fastened at the waist.

Absorbency can vary from product to product, so you might need to try a couple different brands before you find one that works for your dog. Increasing absorbency by inserting a cloth diaper booster pad is also an option.



Adjustability: Some high-end reusable female dog diapers feature rows of snap closures along the front. This innovative design conveniently allows owners to adjust the fit, ensuring your dog's diaper is snug, secure, and comfortable.

Elastic: Whether you opt for disposable or reusable dog diapers, an elasticized hem is a feature worth looking for. Not only will a flexible hem provide a more comfortable fit, but it can also help reduce pinching and chafing. An elasticized tail hole in female dog diapers allows for a snug yet customizable fit. It can also drastically reduce the chances of leaks by forming a seal of sorts around your dog's tail.


Dog diapers come in a vast array of styles, ranging from basic and rather obvious to cute and cool. Disposable dog diapers tend to be the most basic, though it's still possible to find some that come in attractive colors or cute prints. When it comes to reusable diapers, you'll have no shortage of adorable styles to choose from. Vivid colors, classic patterns, and even mock denim shorts — there's a reusable diaper out there to suit every pooch's personality. 

dog diaper2
Never rely on a diaper as a form of contraceptive for a dog in heat. Driven by instinct, both males and females will amaze you with their ability to overcome obstacles, and they’re sure to make quick work of finding a way around a diaper.


Pet wipes: Pogi's Pet Supplies Grooming Wipes
Using gentle, hypoallergenic pet wipes after every diaper change can help prevent irritation, rashes, and infections.

Diaper sprayer: Bumworks Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer Kit
Most dogs try to avoid passing stools when wearing a diaper, but if you're dealing with digestive issues, things can get rather messy. Diaper sprayers basically rinse solid waste off the diaper and directly into the toilet, making your job a little easier to stomach.

Gentle laundry detergent: Charlie's Soap Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent 
If you decide to go the reusable diaper route, a suitable laundry detergent is a must. Many regular detergents tend to leave behind a residue that reduces absorbency. When it's time to give those reusable doggie diapers a wash, always reach for a gentle, diaper-friendly detergent.

Diaper pail: Munchkin Step Diaper Pail
Smelly diapers are smelly diapers, regardless of whether they're produced by a tiny human or a fur baby. If your dog suffers from digestive issues and you decide to opt for disposables, a diaper pail will help fight the funk.

Dog diaper prices

Inexpensive: Disposable female dog diapers and male wraps generally start at around $10 to $15 for a 30-pack of extra-small to small sizes.

Mid-range: A pack of 30 to 32 disposable dog diapers in medium to large sizes cost from $15 to $20. Three-packs of reusable cloth dog diapers can also be found within this price range. 

Expensive: Premium reusable dog diapers with an adjustable fit, special designs, and larger quantities of disposable varieties can be found for around $20 to just over $30.

dog diaper3
Wear gloves each time you change your dog's diaper, and wash your hands thoroughly afterward to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.


  • Consult your vet first. Elimination problems can be caused by a wide variety of factors, ranging from behavioral issues to medical conditions. Before strapping a diaper on your dog, visit your vet to rule out any underlying conditions.
  • Make sure the fit is correct. If you expect your dog's diaper to contain messes, a proper fit is vital. Study sizing charts carefully before you buy. When in doubt, measure your dog's waist and compare the number to the manufacturer sizing guide.
  • Check the diaper regularly. Just like babies, dogs require frequent changes. Check the diaper regularly and change soiled diapers immediately to avoid irritation, rashes, and even infection.
  • Use pet or baby wipes at every change. Cleaning your pup's tender bits during every change will help keep the area hygienic and can prevent unnecessary complications.
  • Don't rely on dog diapers too heavily for housebreaking. While they can be helpful, especially in the beginning when accidents are a common occurrence, diapers are not a complete housebreaking solution. Try to use the dog diapers primarily as a precautionary measure while you house-train your dog.
dog diaper4
Female dogs with docked tails might have a more difficult time achieving a leak-free fit. If the tail is particularly short, sewing or taping up the tail hole can help prevent messes.


Q. How often do I need to change my dog's diaper?

A. This depends entirely on how frequently your dog pees or poops. Check frequently, and as soon as you notice that the diaper is wet or soiled, remove it, clean the area, and strap on a fresh diaper. 

Q. My dog's diaper keeps leaking. How can I keep this from happening?

A. Leaks can be attributed to several factors, so you'll need to determine the cause before remedying the problem. One of the most common culprits of leaks is a bad fit. Check that your dog's diaper provides full coverage and make sure the hems are snug enough to seal the openings without pinching. Inadequate absorbency can also lead to leaks. If you suspect this to be the case, consider switching to a diaper with a higher absorbency rate or increase your existing diaper's capacity by inserting a cloth diaper booster pad.

Q. Can I use dog diapers on my cat?

A. Small dog diapers most certainly can be used for cats experiencing urinary and digestive issues and many owners report excellent results doing just that. However, cats can be fussy, and there's a chance that some felines simply won't tolerate wearing a diaper.


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